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February 19, 2017 Sunday Post 9

Sunday Post

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News at Home: Not Feeling too Hot

Sorry this post is so late today – I’m battling some cold/flu bug and I’m just now feeling up to any kind of work. I had a pretty decent week, illness aside. Monday I had book club and that’s always a great time. A couple yummy margaritas and some queso, not to mention book talk with good friends 🙂

The change I made to our routine in class is continuing to work out really well, for the most part. I’m still struggling with a couple of students behavior – but the class as a whole is doing great with the change. And one of the 1st grade PTA mom’s has kindly “adopted” me, meaning she’s been helping me out a ton this week. She came by on Monday and tore out all the homework pages from our Math workbooks and organized them for me. That’s like an hour a week she just saved me! Then she came back on Friday and hot glued ribbons into each kids math workbook so that they would have permanent bookmarks, instead of the post it note I was using (because no time!). I’ll have to teach the kids how to use them, but gah will it be easier.

My main frustration this week was parents. What’s new? On Tuesday we had our Valentine’s day party and parents simply did not listen to instructions. I told them cards only, not addressed to specific children or special boy/girl. I asked that they make sure they have them ready to go (not still in the boxes needing to be torn out, etc). Oh and please don’t send in special collection boxes because it’s too confusing. Guess what? They sent in candy with their cards, cookies, etc. They sent in special collection boxes. Some were specifically addressed. Some were for boys and some were for girls. Some were still in their box. Grr! It’s almost impossible to have a Valentine’s day party that isn’t chaos in Kinder, but if they would follow directions, it would sure help! We only managed to barely finish passing out our Valentines before it was time to go home. So I had to continue the party the next day, as I had a ton of junk food (that parents sent in despite being asked not to) and the kids should have at least a little of it.

My other parental frustration came on Thursday – parent teacher conference night. I had 10 parents scheduled – they signed up, I sent home confirmations, etc. Guess what? 5 showed up, 5 no-showed. 50%!! Um yeah, I don’t love sitting around waiting for you! We have another round of parent-teacher conferences this Thursday and I have a feeling a lot of them who didn’t show up for their scheduled time are going to see if I can fit them in. GRR!

Our new principal was announced this week and she’ll start on Friday (yes, a very weird day to start). I met her on Saturday briefly at our district’s UIL competition for elementary schools – we were there volunteering and so was she. A group from my school was talking and someone said, “Isn’t that our new principal?” and rather than just stare at her, one of us shouted out her name and she turned and came over. She seems nice enough, so we’ll see. Fingers crossed she doesn’t want to change things up. For example, please for all that’s holy, don’t try to take me out of kinder.

UIL went well, despite being at work on a Saturday. I was coaching a 5th grader in Oral Reading and he took first place! He was shocked, thought when I told him he was doing good that I was lying to him! LOL. Apparently he thought I was “being a teacher.” So we lie? LOL!

I’m off tomorrow – it’s not an official day off, despite being president’s day. But I thought it was, so I scheduled some Drs appointments a while back and decided just to schedule a sub instead of canceling them. This time I was able to schedule a specific sub so hopefully things will go better!

The Politics of it All

I’ll be really brief here this week… but I will say I’m slightly encouraged by some of the things that have happened this week on a national scale. I mean, it’s not great by any means. But the firing of Flynn and the calls by even Republican leaders to have a full investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia is encouraging. I mean, holy hell, I actually agree with my senator for once LOL! Fox news said some things that I could say yes to! If Trump’s idiocy can unite this country, I can be hopeful.

Trump’s press conference was an absolute joke. I read the full transcript and was appalled by the pure garbage coming out of his mouth. He did not inherit “a mess” – no Obama inherited a mess. Hopefully the next president won’t inherit a mess, though it isn’t looking good. But you, Mr. President, did not inherit a mess. His attack on the “Fake News” is just ridiculous. He sound more and more like a despot every day. Attempting to control the media with attacks and insults like his are really pushing on first amendment rights and I hope legal action is taken against him soon. Have you seen this appalling survey his administration put out? Trying to target just his supporters, but it got out and it sounds like it’s backfiring. So Yay!

OH and I just loved watching a reporter FINALLY nail him on his frequent claims that he won by the biggest margin since Ronald Reagan. First off, no one cares, but since you’re going to keep saying it, it needs to be made clear that you’re full of shit:

Is his defense really that he was “given that information?” Really? You’re the effing president and we should be able to count on you getting basic information correct. And seriously, what is it? Did you win by the biggest margin or did millions of illegal voters skew election results?

If you weren’t aware… Now is the time to get seriously active!. There’s a week long congressional recess and leaders that are doing their jobs will be holding local council meetings. Attend, ask questions, push hard on them to investigate the Russian connection, the repeal and so-called replacement of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If they aren’t holding meetings, they’re not doing their job. Organize one and invite them. If they decline your invitation, make sure the local media knows about it. We are their boss, they report to us and if we need to start holding them accountable! Go to for help finding local events.

Blog News

Nothing major to report, except that I’m struggling to keep up. But that’s not new, right?

#FitReaders Update

OH what a bad week! Valentine’s, fast food, eating out. Feeling sick, so less working out. And since my body hates me, I’m sure I’ve gained like 10-15 pounds from it.

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9 Responses to “Sunday Post | Not Feeling too Hot”

  1. Melanie Simmons

    I hope you’re starting to feel better. I can totally see that the parents being the hardest part of teaching. I haven’t done a lot, but between teaching snowboard lessons and teaching horseback riding summer camp when I was in high school, the parents were the hard part. I’ve thought that the political silver lining is that people are paying attention now. Shame that this is what we had to go through to get that, but at least it’s something. I hope you have a better week this week. {{hugs}}
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Review: Mercy Thompson: Homecoming by Patricia Briggs (@mlsimmons, @Mercys_Garage)My Profile

  2. Jen Twimom

    Hey there. Hope you feel better soon. The Valentine’s thing never gets better. Every year our school gives out similar types of requests, but every year parents and kids do their own thing. Lately, the teachers have embraced it… Having signups for snacks so they know what’s coming in, etc. Luckily it’s only one day… until the next holiday! *hugs*
    Jen Twimom recently posted…Review: Daily Grind by Anna ZaboMy Profile

  3. Bookworm Brandee

    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, and I can empathize. 😉 But I’m happy you got to have a long weekend even if it wasn’t meant to be a long weekend. (Sky didn’t get one either and she was a little put out! lol) Congrats on your 5th grader placing so well. It’s too funny he thought you were being a teacher and thus lying. My fingers are crossed your new principal is a good one!
    I spent the long weekend hauling kids around to indoor percussion competitions and performances. And then yesterday, I hauled Jax and a friend to a state park so they could go on a run…a half-marathon worth of a run. Oh my! Actually, I kinda feel like I didn’t have a weekend much less a long one. Denise said I’m going to be so bored in two years when the kids are gone. lol Probably.
    Hope your Tuesday is going well!! <3 {{{hugs}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Release Day Review ~ Riptide ~ Michelle Mankin (@MichelleMankin)My Profile

  4. Lark

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but glad that on the whole, school is going well. And though I’m avoiding politics on my own blog (for the most part), I applaud your activism. Feel better soon, and I hope you get some good reading time in!
    Lark recently posted…Sunday Post – 2/19/2017My Profile

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