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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Las Vegas by Travis Luedke | #COYER #TakeControlTBR Book ReviewLas Vegas by Travis Luedke
Series: The Nightlife #2
Published by Independent on February 23, 2013
Genres: Erotica, Fantasy
Pages: 207
Format: eBook
Source: Author

Vampires, Aaron Pilan and his master Michelle, live by one rule - no bloodslaves. EVER. Aaron breaks that rule when he meets Anastasia. All Anastasia wants is to be loved and cherished, but the predatory men she’s attracted to bring her only pain and abuse. Escaping one train-wreck relationship for another, she finds happiness with Aaron and Michelle as a bloodslave, a 'pet'.

When Aaron uses his telepathy to win thousands at the gambling tables, he attracts the deadly attention of the Colombian Cartel and Aaron and Michelle are 'disappeared'. Addicted to the bite of her vampire lovers, Ana is desperate to find them. But, Las Vegas isn't ready for vampires mixing heroin, sex and vengeance. Ana is trapped in the spiraling chaos.

Find out what happens in the second novel of the Nightlife Series.

My Initial Reaction…

I had mixed feelings about picking up Las Vegas after the conclusion of New York and as it turns out, I probably should have trusted my gut. The series has just become too brutal for me.

The Characters….

The characters were a particularly disappointing note for me in Las Vegas, since so much of what I’d liked about both Aaron and Michelle in New York disappeared in this book. Aaron had been this very caring, almost gentle soul. There was so much about him that showed how he cared for other people. This was all but gone in Las Vegas. I was worried that this might happen because of the events of the last book, but underestimated how much it would bother me. At some level, I think I was supposed to believe that he loved and truly cared for Anastasia – his new “pet” – but the very fact that he took her as a pet in the first place exposed how untrue that was. Being inside his mind wasn’t the same as it had been and I found a predator who looked at humans only as play things instead of a vampire who truly wanted to use his skills to treat people well.

Michelle, too, changed. Not to the extent that Aaron did – since we saw a bit of her viciousness in New York – but she’d had a conscience before and I felt like it completely disappeared in Las Vegas. The woman who’d once been so careful and scolded Aaron so harshly for making the mistake of drinking too long now seemed to have no real qualms about taking on a pet. Yes, she – like Aaron – cared for Anastasia, but again it felt very superficial.

Anastasia (or Ana), as a whole was a very flat character for me. She was brutalized as a child and basically turned into your stereotypical victim. There was such potential in her – not only in her background, but also in her being a gypsy with supernatural abilities, that just wasn’t developed. I mean we heard she had the abilities at the beginning and then nothing really becomes of it, as she becomes nothing more than a cherished sex slave. One of the most interesting elements presented in New York was the idea of a blood slave – which Ana becomes – and that also just fell kind of flat for me. Being a blood slave basically was nothing more than being a drug addict, but your drug is vampire venom and sex.

The Story…

Ok, so I’ve just been really harsh about the characters – so why am I giving this two stars? Because of the story and the way it lived up to expectations for an erotica. First of all, the sex was mostly really good. There were points where it crossed over from sexy to way too brutal and savage for me – the lines between erotic rough sex and violence got a bit too blurred for me. And I really don’t have any taste for sexual punishment or brutality (I’m not talking consensual D/s, but actual sexual brutality), even if it seems “justified” (I guess in my book it’s NEVER justified…). But when we were safely within those lines, I found the sex scenes fairly enjoyable. Adding Anastasia to the mix did create some, uh, interesting scenarios.

There was an actual plot too – which sometimes there isn’t in an erotica. Aaron used his mind reading abilities to gamble VERY successfully and put them on the wrong people’s radar. Enter violence, drugs, and of course more sex. Most the plot was pretty predictable and obvious, but there were a couple of surprises – partly because I didn’t see things going that way and partly because I just don’t think quite that viciously. It got pretty graphically violent at points.

Concluding Sentiments…

Unfortunately this will be it for me and this series. I have a pretty high threshold – IMO – for gore and violence, but it just didn’t work for me in Las Vegas.

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About Travis Luedke

Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.


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20 Responses to “Las Vegas by Travis Luedke | #COYER #TakeControlTBR Book Review”

    • Berls

      I feel so bad pushing people away from this series because Travis is such a nice guy, but yeah the sex just didn’t work for me. I mean there was good sex – but it was ruined by the brutality. :/

  1. Lexxie

    I agree, Berls, sexual brutality is never justified! I always feel like cringing when I read about women being violated in any way, I don’t find it sexy, and I really don’t find it fun.

    Great review, though 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Lexxie recently posted…LGBT Month – Sign-up PostMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Lexxie! In this book the men and women were enjoying being brutalized, even while they knew it was destroying (and killing) them. Major turn of for me.

    • Berls

      Thanks Brandee – I hate when I don’t like a book (especially when I consider the author a nice person), but this one just wasn’t right for me. 🙁

    • Berls

      Exactly – it crosses a line for me that I just find non-negotiable. There were signs it might go that way in book 1, but there was enough to make me hope it wouldn’t. Too bad 🙁

    • Berls

      I really do think it has moments that work and I can see it working for some readers better than it did me. So, I hope you end up enjoying it more than I did.:)

    • Berls

      It has to have value – and even then, I really don’t want it to be too descriptive. In this one, it really didn’t meet either criteria unfortunately 🙁

    • Berls

      I agree with you. I used to have a much harder time with it, but with all the books on my TBR I’m not going to waste my time with a series I’m no longer enjoying.

    • Berls

      Yeah, you know I have no problem with erotica in general, but this just wasn’t hitting the right cords with me at all. Too bad, I’m sure it’s right for some people. I’m just not one of them.

  2. Jessica

    I only skimmed b/c I haven’t read the first book yet, but I’m sorry this was a disappointment for you . . . I’m kind of thinking I don’t want to bother b/c this (and book 1) are two of a multitude of freebies I have archived, and I don’t have even time to read all the books I know I want to read, let alone the ones that are shots in the dark. Again, sorry for the let down, but at least you can clean it out now, and wasn’t that the whole point 😉
    Jessica recently posted…Review: Skinwalker by Faith HunterMy Profile

    • Berls

      Yep – exactly. I’m definitely disappointed because the first book had such potential, but with this I cleaned 3 books (rather than just the 1) off my TBR, since I won’t be continuing with the series.

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