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January 22, 2017 Sunday Post 19

Sunday Post

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News at Home – Feeling a little down

*sigh* I think I have the blues. I’m just feeling a little down lately and having a hard time shaking it.

This week wasn’t BAD but I had a several students not behaving at their peak this week (and I’m sure my own mood isn’t helping). And one of my behavior problems was at an all time high for disrespectful behavior this week. I was pretty close to tears on Thursday because I just felt so defeated. Thankfully I have a great team and they saw that I was feeling down. They reinforced that I have several difficult students in my class – my struggles aren’t because I don’t have classroom management, they’re because I have difficult kids. And they assure me next year it will be someone else. God I hope so, even though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. In reality my class in 10x better than last year. But I have 2-3 kids who make life so much harder for me and derail my class.

And this Betsy Devos stuff is just disheartening as a teacher. I feel like the Trump administration is working to mess up every aspect of my life. My immigrant husband. My gay brother. My disabled mother. My job as a teacher at a public school. My healthcare. Is there no part of my life they aren’t vowing to destroy? 🙁

No wonder Friday was just depressing. I’ve known it was coming for a long time and I never (since the election that is) entertained any hope that Trump wouldn’t take office. But it’s so depressing. I’m thankful all the big events were during the school day so I didn’t have to even pass by the channels. No way in hell I’d watch that. I did enjoy the Daily Show’s review of events though. I’m going to miss the Obamas 🙁

My team decided we needed “choir practice” after school and we had some drinks to say goodbye to the Obamas. It was a nice time. One of them told us to remember to set our clocks forward 8 years when we went to bed. LOL! Please don’t let it be 8 years. Don’t let me turn 40 with Trump as president!

Saturday morning I woke up with a start because I realized I had forgotten to call about my ticket this week! Uh-oh. You have 12 days to take care of it and I have no idea if that’s business days or regular days. I went online and found out that my ticket is $227! WTF!? As someone who follows traffic rules, that just pisses me off to no end. I do not deserve this. Well, Saturday made 12 days, so I put it in the mail with a check because I’m doing deffered dispensation and there’s no way to do that online. So hopefully 12 days is either business days or post-mark date, not pay-by date. Online it says my due date is the 30th… which isn’t 12 days, business or otherwise. So I have no idea, but hopefully that means I’m good. I just have way too much on my plate these days.

I also went into work Saturday, even though I really wanted to march. I feel really emotional about this change and frustrated by people who keep telling me that they’re hopeful that Trump will do good, as if I should be hopeful to. Be hopeful. I’m worried. There’s absolutely nothing in his track record that gives me reason to be hopeful. Even his inauguration speech was anything but hopeful. *sigh* But it was great to see the pictures on Facebook. I’m so proud of everyone who went to march or supported the marchers how they could. I may not have hope in Trump’s administration, but I do have hope in us! Seeing how many people turned up to march was what I needed this week.

Blog News

I’ve fallen behind… In that I don’t have any posts scheduled ahead 🙁 I’m hoping to get this week caught up today, so that I can start making forward progress this week again. Fingers crossed!

#FitReaders Update

I had duty this week, which meant I had to be to work 20 minutes earlier each day and I STRUGGLED to make it. In truth, I was about 3-5 minutes late every day 🙁 Not a big deal, especially since I’m the only one on my team who never missed a day and never been late. But as you can guess, this also meant I struggled to do my early morning workouts. I did a 1 mile walk on Tuesday and Thursday, but that was it. I did do well eating though, so that’s a plus.

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Sunday Post | Feeling a Little Down


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19 Responses to “Sunday Post | Feeling a little down”

  1. Lola

    Sorry to hear you also had a meh week :(. I don’t even live int he US, but it;s frightening to see sometimes and I have a lot of US friends so i still see a lot of it on social media. I am just hoping it all turns out in the end, but some of what he’s planning sounds very scary. But it’s nice to see the good and hopefully things during this time as well. There are a lot of good people in this world as well. I hope this week is a better one.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Pumpkin Soup RecipeMy Profile

    • Berls

      I agree there really are a lot of good people in the world and I feel like we’re seeing a lot of them turning up to protest and fight for what’s right, so that makes me really proud! fingers crossed we’re successful these next four years 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!
      Berls recently posted…It’s Monday! What I’m Reading January 30, 2017My Profile

  2. Jen Twimom

    GIANT BIG HUGS my friend. I too have been so down with everything that has happened. While I am a white “privileged” woman, I am so fearful for not just my family, but my dear friends like you, who are impacted so much more. On Saturday, I watched quite a bit of the March on DC with my 10 YO girl. We talked about being respectful and standing up for ourselves and those who need help (I tried to explain marginalized to her). It gave me hope. That is until Monday, when everything started falling apart. I am doing what I can, making calls, but sometimes I need to unplug – like today. I stayed offline and kept the news off. I can’t hang on every work b/c I am driving myself into a feeling of despair. *HUGS*
    Jen Twimom recently posted…Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Last Dragon Standing by G.A. AikenMy Profile

  3. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down. 🙁 I hope this week has started off well and that you’re shaking those blues. Over $200 for going a few miles over the speed limit? Ugh, that’s sickening! I feel you on Trump. Even though I am not particularly hopeful, I also don’t want to see him fail. I read something the other day that said something like “wanting Trump to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane that we all are on.” So yeah, I don’t want him to fail but it’s hard to be hopeful. Maybe his own crazy party will impeach him. Within the first year. Now there’s a nice thought… 🙂
    Tanya recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Series to Start or ContinueMy Profile

  4. La La in the Library

    I needed choir AND orchestra practice on Friday! I had said no Friday Night Martini Girls until spring weather, but I made an exception last Friday. You know, I don’t get people who keep saying give him a chance and who can’t understand why a lot of us are scared. Tr*mps cabinet picks are horror inducing. I hope your class chills out this week. You are a hero in my book. (((HUGS)))
    La La in the Library recently posted…THE SUNDAY POST #96My Profile

  5. Bookworm Brandee

    Jax said to me last night…
    “I get to vote in the next election.”
    Me: “I know.”
    Jax: “Michelle Obama 2020!”
    Me: laughs! high fives!

    It is depressing and you aren’t the only one depressed over Trump. The only hope I have is that he’ll be gone in 4 years. Four long years… maybe his own party will impeach him?? *fingers crossed* Michelle Obama 2020!!

    I hope this week is much, much better, Berls. Take that frown and turn it upside down. 🙂 Look for that silver lining… Eh, not sure I’m helping but I’m sending positive thoughts and lots of virtual hugs your way!!! {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Review ~ The Nightingale ~ Kristin HannahMy Profile

  6. Kathy

    Sorry to hear this was another rough week for you. The next 4 years (please only be 4 or less) is going to be rough and full of uncertainty. We have to hang in there and enjoy the now with our loved ones. I hope this week is better for you!
    Kathy recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up #116My Profile

  7. Kathryn Trask

    Ah my heart goes out to you re the classroom. I know how tough some of those days can be. It is good that you have such a supportive team.
    I didn’t watch the inauguration but did watch some of CNN’s analysis. I feel for you too on all the fronts you mention. I so admired the Obamas but nothing to admire with the new guy. May something trip him up and take him off the scene, perhaps the Republicans will find something to indict him over.
    Kathryn Trask recently posted…Pretty Little World Elizabeth LeBan and Melissa DePinoMy Profile

  8. Samantha

    Oh I just want to give you a big hug! You do have way too much on your plate and its all stuff that is out of your hands. Those are the most stressing problems because you can’t do much than you already are. Some kids are difficult no matter HOW good you are as a teacher. And some presidents and politicians suck no matter how much we hope. Hopefully this week things get better or at least easier!!!
    I teach in a private school, so everyone is all excited for Trump because of vouchers; but I have been thinking about going back to public school so it kind of makes me nervous. Guess I will keep my job next year until I see how it all plays out.
    Samantha recently posted…Sunday Post: January 21My Profile

  9. Greg

    I’m going to miss Obama too. the side by side of him speaking as he left with Trump- one has class, one doesn’t. As simple as that. And Betsy DeVos I know because she’s from Michigan- not everyone here is crazy about her either! She’s totally unqualified for that position and I watched part of her hearing and she flubbed a lot of answers. the only thing that gave me hope were the marches. They gave me hope that we might make it through this. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the ticket. That sucks! What a rip…

    *hugs* and feel better! We’ll make it through this…
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #178My Profile

  10. Stormi Johnson

    Sorry you are feeling so down about a lot of things. *hugs* I was looking at what you reviewed last week and it looks as if you fell down a Charley Davidson rabbit hole….lol. I need to get the third one on audio, I really like that series it’s so much fun so I can see how you could go down a rabbit hole with that series! 🙂

    Hope this week is a lot better! Happy reading!
    Stormi oxox

  11. Katherine

    It sounds like your “choir practice” was a nice time! I love how supportive your team is. Teaching is such a challenging job and it’s nice to have support to help with perspective and also just to vent some. I’m not a teacher but I’ve been heavily involved in schools in volunteer capacities and I know a number of teachers mention that there seems to be some years that are just awful. They seem to have a higher number of behavior issues and things like that. Hopefully next year will have less disruptive kids. Have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…This Week in Reading – January 22My Profile

  12. JenM

    It’s hard not to be down right now, but just keep doing what you are doing, educating the younger generation, so that hopefully, when they are in charge, they won’t screw it up like we have. Your work is so important. Teachers have a huge effect on their students and can help counteract the negative and hateful messages some of them receive in their own homes.

    I participated in one of the marches yesterday and it was lovely to walk with 50,000 others in a peaceful demonstration. I’m in my 50’s and this was the first time I’ve ever participated in a march for any political reason. I guess it is true that there is a first time for everything! I’m sad that it has gotten to the point where I felt I needed to march, but happy to finally feel like I could express myself in a way that matters.

  13. Melanie Simmons

    You aren’t the only one who was down. I will say that Saturday brought my mood up. So many people taking to the streets in a peaceful protest. Not a single arrest in DC (not sure about other cities). I completely feel you about DeVos. She is a train wreck. I’ve already called my senators about her. Truthfully, it seems that Trump found the worst person for each position that he could find. I’m so sick of hearing about hope for Trump. In a single day in office, he’s proven what he is. With the changes to, forcing the Park Service to stop tweeting, to the lying press conference last night. I’m using this a start to a battle. My senators will know me. They will hear my voice. I will be vocal to try to get people out to vote in EVERY election, not just presidential ones. You’re job is more important than ever. You are teaching the future of this country. With teachers like you, I feel that our country will be in good hands going forward. Thank you for what you do. It is such an important job. And this from someone who has no children. {{hugs}}
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Review: Bears Do It Better by Jessie Lane (@mlsimmons, @JessieLaneBooks, @celiakyle)My Profile

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