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Forever & Always by Jasinda Wilder |My TBR List ReviewForever & Always by Jasinda Wilder
Series: The Ever Trilogy #1
Published by Jasinda Wilder on December 16, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 378
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased


These letters are often all that get me through week to week. Even if it’s just random stuff, nothing important, they’re important to me. Gramps is great, and I love working on the ranch.

But…I’m lonely.

I feel disconnected, like I’m no one, like I don’t belong anywhere. Like I’m just here until something else happens. I don’t even know what I want with my future. But your letters, they make me feel connected to something, to someone. I had a crush on you, when we first met. I thought you were beautiful. So beautiful. It was hard to think of anything else. Then camp ended and we never got together, and now all I have of you is these letters.


I just told you I have a crush on you. HAD. Had a crush. Not sure what is anymore. A letter-crush? A literary love? That’s stupid. Sorry. I just have this rule with myself that I never throw away what I write and I always send it, so hopefully this doesn’t weird you out too much. I had a dream about you too. Same kind of thing. Us, in the darkness, together.

Just us.

And it was like you said, a memory turned into a dream, but a memory of something that’s never happened, but in the dream it felt so real, and it was more, I don’t even know, more RIGHT than anything I’ve ever felt, in life or in dreams. I wonder what it means that we both had the same dream about each other. Maybe nothing, maybe everything. You tell me.




We’re pen pals. Maybe that’s all we’ll ever be. I don’t know. If we met IRL (in real life, in case you’re not familiar with the term) what would happen? And just FYI, the term you used, a literary love? It was beautiful. So beautiful. That term means something, between us now. We are literary loves. Lovers? I do love you, in some strange way. Knowing about you, in these letters, knowing your hurt and your joys, it means something so important to me, that I just can’t describe. I need your art, and your letters, and your literary love.

If we never have anything else between us, I need this. I do. Maybe this letter will only complicate things, but like you I have a rule that I never erase or throw away what I’ve written and I always send it, no matter what I write in the letter.

Your literary love,


You ever have a dish made with all the ingredients you like and some bites taste okay, but really you just don’t like it? And you’re not 100% sure why, because by all rights you should? But something’s wrong – they just don’t go together for you or one ingredient is ruining the rest? Well that’s how I felt about Forever & Always. It even had elements that reminded me of one of my favorite books this year – The Wright Brother by Marie Hall. But instead of blowing me away, Forever & Always left me feeling kinda meh.

I love epistolary novels – have ever since I read Dracula four or five years ago. Having events unfold in a letter gives things a very different effect and I like that. But a lot of these letters didn’t do much for me – and I think it was because the letters never really TOLD the story. With maybe one or two exceptions, I had already SEEN what Ever or Caden (the main characters) were writing about. So the letters just became a place for emotions – emotions I had already seen and felt more powerfully when watching the scenes unfold. So the letters didn’t help the story, but became like a weak echo of the story. I think the letters could have done a great job telling bits of the story, but because of what I’d already read they just did little to nothing for me.

I also love stories that span over several years, as characters grow and discover friendship and love (like The Wright Brother). And it worked – for the most part – in Forever & Always. My problem was that you had the first half of the book with this sweet, young friendship that’s growing and definitely laced with romance – and then there’s this shift at about – I don’t know, 75%? – and I felt like I was reading awkward erotica. It was all of a sudden this shift, from awkwardness about things like kissing, to discovering sex for the first time, to page after page of descriptive sex, dirty talk, and very little plot. I wanted to hit the fast forward button – and did start skimming – I like erotica, but that wasn’t the book I was reading and I wanted the story back. I think Jacinda Wilder tried to keep the story there, because Ever and Caden talk during sex constantly about how much they love each other and stuff. But it didn’t work for me at all, instead it made things awkward for me.

And I love to have my heart torn out. A book full of tragedy and pain? Yes please! I’ll eat that up. (I’m a bit of a masochist I guess). Forever & Always has tragedy all over the place. And at first it really got to me. But as the story progressed it started to get stale – because it was so the same and so predictable. Tragedy isn’t quite as tragic when you knew it was coming 50 pages or so ago. And that was the story as a whole, unfortunately. After I figured out the rhythm, I knew what was coming from pretty much every angle. And it was either tragic or eye-roll worthy.

I even saw the sort of cliff-hanger, (supposed to be) supper emotional ending coming. I rolled my eyes and was knew that I wouldn’t read te next one to find out what happens. I’m pretty sure I already know, based on the pattern. There’s a sneak peak at the end of Forever & Always, but I really don’t care. As harsh as I sound, I didn’t hate Forever & Always. It was made up of lots of elements I like – even love – so in lots of ways it was okay. But putting them together just didn’t thrill me like I thought it would. Oh well, at least now I know that I’m done with this series.

2.5 stars Meh

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About Jasinda Wilder

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the #1 Amazon and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU. You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her five children and menagerie of animals.


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16 Responses to “Forever & Always by Jasinda Wilder |My TBR List Review”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    Oh no! I’m sorry this was rather a bust, Berls. I was super excited for you to read this one. Now I don’t think I’ll waste my time on it. (because I have it too) It’s so sad to think that the story had all these elements that you love and that could work together but for whatever reason, just didn’t. *sigh* Well, I hope your next TBR book is fabulous! You deserve it after trudging through this one.
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ Hansel Part 4 ~ Ella James**My Profile

  2. Laura @ trips down imagination road

    I know what you mean about not liking something that did have all of the elements you like but not working, I’ve seen it happening before. And it seems a real shame if it had potential to be like The Wright Brother (but then again, with The Wright Brother to live up to it was always going to be tricky.)

    What is interesting is that a few months back Michelle read a Jasinda Wilder book that I had on my kindle and really didn’t like it, we ended up talking about it and I read it as well, then it turned out neither of us liked it, wondering if it was the writing style as well as what was in it?
    Laura recently posted…Book: Mine to Keep by Denise RossettiMy Profile

  3. Lupdilup

    The blurb for this book sucked me in, lucky for me I only paid $1.99 for the audio, I’m a little disappointed nonetheless. I won’t be in a hurry to listen to this one; although I know, a good narration can make an average book better. Will see.
    Thanks Berls 🙂
    Lupdilup recently posted…Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway HopMy Profile

    • Berls

      Maybe the narration will really redeem it, I’ve seen it happen! I’ll be curious to see if it does when you do read it – and who knows, maybe this combination will work better for you than it did for me anyway! But it does stink to realize a book you bought may not be as good as you hoped 🙁

  4. Katherine

    I know exactly what you mean in that first paragraph. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s so disappointing! I tend to not have good luck with mostly letter type books so I think I’ll give this one a miss. Thanks for sharing!
    Katherine recently posted…My Perfect Pantry – ReviewMy Profile

    • Berls

      This is the first letter book to let me down, but I would definitely skip it if letters aren’t something you like – especially seeing as they weren’t done that well:/

  5. Stormi

    Ahh to bad you didn’t really like this one much, I haven’t read this author. I bet you felt sort of meh because of the fact that you had read The Wright Brother and it having something like that in it and you already were over the top blown away by Marie Hall’s book that it gave this one a meh feel. 🙂
    Stormi recently posted…The Week In Review #13My Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah, I think you’re right Stormi. I know I compared this to The Wright Brother as I read and for one to be so incredible, the failings of the other would be all the more obvious. Too bad 🙁

  6. Glass

    I have love/hate relationship with her novels as well – some things make me want to give it five stars and then comes melodramatic twist that ruins everything. Only book that I truly love is Captured (and it is not NA and she wrote it with her husband).
    Glass recently posted…The Sunday Post (#35)My Profile

    • Berls

      I know exactly what you mean – melodramatic is the perfect way to describe it! And what made it worse was that it shouldn’t have felt melodramatic, it should have torn me apart. But it was so overdone I felt nothing. I will have to check out Captured, though, since this had potential.

    • Berls

      Thanks Karsyn. It wasn’t my typical choice either, though it had enough elements that I do like that I thought I would enjoy it. Oh well, better luck next month.

  7. Angie F.

    Hm. I totally get what you mean about it having a lot of things you like, but then not liking it. That always sucks.

    I looove epistolary fiction, which is why I had voted for this one, but now it seems like it wasn’t done “right.” The letters should enhance the story, not just be there for nothing. Oh well.
    Angie F. recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #158My Profile

    • Berls

      Exactly Angie! I really was excited when the letters started up, but they fell so flat. Oh well, we can’t love them all, right?

  8. Lola

    I don’t think I would like letters in a story, although I have once read a MG series were the character e-mailed, but as you never got to see the other pov it was always new what they wrote in their e-mails. And how weird that switch from sweet romance to lots of sex was so sudden. I also don’t midn erotica, but I do like to know what to expect before I start a book or at the beginning.
    I am sorry this wasn’t the book for you, those meh books always leave me feeling a bit disapointed, especially when it sounded like a good book.
    Lola recently posted…Review: True Calling by Siobhan DavisMy Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah, it was definitely a let down. So many things that COULD be great and didn’t really work out. I’m like you – I like to know if I’m getting sweet romance or erotica up front. So that sudden shift really didn’t work for me. Oh well, next month will hopefully be much better!

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