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Status… devoured in one day

Status… devoured in one day

I read both Block and Status in one day. I couldn’t put them down! In Block some secrets were revealed and they just keep on coming in Status. It’s like the serial has morphed – what was once an erotica with suspense is now a suspense with some erotica. And… Read more »

Fairest by Marissa Meyer

I really love getting into the mind of the bad guys and Fairest is no exception. Marissa Meyer did a really great job with Queen Levana’s story. One of my concerns going in was that I was going to get all conflicted about thinking of Levana as the bad guy… Read more »

Like by J. A. Huss

As much as I enjoyed Follow, I enjoyed Like so much more. I think its because Follow was vacation, and while I can’t say I’ve ever had a gorgeous movie star decide he wants to dominate me on vacation, that is the stuff of vacations. People let lose on vacation…. Read more »