Does your TBR ever make you sad?

October 20, 2016 Fun Questions 16

Fun Questions LogoJoin me as I ask a Fun Question that’s been on my mind. I’ll give you my take, but I really hope you’ll jump in with your answers too, since I’m really curious to know what my fellow readers and bloggers think! So today’s question is…

Does your TBR ever make you sad?

The other day, while I was reading blog posts and adding even more books to my TBR I suddenly got hit with this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I was looking at my TBR, which is teeming over with books. I’ve segmented my TBR into categories and they aren’t fully up to date (as in I own some books that haven’t made it onto my goodreads shelves). Here’s where I’m at:

  • To read: 187
  • dying-to-read: 152
  • hope-to-read: 156
  • maybe-read: 345
  • need-to-read-for-review: 42
  • owned-but-not-read: 669

I’m 99% sure that no books are on two of those lists, since those shelves are exclusive. Which means there are roughly 1551 titles I want to read. Assuming I never add another book to that list (ha!) and keep reading on average 100 books a year, it will take me 15 years and 6 months to read those books. But let’s face it, I’m going to add a shit ton more books to my list between now and then.

So here’s why it makes me sad. I’m 100% certain that there are some really fantastic books ON MY TBR that I will never read. Ever. And let’s not talk about the book that haven’t made it to my TBR that I will never even see.

I think it made me particularly sad as I saw books that I have literally told myself for the past three years, “I’m going to read that this year” still sitting untouched. I wish I could stop time and just read. I wish I could read faster. I wish I could no ahead of time which books I wasn’t going to like so I wouldn’t waste valuable reading time on them. *sigh* It just makes me sad.

What about you? Does your tbr ever make you sad?

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16 Responses to “Does your TBR ever make you sad?”

  1. Rachana

    Mm yes I definitely have a ton of books on my tbr but weirdly enough, I don’t feel that sad about it…I think it’s mainly because I’ve realized that I read for fun and worrying about books that I must read in the next couple of years or feeling bad because I haven’t gotten around to reading a book takes the fun out of reading! I also don’t actually go through my tbr…most of the time, I track like the top fifty or seventy books releasing this year and then when I buy them or receive them for review or borrow them from the library, I cross it off a list. So I suppose I don’t even know exactly how many books are on my “real” tbr haha.
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  2. Lola

    Yes my TBR definitely makes me sad, especially when realizing how many books i still want to read. And yes the knowledge that you never will read all the books you have to is a very sad realization. I have the same when I walk past my physical shelves and see all the unread books. I sometimes wish I could read faster so I could get more books read. And those books you keep saying you really want to read and they stay on your shelves, i feel really bad about those. or those review copies I do plan to read and got them years ago and I still haven’t read. I still plan to read them, but who knows when.
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  3. Jen Twimom

    I used to feel STRESSED rather than sad. I was stressed out by the number of books and that I hadn’t gotten to them, then I’d buy more… and, well, you know. Now I keep a list on my phone of the top 10 in my TBR that I want to read. It’s in order of THIS ONE NEXT to least likely to get to. I don’t get to them all, but I’ll get to one now and then. If I buy a new book, I add it to the list where I want it to fit, and remove one that I know I am least likely to read. That way my list feels more manageable. I’ve given myself permission to covet my collection as a collection rather than a task that has to be completed, and I have more mental and emotional peace that way.
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  4. Michelle @ Because Reading

    Not sure if I am sad about it or just disappointed that I will never get to those awesome books.
    Just have to take it one book at a time and when I am old enough I can be proud of all the awesome books I did read. This is why I never spend time on books that just aren’t working for me. I need to get to those books that I love the most. I have a lot also. Which is why I think we came up with two pretty good challenges to help with that 😉
    Michelle recently posted…Frankenstein with Katrina @BookishThings ~ Monster and Book Guest PostMy Profile

  5. Katherine

    I don’t know if it makes me sad but I do know right now I’m feeling really overwhelmed with everything I have to read between actual physical books that I own and want to read, review books that I need to read and all the books I see in the library that I really want to read. I’m heading towards feeling a bit suffocated and am not quite sure how to fix that. Great post! I’m glad to know I’m not alone in staring at those numbers and trying to figure out how all the reading is going to get done!
    Katherine recently posted…Honor Bound – Blog Tour Contemporary Romance Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  6. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Yes. This EXACTLY!!! I’ve tried to be picky over what I add to my pile over the years, and it hasn’t worked as there are TOO many books I think I will LOVE! There are too many review books that are offered that I know I will love! And hence the cycle never ends! I keep trying to be picky with review books but when I get offered that one from my BUY IT NOW list, I can’t help but say yes! And the real problem is that I can’t help but buy books as they release because I want to help already favorite authors out with their sales, as I’ve learned first week sales are VERY important! I want to have that first edition copy from a beloved author. And also there’s the fact that I want to own the book in its current format–usually hardcover–because I enjoy the cover and god only knows if the publishers will change it with a flick of their let’s-drive-readers-insane wand before the paperback releases. So hence my need to buy the books as they release. And let’s ignore but also acknowledge the fact that I am running out of room for all my books. I prefer physical books so yeah, those take up a LOT of room. And when you add in my OCD need to not “shelve” a book until its read, I’m left with a LOT of piles plus a full to the brim trunk in my bedroom filled with unread books.

    Will I be able to stop this addiction? Uh…maybe? Lol. I’ve told myself next year, only buy those “auto buy authors” books and not the ALL the rest UNLESS I am completely and totally up to date in said series. Because I’ve fallen behind in series, I just keep buying the next book in case I feel a binge read coming on.

    That’s my theoretical goal anyway. I legit see myself breaking this before June. If I even last through January! It’s an addiction, I swear. We need a book buyers anonymous club. We’ll call it BBA and we’ll support each other. Though I totally see us conniving our way through it and buying each other “THAT” book we said we wouldn’t buy for ourselves for one another as gifts. Like I’d buy Hunted for person A and person A would buy me the next Charley Davidson book, because I am so behind in that series! Because accepting gifts of books you said you wouldn’t buy for yourself is totally acceptable! As it’s rude to turn down a thoughtful gift! LOL!
    Jessica recently posted…Random ThursdayMy Profile

  7. Lexxie

    Oh yeah, Berls! I definitely have the same kind of problem. I have actually come to a point where I’m kind of afraid I’ll die before I have time to read all my books. That would suck so bad! (and I’m totally only partly joking!)
    I have 1368 books on my TBR shelf, and on that shelf (on GR) I only have books I own, or have on pre-order, or that are from auto-buy authors. So I totally feel your pain! I don’t think I have any books on my physical shelves that haven’t been added to my Goodreads shelves, but I’m not 100% sure, either.
    I don’t know why I even bother visiting Netgalley and Edelweiss anymore! I would be perfectly happy to just read the books I own, and find new books that I buy, you know?
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  8. Bookworm Brandee

    LOL Yes, a time turner…that’s exactly what we need! I was just talking about my TBR with Sky and my MIL…I was telling them there was a calculation thingy on facebook that said I’d be like 67 before I read all that’s on my TBR and that’s IF I didn’t add anything else. Which, of course, is ridiculous because we all *know* I’m going to add more. I need to break up my TBR like yours – and spend some time removing books that I’m probably not going to read and haven’t purchased yet. I have something like 4000 books on my tbr on GR. But again, that takes time…time I’d rather be reading! 😉
    Happy Thursday! {{{hugs}}}
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  9. Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

    You brave, brave woman! I don’t have the courage to even do a diagnostic because I know there are books on my massive TBR shelf that I’d get depressed about not being able to read. I’m in serious denial, need to manage the shelf (I’ve not done so since I started it six years ago) and am too chicken-hearted to start.

    I have over 4,000 on that shelf. It includes kindle freebies that I indiscriminately added whe I first got an eReader, books in series I no longer want to read but own and some gems that I’ve long forgotten. One day…
    Jonetta (Ejaygirl) recently posted…Blog Tour: Curse on the Land by Faith HunterMy Profile

    • Berls

      No worries, I forget to explain lingo sometimes. TBR means “to be read” – it’s a list of books you plan to read.

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