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November 6, 2016 Sunday Post 17

Sunday Post

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News at Home – Oh No!

This week felt so long. I think it was just a super busy week with a lot going on. We started off with Halloween, which of course means I had a classroom full of super hyper kids. And I had to try to run a semi-normal day, while in a costume. A costume that the kids loved but that was a LOT of work to move around in. My mom made it and it was kind of awesome though:

My fairy queen costume

Those wings were really hard to move around in and I took them off most the time. But as if that wasn’t enough to keep my day complicated – a class of hyper Elsas, Ninja Turtles, Supermen, Belles, and etc – I got a new student on Monday. He’s a good kid, likes to talk to much, but I think for the most part he’s not going to be a problem so yay! And he’s not behind, which is also great.
Tuesday TWO kinder teachers called in sick. And only one got subs – and we couldn’t give the sub extra kids, so the remaining three of us split up a class of 21. Yep, 7 extra kids for the day. *sigh*

Wednesday I got another new student. She’s also a sweetheart, but I don’t think she’s had any school yet because she can’t even recognize her name, let alone her letters or sounds. So she’s significantly behind the majority of my class. On Wednesday my name change also went through – but I got not warning. It was just bam! I couldn’t log in to my computer or any of our systems. I guessed a few times and managed to get into my computer but couldn’t turn in attendance or get into my email to submit it via email. So I had to have another teacher email it in for me. Too complicated. And then I went to retrieve a print job and couldn’t access that either! It was a frustrating day!

Thursday we got a letter from our principal via email… and this is the reason I titled this post “Oh No!” She apologized for sending us an email instead of telling us in person, but she knew she would cry. She’s retiring at the end of this semester due to health problems. And from what she’s saying is going on, it’s the right thing for her to do – she’s having trouble with her diabetes, was just diagnosed with AS, and needs to have double knee replacement surgery. You wouldn’t guess she was battling all that to see her at school every day. It’s the right decision for her, but gah does it suck. She MAKES my school the amazing place it is because she sets the tone. You know you’ll always be supported, defended, and backed up. I’m really nervous about who will replace her, it’s highly unlikely it will be my amazing AP. I feel cursed. She’s been in the district for 32 years and this is her 12th year at this school, but in my FIRST semester she’s leaving πŸ™ Fingers crossed for me y’all!

So after that week, me and two of my fellow kinder teachers went out for “choir practice” (aka happy hour) on Friday. We went to a local place that is not at all kid friendly πŸ™‚ I had some yummy cider and then I tried a flight of the craziest drinks on the menu. 

I choose them based on the name… Not the way to choose beer

Most were kinda gross, but I actually really liked the Snake Bite.
Oh and before I forget, I promised my brother I would share his fundraising page for Extra Life. Its a way the gaming community raises money to help out local children’s hospitals. I think he’s gaming for 24 hours to raise funds… anyway, ANY donation would make a difference. Click here to donate. He’s aiming for $100 but only has $25 so far. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Blog News

Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon

Kimba’s HoHoHo readathon kicks off this week, on the 9th and I’m looking forward to reading as much as I can. I have holiday reads in my TBR this week, please vote if you haven’t so I’ll have a great read to kick off the readathon! My goal is two books, as I think that’s the most I’ll manage in such a short time. I’m a slow reader!


It’s NaNoWriMo time again! I decided this would be a great chance to get myself back into a writing habit. So everyday when I get home from work I pull out my notebook and write. That’s right, I don’t type, I write. That’s the way my creative juices work. A keyboard signifies editing and critical writing for me. Which is perfect for the weekend, when I type up what I wrote for the week and clean it up, or make notes for myself on things to look at later. I was amazed when it took me 4 hours to type up everything I had written over the week. I’m nervous I”m not going to be able to keep up this pace. But my official word count is already 22,507!! Since the goal is 50,000 I’m already almost halfway there only five days in. The thing is, a lot of what I wrote was stuff I’ve had percolating for a long time. The part I’m at now needs a bit more work. So I have a feeling my pace will significantly slow down this upcoming week.

#FitReaders Update

Not going to lie, this week was a shit week. I didn’t work out. I ate Halloween candy every day, drank, and had like 5 cupcakes. *sigh* it was one of those weeks!

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17 Responses to “The Sunday Post | Oh No!”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    Your costume is awesome and your mom ROCKS! πŸ˜€ It seems like your week was a mixed bag. I’ll keep my fingers crossed about a new principal – I was thinking, while reading your post, “well, maybe it’ll be the AP that takes over” but then got to the part where you said it probably wouldn’t be her. :/ I feel like there’s too much good happening at your school for them to bring on someone who’d hurt that. *fingers crossed*
    The drinks certainly look interesting and I’m sure y’all had a fun time “singing”. πŸ˜‰ CONGRATS on your word count! Holy Sh!t!! I thought I was doing well but I can’t hold a candle to you. You go, girl!!
    Here’s to a better week! {{{hugs}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#TravelingtoTerminus New(er) Release Review ~ Mr. Mysterious ~ JA HussMy Profile

  2. La La in the Library

    I loooooveeeeee your costume. Two thumbs up for your mom. That is sad about your principal leaving. I know what it is like to go from a supportive boss to a not so understanding one, so I am sending positive energies for that. I love the “choir practice” title. I should use that for my Friday Night Martini Girls excursions. Ha ha. I do my first drafts and outlines on paper, too. The only downside is I sometimes squish additions in the margines, and when I go back I can’t read what I wrote! Good luck with NaNo, but it sounds like you don’t need it. Have a fantastic week.
    La La in the Library recently posted…THE SUNDAY POST #85My Profile

  3. Lola

    Your costume looks great, although I can imagine it can be challenging to walk around in that the whole day especially with those wings. It must’ve been fun for the kids to see the teacher dressed up as well. having 7 extra kids for a day sounds like a lot, I hope it worked out.

    Sorry to hear you’re principal is quitting, it does sound like the right decision for her, but it probably shakes up the school for a bit. I hope you’ll get a good new principal.

    That’s awesome you’re participating in NaNoWriMo and you got so many words written already in one week, I hope you can reach the goal! Good luck! I hope this week will be a good one!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #203My Profile

  4. Lark

    Oh, what a challenging week, but you have kept your enthusiasm up — and I love your costume! I’ll bet the kids did, too. I’m sorry to hear you’ll be losing your principal. She sounds like a wonderful person, but also like she’s just got too much to cope with right now. I hope that you get a terrific person in her place, who will also set a positive tone and back up their teachers. Sounds like your AP would be a good choice, so fingers crossed.

    Way to go on NaNoWriMo! I said I was going to do it a year or two ago, and failed utterly. I have a real block about making time to write. But you are making terrific progress — congratulations!
    Lark recently posted…Sunday Post – 11/06/16My Profile

  5. Greg

    Wow 7 extra kids. I think I’d go home “sick” lol And sorry to hear about your prinicpal. There’s always so much uncertainty when something like that happens, like how will the new person be? Best of luck on a good transition. Great costume BTW!!

    Lol about choosing your beers by name. That does look like a good flight though… too bad some were disappointing. I like the sound of snake Bite. πŸ™‚ I’m swayed by a good name too, whether it’s a beer or a book.

    Good luck with Nano! 22k at this point is great. And the hoHoHo- yikes I still gotta pick out my books lol.

    Have a super week!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #167My Profile

  6. A Voracious Reader

    Well, that’s a bummer for her, the school and for you. I’ll wing out {{{posivibes}}} that she’ll have an excellent replacement.

    I love your costume even if the wings made it hard to move around. πŸ˜€

    Great job on NaNo and even if the pace slows down you’ll already be in the zone, so keep going!

    I hope this week is less hectic for you with no more frustration or bad news. *fingers crossed* XOXO
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…AVR Weekly News ~ 168th EditionMy Profile

  7. Jen Twimom

    Oh … that is an OH NO! what a bummer. I hope she feels better and can manage her illnesses. And hopefully there will be a smooth transition for you and the teachers.

    Congrats on your writing. That is amazing. I don’t have the brain to be a creative writer, so I find those who can to be amazing. Good luck!

    I hope you have a quieter week this coming week! xo
    Jen Twimom recently posted…Sunday Snippet: Semi-Scripted by Amanda HegerMy Profile

  8. chucklesthescot

    Nice costume! I like seeing the costumes that people make the effort to make instead of just buying ready made things from shops. It’s more fun that way. Waiting for a new boss is nerve wracking but hopefully you’ll get someone decent.
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #154My Profile

  9. Lexxie

    So sorry to hear your principal will be leaving at the end of the semester, Berls! I really hope those who will hire the new principal will think about how the person acts and their tone as much as their experience and academic background!
    Congrats on the name change, even if it caused you a day of trouble when it came to logging in and getting the admin side of things done.
    Two new students in the same week? WOW! I hope you’ll be able to help the little girl with her sounds and her letters! Your job is so important when it comes to figuring out if any of your students are dyslexic!
    Congrats on your NaNo word count! That’s awesome. I handwrite, too. Even for my thesis, I need to handwrite before I can type anything, my brain works better that way.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading! I miss you!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}
    Lexxie recently posted…Bought Bagged and Wrapping it Up #158My Profile

  10. Kathryn Trask

    Ah what a gorgeous fairy. I was never a dresser up, but I most of the staff did and the children loved it. I would hate when no sub was got and a class was split around, it really upsets the class programme for the day. Such a shame for losing your Principal when she is so good even though highly understandable she needs to think of her health. Worrying time though until you know who will take her place.
    Well done with the writing!
    Kathryn Trask recently posted…Archangel’s Heart. Nalini SinghMy Profile

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