A Month of Giving Thanks: To the Book People!

November 17, 2016 Blog Fun 12

A Month of Giving Thanks

Hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading. #30daysofThanks is originally hosted by The Geeky Blogger and with Felicia’s permission, we adopted something similar, and hope you’ll join us!

A couple years ago Michelle and I did this challenge to give thanks on a daily basis, like Felicia does on her blog. I would love to do that again this year, but I know that I can’t pull it off. So, instead I’m doing 4 posts. Each Thursday in November I’ll be giving thanks to a part of my life I particularly appreciate.

A Month of Giving Thanks: To the Book People!

I know “the book people” is an extremely broad label, but I couldn’t think of a more appropriate single label for the miscellaneous, very important, people I want to thank today. There the ones that make it so that the books the authors write and narrators narrate get to me.

So very broadly, I want to thank the Publishers. Thank you for still making books when we live in a world that gradually appreciates them less and less. And for making real books, not just eBooks. It’s so nice to hold books in my hand. I need to thank a few publishers very specifically though, because they actually send ME books. Of course, they are audio book publishers πŸ™‚ Thank you to:

  • Tantor Audio and very specifically a huge thanks to Cassie! She is amazing to work with and doesn’t seem to balk at the list of books I keep picking out. She graciously sends me earlier books in the series if a new book is coming for review and I haven’t read the older one. And she never harasses me about reviews. She knows I’ll get them to her. And I do πŸ™‚ Thanks Cassie!
  • Recorded Books and specifically Rebecca. Rebecca invited me to become a reviewer, sending me 1 book every quarter, as long as I reviewed it within 6 months. Well, I guess I’ve earned their trust now, because I get more than the 1 every quarter now. Yay!

So I’m not on many publishers lists and while it would be cool to get lots more book mail, I’m super appreciative to these two publishers, since audio books are what I devour most!

I also want to thank the libraries. I hold 8 library cards. Yes, 8 different cities. And I use them all frequently. I can’t imagine not having my library cards – they make getting books more affordable and are a great way to try books that I might not otherwise try. I love all libraries and the librarians that make them great. But let me give a shout out to the libraries that I frequent:

  • Dallas Public Library – Thank you for buying the Buffy Graphic Novels for me!
  • Garland Public Library – Thank you for having a great sale on kids books that I used to stock my classroom library!
  • Mesquite Public Library – Thank you for always having the book I can’t seem to find ANYWHERE else!
  • Richardson Public Library – Thank you for the amazing Buns & Roses Event every year, and your literacy center which Buns and Roses supports. I’m so grateful to be able to support something so great!
  • Plano Public Library – Thank you for having a pretty great audio selection!
  • Farmers Branch Public Library – Thank you for having Gilmore Girls before Netflix did πŸ™‚
  • Carrollton Public Library – Thank you for patiently teaching me how to use your scanner thingamabob!
  • Houston Public Library – Thank you for letting me have an account from so far away! You’re awesome!!

I’ve had so many libraries take care of me over the years, these are just the most current. But I truly appreciate the libraries of my childhood, particularly Groton Public Library (of NY), for fostering my love of reading and giving this poor girl from the sticks access to more books than her parents could have ever afforded as a child. And for letting me check out Victoria Holt when you and I both knew I was WAY TOO young πŸ˜‰

I also want to thank Romance Times and Book Expo of America for their 2015 and 2016 conferences, respectively. Without them, I don’t know when I would have met some of the amazing bloggers I’ve now had the privilege of knowing and spending time with in person. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again!

I’m sure I’m missing some group of “Book People” I should be thanking, but just know I’m thankful for everyone who puts books in my hands and brings me together with bloggers!

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12 Responses to “A Month of Giving Thanks: To the Book People!”

    • Berls

      Hahaha right? I know it’s partly because of where I live. Such a metropolis of “little” cities so close together makes getting lots of cards easy.

  1. La La in the Library

    Oh my, Groton, NY! I have lived in the Binghamton area almost my entire life, and I went to high school in Whitney Point. Ha ha. What a small world.☺

    I am thankful for libraries, too. From my childhood, through my son’s childhood, and now. Great post. I really enjoyed it. ☺

    • Berls

      Wow, someone who actually knows where Groton is!!! Most people hear NY and think city, but Groton is the furthest thing from city life lol. Small world!

  2. Melanie Simmons

    Great post. We can’t forget about those at publishers. So many of them have been so nice to me. I haven’t seen many people call them out. I agree that libraries are great. I only have two cards, but one has partners with so many other libraries, it’s like I have 10 or more with more than a total of 30 branches. I’m always asking them to buy me new audiobooks. They generally do it for me. I so appreciate that. Great post.
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Gratitude Giveaway Blog HopMy Profile

  3. Bookworm Brandee

    *Cheers* To the book people! πŸ˜€ This is a great post, Berls. And I, too, am grateful to Cassie at Tantor. She’s amazing and never balks at the number of books I request – which is far greater than the number of reviews I send her way because I acquire the books faster than I can listen! LOL I love my library as well. You know, my love of the library began when I was young – like 4 – because my aunt was the librarian in the town we lived in at the time. We didn’t stay there long but she started something. πŸ˜‰ (and apparently she and mu uncle helped with my love of books because my mom says whenever they visited, I’d grab one of them by the hand and take them to my room to read to me) Hmm, I’m rambling again. Sorry!
    I’m grateful to the book conventions I’ve attended and to all the people it took to put on such events. RT15 was incredible – especially because it brought me to you. (and a few other fabulous bloggers too) I hope we meet again in Atlanta. But if not, you’ll see me next summer anyway when we visit. πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy this Thursday! We’re expecting snow and my fingers are crossed. I’m more than ready! lol {{{BIG HUGS}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…That’s What HE Said #70 ~ Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #51My Profile

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