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February 2, 2017 Outlander Thoughts 2

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“Best Laid Schemes” S2:E6

Episode Synopsis: Claire’s medical knowledge is used to devise a plan to halt a deal that would fill the war chest, but she learns Jamie has reneged on his word, and that leads to problems for both of them.
Original Air Date: May 14, 2016

For some reason the scheme Jamie and Claire cooked up in the last episode is unfamiliar to me. Is that really how it happened in the book? So as I watch this episode, I’m wondering if something will come back to me, or if this will be like watching something I’ve never read.

My Thoughts About “Best Laid Schemes”

I was starting to think that Jamie wasn’t going to tell Murtagh that he wasn’t dueling. Probably the only time I’ve been really upset with Murtagh… when he says “your mind changes like a woman in flux”! Grr! such a sexist comment. Not that it’s not appropriate, just pisses me off lol.

Jamie is so clearly angry with Claire, I wonder if it’s really worth it.

The scene with the executioner… is he warning Claire? Does he know people think of her as a La Dame Blanche? What a creepy scene too… who becomes an executioner in that day in age, with the drawing and quartering? So horrifying! Although, to be fair, violence and carnage have always entertained. We’re just lucky we get it in movies these days instead of real people. Ohh!! The mention of Monsieur Raymond – yep, he’s warning her and Raymond!

Monsieur Raymond is quite right – she did put herself at risk. But how could she do any less?

I love the scene by the fire. Jamie is right, he doesn’t owe Claire Frank’s life. But not entering the duel for her and their child, now that makes sense. For her to have a place to go if anything happens, that makes more sense. And gah, I love him for being willing to sacrifice his revenge for her in that way – it’s so much more than repaying a “debt.”

Watching them mix the fake small-pox made me think, as I often have, that Claire’s going back and trying to stop Culloden has always been part of history. The future she comes from could be one that already includes her going back trying to stop Culloden. Without her interference, maybe they would have had enough financial support to survive Culloden. Side note: Why is Jamie making himself the show for the fake small pox? Geez!

Love Fergus! The whole talk of the ladies playing charades naked LOL!!

I like how they did the scene with Jamie telling Murtagh all about Claire and Culloden. And yeah, Jamie should have trusted Murtagh a long time before, so that punch was warranted 🙂 Especially considering fists are how they handle so many things.

I love how Jamie looks with his hair pulled back. So dashing! Wow, that’s a tangent LOL!

“I wouldn’t want to bear that burden…” So well said Murtagh. Not an easy place to be, for sure.

I still don’t remember this from the books, but it sure makes good TV! Doubt Jamie could have pulled all that off without Fergus. It was a little suspenseful, that’s for sure!

Oops! Didn’t see that coming, huh Jamie? Didn’t think they’d ask you to transport the “contaminated” wine when the illness appeared, huh? And Comte St. Germaine isn’t going to give him a chance to do much of anything about it!

“Every now and then it is okay for you to lie to me, you know?” LOL! Yeah, sometimes you don’t want your husband to agree that what he’s doing is dangerous 🙂

Hahaha Murtagh in the aristocratic getup is hilarious. It’s SO not him, is it?

Sweet moment with the baby moving and Jamie talking to him/her. Makes the loss that you know is coming all the more heartbreaking.

Yeah, I definitely don’t remember this from the book… I can see why Claire was worried. It’s so dangerous, Murtagh attacking them puts him at such risk! Nervous scene!! No wonder Claire is having a hard time laughing along with the ladies, knowing her husband and Murtagh are at some risk! She sure knows how to bring down a party, huh? Making them think about the poor around them… but to have them removed? Geez, these women suck!

And the moment is coming 🙁 the blood on her stockings is such an ominous sign!

Poor Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart… how much he’s suffered these past months lol!

Aww! Gah I love Fegus! So proud of the way he’s taken care of Claire. I’m afraid how he’ll take the loss of the baby. And saying he’ll go with Jamie, to guard his right! I think the actor they chose for Fergus is just perfect.

Uh-oh… Randall’s got Fergus now, huh? Shit just ain’t going right at all 🙁

Oh crap – a fight… the duel is still going to happen. Fudge nuggets. I really don’t think this is how it happened in the book at all. I don’t remember it this way at least! And for him to being going into a duel without Murtagh!

And that this is how she loses the baby! And now he’s under arrest.

My final thoughts on “Best Laid Schemes”

Gah! I forgot most of what happened in this episode from the book. I do vaguely remember that a good part of what happened most have gone this way, but I don’t know what happens next… so it was a somewhat intense episode for me. Made me nervous a few times! I’d give it 4 stars, I think. Maybe 4.5.

What did you think of “Best Laid Schemes”?

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