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July 31, 2016 Sunday Post 8

Sunday Post

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News at Home – All Banged Up!

We had a great time camping, but I came home a mess – all banged up! We spent most our time at the lake and did tons of swimming. The reason I’m all banged up is the canoe. We had a great time in the canoes – when me and my stepson’s aunt rented our canoe we couldn’t seem to figure it out. We spent a good ten minutes canoeing in circles! LOL!

We did figure it out though. Then Kiko and I spent a good 2 hours canoeing. It was so nice – we paused several times to just sit and talk and look at the beautiful surroundings.

But then it was time to return the canoe. My stepson, Franky, wanted to take it back with me. He got in the canoe and promptly capsized me. By the shore. Into the mud. And since it was shallow, the heavy metal canoe hit my left knee and ankle real good.

Needless to say, I kicked him out and Kiko and I took the canoe back. Which went fine until we got to the shore. When we got to the shore, Kiko didn’t understand that the area he was at dropped off and was deep. So as I was telling him that I was going to swing it around he tried to step out. And because it was deeper than it looked, he lost his balance and… Yep, capsized the canoe with me in it. And I, of course, was on the shallow side, which was rocky. So I scraped up my arm, and hurt my right ankle. It would have been worse, but he sprang to catch the canoe and kept if from hitting my knee. He felt horrible and, though he wouldn’t admit it, I think he got hurt a little too.

So lesson: canoes are great fun until you try to get out of them.

Other than that we had an amazing time. When we got back, I got back to work getting ready for school. I can get my keys on Wednesday – and then next Wednesday work officially begins! Yep summer is basically over.. 🙁

Oh and Tauri (that’s the name of my car, the Ford Taurus) is sick. I was on my way home Friday from errands and the muffler fell off in the front. Grrr. Part is coming Monday though and wasn’t too expensive. So that’s in the agenda this week. I also think we plan to get Franky his uniforms for his new school – we took him out of public school this year and he’s going to a charter school. That’s it I think. I can’t believe summer is almost over!

Blog News

Tomorrow kicks off Michelle and my Can You Read A Series in a Month? Challenge! I’m so excited, but have to finish my current audio read so I can get started on my series pick – Molly Harper’s Half Moon Hollow. Anyway, you can still sign up here:

#FitReaders Update

Well, as you can imagine I didn’t eat too well on vacation. But I didn’t eat too badly either. And I got tons of exercise! And I’m doing better since we got back eating well.

Got the results from the blood test and my prolactin was still “mildly elevated.” So I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday. I probably have a benign mass in my pituitary gland, it seems. And I have to get an endocrinologist. Fun.

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How was your week?

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8 Responses to “Sunday Post | All Banged Up!”

  1. Rachel

    After you get over the first few bumps you realize canoeing is a ton of fun. If you’re up for the challenge, bring your dog along, especially if he’s big on water. You kill two birds with one stone, you get some exercise and also relax, not to mention the spectacular view if the lake is not too crowded.

  2. Katherine

    It sounds like you do fine canoeing on your own but when other people are involved things go haywire! I’m not a good swimmer so I’m always a little nervous on rafts and stuff but I have enjoyed the canoeing I’ve done after I’ve settled down about the whole thing. Hope all the bumps and bruises don’t hurt too much! Good luck with car repairs. It’s always good when a part isn’t too expensive! Have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…This Week in Reading – July 31My Profile

  3. Ramona

    Well, congratulations for having the guts to try the canoe, however painful the experience 🙂 I suspect I’ll never get that far… Still, it sounds as though you’ve had a good time 🙂 Here’s hoping that Tauri will get better soon 😉 Hugs
    Ramona recently posted…Summer Reading 2016My Profile

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