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February 5, 2017 Sunday Post 4

Sunday Post

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News at Home – February is better!

Monday got off to an OK start. My one student who’s in brat mode was still in brat mode. But I had her mom’s apology ringing in my mind – it went a long way to helping me keep my patience. Dismissal finished up on Monday by 3:35. Still 20 minutes later than we used to, but much better. And some people were finished earlier, but I’ve been placed on the front lines because apparently I’m quite good at controlling parents, keeping the kids moving, and catching problems before the blow up. Feels good to be appreciated… even if it means I have a line of fire job.

The week progress okay until Thursday, which was my yearly evaluation. OMG! Everything that could go wrong went wrong! First of all, as soon as I finished framing the lesson, my phone range. One of my students was being withdrawn right then and I had to get her ready. Now this is a good thing, she was a shelter kid, so I knew when she got placed with a home she’d be gone. But in the middle of my lesson? Then, after I had regrouped a gained some control, the kids had to get their workbooks out from their book boxes. One of the shelves of book boxes completely dumped all over the place. At that point, getting any kind of control was pretty much impossible. Oh and then a teacher came to my door needing like 6 of my kids for testing. So yeah, instead of me at my best it was me at my worst. Thankfully the assistant principal told me she’d been in my room enough to know that was not our norm and that she would take all she’d seen over the school year into account for my eval. Y’all it was bad 🙁

Friday went well though – it was the 100th day of school! Woo-hoo! The kids wore shirts with 100 things on them (as did I), we made 100 day crowns and necklace with 100 fruit loops… and they had to count by tens on them. They had a blast.

Saturday I was supposed to have a 5k, but I screwed up and didn’t make it to the packet pickup on time Friday so I couldn’t run (sucks! waste of money!)… so I went in to work Saturday morning, trying to catch up on some things. And then Saturday afternoon was a friend’s birthday get-together at Red Door Escape Room. If you’ve never done that you should totally look it up! It was so much fun. We did the “Once Upon a Time” episode and managed to pass it with 45 seconds left. I have no idea how many locations they have, but I assume their national.
Such a great time- I will definitely be trying out other episodes!

The Politics of it All

The madness continues 🙁 I kept adding to this section as the week progressed and I became aware of more and more to worry about. And yet, I’m sure I’m still unaware of lots. Trump is not just making horrifying decisions, he’s doing so at a breakneck speed!

I have to say, one of my biggest concerns at the moment is Steve Bannon being added to the National Security Council. Yikes! I’m not sure what can be done about that, but it’s not a good thing that’s for sure 🙁

And OMG! Trump fired and replaced acting Attorney General Nancy Yates. Now, her replacement was inevitable, as she was a temporary hold on from Obama’s administration. But confirmation of Jeff Sessions hasn’t happened yet…. Trumps decision to fire Nancy Yates further politicizes the confirmation of Jeff Sessions – it’s very obviously now a vote about the immigration order. One can only hope that our senators are listening and watching the uproar and will vote accordingly. *fingers crossed* since I know it’s mostly likely going to happen, though, I wish they’d hurry up and get it over with so that they lose his vote in the senate for the rest of the confirmations

Things in Congress and Senate have been turbulent this week, with Democrats boycotting votes and Republicans saying they have to take “unprecedented actions today due to the unprecedented obstruction on the part of our colleagues.” Clearly they’ve forgotten the BS way they kept Obama from appointing a SCOTUS Justice. Grr!

I’ll probably always be sour about SCOTUS because that was just wrong. It wasn’t democracy in action, it was kids throwing temper tantrums and being rewarded for it by getting their way. But regardless of whether it’s right, the man who is already showing himself to be the worst POTUS ever gets to pick a Justice for the highest court. And who did he select? Neil Gorsuch. I have so many problems with this nominee – from his stand on gay marriage to immigration. But OMG his rulings where religion is concerned…? Very problematic! Gorsuch wrote in Hobby Lobby Stores v. Sebelius regarding the requirement to provide Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage “it is their personal involvement in facilitating access to devices and drugs that can have the effect of destroying a fertilized human egg that their religious faith holds impermissible.” Moreover, he added, “it is not for secular courts to rewrite the religious complaint of a faithful adherent.” So on one hand faith is an acceptable reason to not abide by regulations regarding health insurance… but then look at what he had to say in Am. Atheists , Inc. v. Davenport: “the court’s holding does and must rest on the view that anything a putatively ‘reasonable observer’ could think ‘endorses’ religion is constitutionally problematic.” In this case he was agreeing with the argument that crosses should not be seen as endorsing religion. Anyone else see something wrong with this? On one hand he’s finding religion as a right to not provide basic health care and on the other he’s denying that crosses endorse religion?!? If you were worried Trump would select someone who is blind to anything but the conservative Christian, your fears have been confirmed. Hopefully Gorsuch won’t be 🙁

Betsy Devos’s nomination for Secretary of Education is headed to the senate and OMG two republican senators are actually planning to vote against her! I applaud Collins and Murowski for stepping up to do what’s right. This isn’t about party lines. It’s about a person being horribly ill-prepared and unqualified for a position. We need at least 1 more republican senator (assuming all democratic senators are voting against her confirmation) to prevent a tie, which Vice President Pence would settle the tie. So, unless they manage to hold off the vote until after Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General (bad! but it’s going to happen), it’s time to flood your senators phone lines!. Insist they vote no on her confirmation!

Get on you phones, stop Betsy Devos’s confirmation PLEASE! Coming from a teacher, she will not be good for our kids!

Let’s not talk about the joke he made of Black History Month with his comments about Frederick Douglas 🙁

I’ll end with a note of concern for our international relationships. Not going well having Trump at the helm, is it? The “bad hombres” (direct quote from Trump *sigh*) need to get under control or he’ll send troops (apparently this isn’t a war threat, but it sure isn’t peaceful, I don’t care what his staff says to try and fix his blundering mistakes). Britain’s got a whole mess going on over a potential meeting between Trump and the Queen, because of the uproar over his refusal to accept refugees into the country and the certain protests of his visit. And then AUSTRALIA!! Look at his tweet:

Of course, he’s quick to say that the FAKE NEWS reported about this wrong…

Um no, they didn’t. They didn’t say anything but the facts. They quoted you in the above tweet. Where you called refugees, illegal immigrants. You said taking in refugees is a dumb deal. And yes, they are Muslim. They doesn’t make them illegal immigrants or terrorists. You’re an ass and how ANYONE can continue to back you up, I have no idea.

Also in International relations, he certainly isn’t trying to de-eslate anything with Iran is he? As the mother of 16, soon to be 17 year old, this is terrifying. I feel that nothing would make Trump happier than war. But it won’t be his kids dying for him, it’ll be ours. I can’t believe we gave this man the power to talk to international leaders 🙁

And on a really sad note, the school where I got my BAs – University of Texas at Arlington – made the list of top 10 colleges to potentially lose the most from the “muslim ban.” They stand to lose 217 students and $7.3 million! Even more than that, though, is the loss of beautiful diversity I enjoyed there. I hope judges continue to stand up to Trump’s effed up order!

Blog News

Well thanks to the review-a-thon I have reviews scheduled out through the month. I’m having trouble with enough time to visit every morning though 🙁 I may need to wake up a little earlier… I wake up at 5am now.

#FitReaders Update

Monday morning my lower back was KILLING me. But I pushed through and did my Fitness Marshall workout. Y’all it was worth it – it hurt but I think warming those muscles up and stretching them through the pain made it better. By time I went to work they weren’t so bad.

I had a great week – I worked out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings – I’m continuing to love the Fitness Marshall. Bummed about my 5k, but there will be more, right?

What’s frustrating is that despite working out and eating healthy, I gained 5 pounds this week! WTF?! GRR!

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4 Responses to “Sunday Post | February is better!”

  1. Melanie Simmons

    So glad to hear that your week was better last week. I hope it stays better this week. OMG, politics! It’s nuts. I had C-Span on my computer while I worked today. I almost reached through the screen to punch one of my senators as he cast a Yes vote. He then went on to post on Facebook about a great choice DeVos was. He got ripped by everyone on there. Even Republicans who voted for him, said this will be his last term. He got $51,000 in campaign donations. She also owes the state of Ohio $5.3 MILLION. You couldn’t get through his office for the past week. People striking outside of his offices. It’s been crazy.

    Did you see the NY Time article that said that Trump didn’t even know about Bannon adding himself to the NSC until Trump went to sign it?? Also, they can’t figure out some of the lights. LOL
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Review: Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti (@mlsimmons, @RebeccaZanetti)My Profile

  2. Bookworm Brandee

    So happy to hear February has started off better than January was even if your eval went a bit wonky. Luckily, your asst principal knows better because that certainly wasn’t an example of how your class normally runs. Congrats on getting some blog posts done – I know it’s a relief. I’m out of pre-scheduled posts at the moment so I need to get to work myself! 😉
    As for politics, I’m just disgusted, Berls. Absolutely disgusted. A friend of mine and I were discussing he-who-shall-not-be-named and she said all the things he’s doing in the name of making us better and stronger are only serving to make us appear weak. And the things that come out of his mouth. Blurg!! I can’t even… it all just makes my blood pressure soar!
    Anyway, here’s to a good week in the classroom, with the family, blogging-wise, and reading-wise!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Review ~ Breathe into Me ~ Sara Fawkes #BloggerShame #COYER #ShelfLoveMy Profile

  3. Kathryn Trask

    Ouch for the eval going haywire. But it happens in real classrooms and pretty much all out of your control. Politically I don’t follow all that Trump does and says but we see enough to horrify. I hope countries all round the world don’t want him to visit! He speaks to our prime minister this morning. Our PM is a rather good diplomat so should go okay. We all laughed when the press secretary got the prime minister of Australia’s name wrong repeatedly. It all sounded so micky mouse.
    Kathryn Trask recently posted…The Wicked City. Beatriz WilliamsMy Profile

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