The One by Kiera Cass

December 18, 2014 Reviews 6

The One by Kiera CassThe One by Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #3
Published by Harper Teen on June 5, 2014
Genres: Dystopia, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 323
Length: 7 hours 25 minutes
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased

The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crownโ€”or to Prince Maxon's heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to loseโ€”and how hard she'll have to fight for the future she wants.

Note: This review will have some spoilers for those who haven’t read the first two books in the series.

I’m sitting here trying to live up to my promise to myself that I would write reviews as soon as I finish a book, but I’m struggling to piece all my thoughts about The One together into something coherent that doesn’t flat out spoil it for you if you haven’t read it.

The thing is – I DEVOURED this series. Within one week I read all three books (and would have read more if they were published). I found myself lying in bed after my BF had come to bed and shut of the light staring at the book on my nightstand, thinking about the characters and trying to force myself to go to sleep. And then I’d think, “Wait 30 minutes, until he falls asleep. Then you can get out of bed without waking him, slip out to the living room and read.” And I did just that. Twice. I had it bad.

If you know anything about this series, you know there’s a love triangle. Hell, there’s a couple of them. The love triangles practically have love triangles! And I really don’t care – because I LOVED what they did for The One.

There! Fine! I admit it! I loved The One and it wasn’t DESPITE the live triangles. It was, in part, BECAUSE OF the love triangles.

But they were really well executed love triangles. They were a means for letting us – and the characters stuck in them – understand their feelings. And as The One begins, America (the main character) has already decided who she REALLY wants. She’s kinda known since The Selection, and she flat out makes the decision as The Elite ends. But making a decision and taking the scary steps to follow through with it are two different things. Especially when you’ve got a King who hates you and wants you out of the running, other people competing for Maxon’s affections, Maxon’s own confusion, excruciating public tests to navigate, and your ex-boyfriend showing up around every corner. I think watching America try to figure her way through that mess was a big part if what made the love triangles work.

The other great aspects in The One, for me, were the friendships and the surprises. In The Elite we saw the remaining girls start to grow close and in The One we see them as friends. The competition still gets to them, but deep down they’re starting to realize that no one will ever understand this part of their life like the other elite. It forms a bond between them and brings down barriers. Some of the changes between the girls shocked me, but in comparison to the rest of The One, they were nothing.

Because The One was chock full of shocking moments. I gasped more times than I can count – for happy and sad moments alike. The situation with the rebels massively escalates and that puts a lot of pressure on the elite girls left in the selection. It led to some moments of some action – though America is very much a damsel needing rescue, not surprising, but a but disappointing – and some fierce moments with the King – where America remains bold and not at all disappointing.

There were some moments that resolved a bit too easily for me, but there was plenty of not-so-easy resolution to make up for it. As The One ends, we’re at the end of America’s story, but I feel the bigger story – with the world, rebels, castes, etc – is just getting started. So I’m really excited more books are forthcoming, but I’m also happy I choose this moment to get into the series. I can pause here satisfied, in a way I couldn’t after finishing The Selection or The Elite. So now’s a good time, if you were waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

4.5 stars I loved it

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Kiera Cass graduated from Radford University with a degree in History. She grew up in South Carolina and currently lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with her family. In her spare time, Kiera enjoys reading, dancing, making videos, and eating unhealthy amounts of cake.


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  1. Bookworm Brandee

    LOL I’m thrilled you loved this series, due in part to the love triangles! (I’m giggling over that) I can tell how much you were affected by these characters and I’m now very much looking forward to read this series…which I’ve avoided because I thought I wouldn’t like it. I hope I get some GCs for Christmas or my library has it so I stay within the bounds of my challenges. *ha* Or maybe I’ll just pick them up when I’m at work on Wednesday…it’s still 2014 so I won’t be breaking any rules. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week, Berls!! <3
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    • Berls

      I’ll be really slowing down on reviews after this week – I read a lot in October and November and had several I wanted to get through.

      Hehe I guess it was ambiguous, huh? I just know this is a series that gets as much hate as it does love. And since I can’t fathom the hate, but know it’s there, I’m hesitant to tell anyone they’ll love it. All I can say is I did! LOL:) hugs!!

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