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February 16, 2017 Outlander Thoughts 2

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“Faith” S2:E7

Episode Synopsis: When the lives of Claire and her unborn baby come in danger, Doctors at L’Hopital de Anges do their best to save them; King Louis requests that Claire judge two men who have been accused of engaging in the dark arts.

Original Air Date: May 21, 2016

I feel like I’ve never read the books! It’s been so long since I read this one that almost everything feels new… there’s a part of my brain that’s like, “yeah, I’m pretty sure that happened in the book” for the most part I’m being shocked right along with those experiencing Outlander for the first time!

My Thoughts About “Faith”

So we start back in the future, with Claire and her daughter. A sweet short scene to give us viewers hope that Claire isn’t losing the baby after all? At the very least we know Claire survives her ordeal.

Gah the look the male doctor gives Claire! So full of disgust! Why?

Even though I knew it was coming, Claire’s realization that she lost her baby is done so devastatingly… I’m in tears watching it. The way she wakes up, feeling her stomach and asking “where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?!” They tell her and she cries up “bring me my baby! I want my baby!” Devastating.

Mother Hildegard set my tears running again, as she tells Claire that she baptized and named her daughter “Faith,” because she wanted her buried on hallowed ground… even though it’s illegal. Gah!! Killing me here!

Then the priest comes and asks Claire if she’d like to make a final confessions – she’s been in fever for days. She replies, “My sins are all I have left.” Tears! How lost and desolate she must feel!

OMG and then Master Raymond comes, risking his life to help her! And the tears are falling again! Without him, she would have died. It always gets to me when people risk so much for someone – no truer way of showing you care. I’m overwhelmed with emotions already in this episode!

“Revenge mattered more to him than me or my child… He may have well run his sword through me.” Poor Claire. Jamie’s betrayal is so strong – and even though her reason for wanting him to hold back was Frank, which I think is ridiculous – he should have been thinking about her in other ways. It was very selfish of him.

How is it possible that I’m crying again? Watching Claire return to their home in France, with Fergus at her side and the staff lined up to receive her. Something about the scene is just so heartbreaking. I think it’s because we’ve never seen a welcome like this at this home – it makes so prominent that everything has changed. She is alone, lost her husband, lost her child.

poor fergus

Claire discovering why Jamie went back on his word… Fergus

I adore Fergus. The way he is caring for Claire is just so sweet and you can feel his pain too. Claire walking in on Fergus’s bad dream/memory. I forgot that Jamie’s decision to duel Randall was about Fergus and Randall’s attempt to rape him (it is attempt right?). The guilt poor Fergus feels – it is not his fault. This brings me to one of the few issues I had with this series at this point, though. I absolutely hate that Randall is SO despicable and so much of his badness seems connected to his sexuality. His being gay is not what makes him a bad man – but the two get conflated a lot in these early books. I know from future books that not all gay men are written this way and thank goodness, or this early portrayal would be fairly unforgivable for me.

This knowledge is what Claire needs to act in defense of Jamie. When she learns that a meeting with the king may require her to sleep with him, she replies “I’ll add it to the list of things I’ve already lost in Paris.” *sigh* Paris has not been good to the Fraziers has it?

Warm chocolate – “new from Spain”! Ha, I just love this little tidbits of history! Hot chocolate being a new drink – a delicacy.

The scene with the King is slightly intense. He holds so much power – can free or kill Jamie at a whim. Her at a whim. No one should hold so much power! This is one of those moments where I’m like, “this did happen in the book, right?” The whole scene with the King felt shocking and yet familiar at the same time. I just forgot so much!

Master Raymond! He saved her life and now she has the chance to save his. And Comte St. Germain, the vile creature that has plagued her – now she has the power to have him executed. And yet, I do not envy her. As I said, no one should have so much power. I could not do it. But damn Claire is bold – saying even the King has darkness in his soul. Damn!

And then they bring out the snake. Gah! Terrifying! She’s so smart to think of the potion – knowing it will make them sick and maybe give the king the show he’s looking for, but not kill them. Then Raymond added something to the potion… the way her necklace changes from white to black is chilling! St. Germain knows before he drinks that it will kill him. I don’t know if he deserved death, but he was not a good man, that is for sure. I think Raymond knew the king would not be pleased unless one of the men died. He had to save himself. I have a feeling he could have handled the snake too, honestly.

bye-bye germain

Germain, knowing death awaits him.

And after all that, the king still expects “payment” to have Jamie released! Geez! At least it was the quickest and most dispassionate fuck in the history of fucks. What exactly did he get out of that really? And gah… the diseases she could have caught in that moment! ugh!

Jamie’s return, slowly and weakly climbing his way up the staircase to Claire is so artfully done! And look at him with his full beard, begging to know what happened with their child.

Going back to the memory of Claire seeing Faith. Singing to her. Taking in all her little features. Yep, crying again. There’s no words for the pain of this episode. The realization that she sat with Faith in her arms for a whole day… another wave of tears. And wow, guess Louise could be a good friend after all! Claire looks so thin and pale and sick in this scene, and yet you feel her love for her daughter pouring out of her too. She doesn’t want to be separated and it kills to watch. What tears I had left fell at this moment. I don’t know if I was impacted more because I have miscarried and have an inkling of how this feels, but gah, so heartbreaking regardless of your vantage point. Going back like this was brilliant – it made it so much more impactful.

And then we’re back to her and Jamie and she tells him, “so yes. I HATED you.” Can’t blame her, can you? But for her to able to step back and realize that she was dumb to ask him to spare her husband in the future, that she shouldn’t have chased him into the woods – I agree with her on that… but for her to take it to the point where she blames herself? No!

And then she has to tell him she had to sleep with the king to buy his freedom. Of course it hurts, but how can he hold it against her? And of course he doesn’t.

RIP Faith

The perfect way to end the episode – with them grieving their daughter, together and united again.

Jamie is so right, when he tells her the only way for them to move forward is to carry what happened TOGETHER. Do you know I still have tears left? I was surprised too, but as they stand over Faith’s grave more are coming!

And they’re going home! Yay!

My final thoughts on “Faith”

Gah! What an emotional episode! I think the most emotional episode of the show so far, no? They really did a great job of bringing out all the heartbreaking moments too – from the lighting to only showing bis and pieces of scenes at a time – I think you get to really feel the full weight of their loss. A 5 star episode!

What did you think of “Faith”?

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