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October 30, 2016 Sunday Post 7

Sunday Post

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News at Home:An Emotional Week

This week had lots of highs and lows for me. Some of you may remember that I had a very close friend pass away suddenly last December,  leaving behind  an 8 month daughter (now 1) and 5 year old son (now 6). Well Wednesday should have been her 32nd birthday.  I miss her all the time,  but Wednesday it was so pronounced.  I didn’t sleep well,  as if my body knew I was supposed to send her that birthday text (I was ALWAYS the first one to roll her happy birthday because I sent a  text at midnight).  I just missed her all day.  

And it was like the universe conspired to make Wednesday very confusing, emotionally, for me.  I got two items in the mail that I was so excited to FINALLY receive but that would have made Stephanie so happy.  Not being able to share with her definitely stripped some of the joy.  

I received my Masters degree on Wednesday,  after for longest battle in history for a Masters (we should name the battle it was so long).  Stephanie was one of the people who insisted I not give up the fight to get what I’d earned.  She would have need through the moon.  
I also received my new social security card with my married name on Wednesday .  Again,  Stephanie wanted me and Kiko to get married so badly.  I never thought we’d do it (I mean after 11 years why would we,  right?) .  She would have need so happy.  She also would have a checklist ready for me of all the places I need to change my name now.  I could have complained about what a colossal pain in the ass this is . We would have had a great laugh.  

As much as I missed her this week,  it was still a good week.  We had our fall festival Friday after school -which meant I was at work from 7:30-8:30. I was unhappy about that until the festival got started. Gah! I LOVE my school.  This event ended up being so much fun to work and watch the families having a good time with their kids,  who came on costumes and played games.  Nothing like this happened at my old school. I’m so lucky 🙂 

My week ended with a Halloween party last night at Frank’s mom’s house.  I wore my fairy costume that my mom made and I’ll be wearing to school tomorrow.  I don’t have a picture yet, but it’s fairy (hehe ) awesome.  My mom also made Buffy a costume from my scraps.  Isn’t she cute ? 

She actually is comfortable in it and I had to take a toy away to get this picture . Hence the look 🙂 

Blog News

Well blog Ahead ends tomorrow and I’m ten posts ahead.  Not my goal of a whole month,  but it’s something. I do plan to blog a lot today,  so who knows.  I might pull it off yet. 

#FitReaders Update

I had an okay week,  food wise.  I did a little more drinking and chocolate eating than normal -I think that was the emotions of the week getting me.  And last night I ate like crap at the party.  It was a party after all! 

Gym was a no-go. I had a man meetings after work this week . I’m sure that didn’t help my emotional state at all. Looking forward to getting back next week. 

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7 Responses to “Sunday Post |Emotional Week”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    I know you miss your friend, Berls, but I also believe she was celebrating with you this week even if her presence was a physical one. I am happy you had a good time at school – a great way to end an emotional rollercoaster of a week. And I can’t wait to see your costume. Buffy’s is awesome! 🙂
    I’m sending you HUGE {{{HUGS}}}. Here’s to a great week! (that’s half over, I know. I lost two days with marching band. But they placed 3rd in State! Woohoo!)
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#TravelingtoTerminus New(er) Release Review ~ With Ties That Bind: Book Two ~ Trisha WolfeMy Profile

  2. Katherine

    So sorry about your emotional week but what a wonderful friend and while I know it’s hard I can’t think of a better way to be remembered than how you’re remembering her.
    Your fairy costume sounds great and Buffy’s is so cute! I love that shimmery blue fabric. It’s hard to stick to really good eating around Halloween with all the bite size treats and other yummies everywhere you turn. Have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…A Red Herring Without the Mustard + Graveland – Mystery Review + DNFMy Profile

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