#2016HW End of Year Report Card

January 2, 2017 Reading Assignment Challenge 11

It’s time for our End of Year Quarter Report Card – a chance to let us know how you did the last quarter and for the year! If you’re not familiar with the Reading Assignment Challenge hosted by Fantasy is More Fun and Because Reading, get all the details and sign up for #2017HW here!

4th Quarter Report Card

So the fourth quarter (October, November, December) was rough. October I read my book, November’s book took me until the end of December, which means I didn’t get around to December’s book. That’s only one month so I have a C.

How’d you do?

It’s your turn to check in! Link up in the linky below to a blog post (or updates to your original sign up post), a Goodreads Update, a Facebook or Twitter post, etc. and let us know:

  • Report which books you read, during which months.
  • Report which months, if any, you didn’t make it.
  • Link to your review and/or reading progress on Goodreads showing you read the book(s).
  • Your final grade for the quarter, based on this chart:

    Quarterly Grades

    • I made an A! Read all your books all three months of the quarter.
    • I made a B! Read all your books for two months of the quarter.
    • I made a C! Read all your books for one month of the quarter.
    • I made an F!Didn’t read all your books during any months of the quarter.

When you enter the final giveaway (below) you’ll get extra credit based on your grade for each quarter. To get the extra credit, though, you have to have turned in your report card for that quarter – so be sure to turn it in before the linky closes! It will be open from January 2 – January 8th.

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4th Quarter Report Card Giveaway

We’re also rewarding you for doing so well this quarter, so we have a giveaway for you! Enter the link for your #2016HW reviews from the 4th Quarter (they can simply be a quick Goodreads update or a full review on your blog). We’ll close the Rafflecopter on the 8th and the winner will get a $5 gift card to Amazon (open internationally). Good luck!

End of Year Report Card Grand Prize Giveaway

To enter the End of Year Report Card Giveaway, you need to average your report cards (which you should have turned in so we can verify them). To find your average add the values (listed below) for your grades up and divide by four.
A = 90 B = 80 C = 70 F = 60

If the number you get when averaged is above or equal to 90, your end of year average is an A. If above or equal to 80, it’s a B. If above or equal to 70 it’s a C. Below 70 is an F. (If you made the same grade each quarter no need to do the math. That’s your grade.)

My End of Year Report Card

Although I didn’t do great last quarter, for the year I did really well! Here are my grades:
1st Quarter: A (90)
2nd Quarter: A (90)
3rd Quarter: B (80)
4th Quarter: C (70)
90+90+80+70 = 330/4 = 82.5
My Year End Average: B

I’m really happy with how I did and can’t wait to go for an A this year!

Use your Year End Average to enter the giveaway! The higher your grade the more points you get! Good luck and thanks for joining us!

How’d you do? Are you trying again this year?

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11 Responses to “#2016HW End of Year Report Card”

  1. neer

    I did well, scoring an A, having completed all the books that I had decided to read for the challenge. I love this challenge because it makes me read those books that otherwise would have just remained on my TBR list. Thanks for hosting it year after year.

    • Berls

      Awesome job Neer!! I’m glad the challenge is working so well for you too – I know that’s why I love it 🙂

    • Berls

      That’s 6 more than you would have read, right? 🙂 Good luck with the challenge this year!

    • Berls

      I agree, this is one of our better ideas 🙂 I hope I can pull of two books a month this year. That would be an even better dent in my TBR!

    • Berls

      LOL I’m glad you’re not giving up. I know you can do it! I use my TBR list for picking one of my books and that really helps me make sure I get that book in. Try it if you start to struggle, maybe it will help. Good luck! xoxo

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