Murder at the Reinhart | Part 2 by Lea Wait

February 10, 2015 Blog Fun 10

Yesterday you read part one of Lea Wait’s story. Here is part two and we get to see whodonit. Each author has been given leeway on who they accuse and how it’s solved. I am really enjoying the stories and I hope you are too! Remember we need you to vote on which story you liked the best. They are both winners to me..but I am a little partial to Lea and Angie – since they are on my blog!

Yesterday, Lea Wait let her super sleuth, Angie Curtis, begin to solve the murder of Mr. Reinhart – if you missed it, be sure to check it out here before you continue. Today, she’ll wrap it up and identify the murderer! You ready to see Angie’s take on events? Here we go…

Part 2 by Lea Wait

Where we left off...
The guests were still assembling in the main hall by the reception desk, chattering and wondering what to do next.

I had no doubt.

I went against the traffic of people headed down to where the body was and headed back up the stairs to where Gram was standing.

“He must have fallen,” she said, confirming what I’d already decided.

“I’d guess the third floor,” I said. “If someone did this intentionally, they’d have a better chance of killing him if he fell that far.”

Gram nodded. “Who do you think pushed him?”

“None of the invited sleuths would do it. He wasn’t going to pay for our time until after the event,” I said. “Which leaves his staff.”

“I still can’t figure why he invited all these people to a remote house in Colorado,” said Gram. “But did you notice the cameras in the lobby? And I don’t mean all the ones the media folks brought.”

“You’re right. There were tiny camera in all the corners of the walls.” I didn’t tell Gram I’d also seen one in our bedroom and disabled it. I just hoped there wasn’t another one in the bathroom I’d missed.

“That Mr. Reinhart was up to something,” Gram said. “Inviting all these people to your house just isn’t normal. He had to be planning something more than a fancy dinner.”

“Could he have known he was going to be killed?” I asked. “Maybe that’s why he invited all these sleuths.”

“It’s possible. Or perhaps he was planning to murder someone, and was such an egotist that he thought no one could prove he was the killer.”

We looked down at Mr. Reinhart. Whatever he’d planned, he hadn’t gotten away with it.”

“Who do you think did it?” I asked.

“Maria, that nice maid, wouldn’t have done it. How would she benefit from his death?”

“Unless he was trying to seduce her, and she just pushed him away,” I suggested. “After all, the staff’s rooms are on the third floor.”

“True,” said Gram. “Or maybe that nice young man Lorenzo say him accosting Maria and came to her defense. He’s tall enough and strong enough to have pushed Reinhart over the railing. And I’d like to think he’d defend Maria’s honor.”

I thought a moment. “No. I know who did it. Come with me.”

We walked up the flight of stairs that led to the third floor and to the section of the railing where Mr. Reinhart must have been before he fell.

“See?” I said, pointing to the railing.

Gram frowned. “See what?”

“The top mahogany rail’s been cut through, and then put back so no one would notice where it had been separated. We’ve only met one person here with the skills to do that: Jeff, that set designer. I suspect Mr. Reinhart was planning to film this entire weekend. That’s why there were so many cameras here. If he could produce a film with an existing location, Jeff wouldn’t get a job working on his next movie. I think Jeff came here, not realizing Reinhart was setting him up for a long series of unemployment checks. He probably asked Reinhart to come up here to test the railing. Then he removed the top rail, pushed Reinhart over, and replaced the railing before anyone noticed.”

“I guess when they make this into a movie they’ll have to get a stunt double,” Gram said. “But they’d better not ask me. These Hollywood folks aren’t my type at all.”

“I guess I’d better go and tell the police,” I said.

“And pick up your shoes along the way,” Gram added. “If you don’t want those red heels, I think they might fit me. They’re too good to leave here.”

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Thanks to Lea Wait for lending us Angie to solve the murder! Now hurry on over to Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! To see how Lynn Cahoon’s sleuth Jill Gardner solved the mystery so you can vote!

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