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I agree with the bastard part…

I agree with the bastard part…

I’m amazed that I finished Beautiful Bastard and I’m even more amazed that I’m giving it 3 stars. But there was something about it that I did like. So it’s squeaking into 3 star status… Barely. Here’s the thing. I like sexy books. I like erotica. But I also really… Read more »

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I’ve been meaning to read Colleen Hoover for quite a while, but when I started reading reviews for Ugly Love I knew. Knew that this was the one I couldn’t resist. The title appealed to me, promising a book that would break my heart. And what more can you want… Read more »

My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper

I’ve missed the Molly Harper, Amanda Ronconi duo. Its been almost a year since I picked up an audio book by this duo and it was too long. My Bluegrass Baby was the laugh out loud, sweet romance I’ve come to expect from Harper. And Ronconi delivers those one-liners so… Read more »