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January 19, 2017 Outlander Thoughts 2

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I can’t believe I’ve let this lapse for so long! But I feel Season 3 fast approaching and I would love to get caught up before it airs. So I’m trying to get caught up and thought I’d share my thoughts. It’s full of spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet, but I imagine most of you that plan to watch it have. Meaning this will just be a good review to prep you for Season 3!

“Untimely Resurrection” S2:E5

Episode Synopsis: Reunited, Jamie and Claire attempt to extinguish the fires; however, Claire is set off on an unexpected change of course. Jamie and Claire’s relationship is put to the ultimate test when the past rears its ugly head.
Original Air Date: May 7, 2016

I feel like I watched “Untimely Resurrection” this summer but I can’t find my notes anywhere, so let’s start over. I seem to remember loving it, though. So no reason not to watch it again 🙂

My Thoughts About “Untimely Resurrection”

I love Fergus – he’s one of my favorite characters in the books and on the show. The way he sat up with Claire, guarding her and waiting for Jamie is just so sweet. Can’t wait to see more of him this season.

LMAO! I love that Jamie has used calling Claire “La Dame Blanche” was his way of staying faithful; they think that Claire’s a witch… again! LOL!

Poor Murtagh. Being so hard on himself 🙁 Gotta love him but he’s not at fault. Go get the evil bastard Murtagh!

Poor Mary – a victim of rape, treated as if she’s done anything wrong. Having to feel ashamed 🙁 So sweet trying to help Alex with that letter, even if we all know it’s only what the men say that matters. I love Claire’s outfit in this scene, BTW.

It kind of bugs me – in the book and here – that Claire is so busy trying to change history on one hand (Culloden) and secure it on the other hand (Frank’s very existence). And she’s getting a bit heady, thinking she holds the future in her hand. We know, of course, that she’s basically helpless to change anything and Culloden will still go down as history records it. Hell, history may have always included her and she’s just doing the same thing over and over.

So sad that the dinner party brought Prince Charles into contact with St. Germaine. Yes, they undermined one source of income, but not enough to keep Charles out. Maybe they just cost him the war?

I get so angry with Claire, watching her manipulate Alex because she thinks she’s saving Frank’s future. And the gall to say her concern is for Mary’s well-being. If she really cared for Mary, she would know having someone like Alex who cares for her and loves her after the ordeal she just went through, she wouldn’t manipulate Alex this way. What choice did she have? She thinks a couple names on a family chart were proof enough to destroy two people’s happiness so completely? grr!

St. Germaine! Ugh! They’ve done such a good job casting the villainous personalities in this show! He’s fun to hate!

I enjoy seeing Claire and Jamie back on the same page again – working together and having tender moments. Like with Jamie giving her the spoons as a Christening gift. A sweet moment 🙂

Dum, dum, dum!!!! Enter Captain Black Jack Randall. Gah, hate the character, love the actor. The scenes with him are easily my favorites. He just adds so much to the show. What an intense scene between the King, Jaime, Randall, and Claire. Knowing that drawing swords in the presence of the king is punishable by death, such intensity!

It’s kind of great watching Randall mocked for his French and being an English soldier. And then the King putting him on his knees, forcing him to beg. Wonderful! Such a proud, ruthless man on his knees, being laughed at. And yet, that he’s willing to lower himself like that for his brother’s sake… it shows that maybe, just maybe there’s a little more to him. Not saying he’s a good guy, but maybe in a different world he would have been a better person?

Gah! Jamie! You piss me off! Claire successfully removes you from this situation and you go back to challenge him to an illegal duel?! Has he so quickly forgotten that his wife is pregnant? Or is he so full of hubris that he hasn’t begun to think he could lose?

And then Claire pisses me off! Of all the reasons not to duel, keeping Frank alive is the worst reason she could give to Jamie. I’m with Jamie – I thought they were there “to change the future.” It’s not a reason to keep Jack Randall alive. But not dueling him because of the risk, because of her baby – those would have all been better reasons. Not as dramatic and not as good tv, but better reasons! I really feel for Jamie here.

What an ending to an intense episode.

My final thoughts on “Untimely Resurrection”

Like most episodes featuring Tobias, I give this one 5 stars. It was good from beginning to end, but that last half or so was so intense! It’s been long enough since I read the book that I can’t really remember what happens next, so I’m eager to watch more.

What did you think of “Untimely Resurrection”?

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  1. Berls

    I’ve enjoyed it so far – it’s definitely doing it’s best to be true to the books. In some ways, I think it actually does better 🙂

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