Is it too late to comment?

July 23, 2016 Fun Questions 12

Fun Questions LogoJoin me as I ask a Fun Question that’s been on my mind. I’ll give you my take, but I really hope you’ll jump in with your answers too, since I’m really curious to know what my fellow readers and bloggers think! So today’s question is…

Is it too late to comment?

This question occurred to me this morning as I was working through a few posts on my feedly account. As most of you are very aware, I’m not too impressive as a blogger these days. I don’t post regularly and I’m bad at commenting on other blogs – nevermind replying to comments on my blog (I read them all though!!). BUT I have recently worked out a system that is helping me not suck quite so bad. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I hope it sticks.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs via feedly. If I notice someone visiting my blog frequently that isn’t on my feedly list, I add them. Because I like to visit back as much as possible. The reality though is that results in too many posts for me to possibly read. So each morning (or most mornings) I log in feedly and scroll through the new posts. If I want to read the post, I add it to my saved for later file. This could be because it’s an author I like, a title or cover that caught my interest. Sometimes the post title catches me, maybe I’m just aware that I haven’t visited that blogger in a while. Point is I save it for later, I don’t read it then.

Next I go to the saved folder and look for my oldest posts. This is where my question comes in… At what point has it been too long and I should just move on? I’ve been working with a week – 7 days in my head for some reason. I mean, at some point I have to move on or I’ll just get further and further behind. Some weeks I do better than others. This morning I had a few that were 9 days old and I REALLY was interested in them, so I read and commented or tweeted anyway. But generally, the posts that are more than 7 days old I just remove from the save folder and move on.

So at what point do you say, I just have to move forward? And as the recipient of my comments on say day 9, does it bug you? I know it doesn’t bug me to get comments late – though too late and I tend to expect it to be a spammer.

Obviously this post is more for those that aren’t amazing at keeping up. But for those that never fall behind, feel free to tell me how in the world you do that too lol!!!

What do you think? Is it ever too late to comment?

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12 Responses to “Is it too late to comment?”

  1. Jen Twimom

    Hahaha. This post totally made me smile. I too use Feedly and try to check my marked posts as often as I can – I TRY for 2x per week, but sometimes it ends up being less than once per week. But I’ll comment on something, usually no later than about 10 days. Unless it’s something I have a strong opinion on.

    On the other side, as a blogger, I don’t mind comments on my blog post that are “old” b/c it means the post is still relevant and reaching others. As long as the comment is meaningful and not a spam, I’m happy to reply to long “overdue” comments.
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  2. Lola

    That sounds like a good system for visiting blogs and saving the posts you want to read and comment on for later.
    I don’t mind if people comment on older posts, it usually makes me happy to see those older posts get some attention still too. I feel that with blogging we’re so often focused on the newer posts that the older ones don’t really get seen anymore. It’s mostly my recipe posts that sometimes get a new comment later as I link to those frequently. So short answer I don’t mind getting comments late. I just appreciate someone actually has taken the time to stop by and leave a comment.

    On the other hand I always feel a bit awkward if I comment on someone else their old post, not sure why. Maybe because old posts don’t always reflect someone their current thoughts anymore? But now I am talking about months or year old posts. I sometimes see people share links on twitter to old posts and I even commented on one once and only realize dit was an old post when the blogger responded.

    I think everything from 7 days to maybe two or three weeks is still new enough that I wouldn’t feel weird commenting on it. But for a system like yours I do think it probably works best to set a line somewhere so you can remove everything you still have left at that point, so you don’t fall behind too much.
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  3. Cee Arr

    If I have something to say, I comment. If I don’t, I don’t! Simple system, but one that works as far as I’m concerned. I’ve just come to expect that comments I leave late may not get a reply – and that’s fine by me!

  4. Nya

    Absolutely it is never too late to comment, in my opinion. Of course fresh content is always better, but even your older posts could be searchable by other users when seeking some kind of information. So knowing that we can provide value to other people even weeks after the content has been posted it’s pretty amazing in my opinion. Plus, it’s always more relevant to me when people actually comment on posts they are interested in. I prefer that rather than they just comment on the most recent post 🙂 Means they had actually browsed my website.

  5. Rachana

    I am really bad at keeping up too haha. I always have a multitude of reasons on hand but in the end, there’s so much content *everywhere,* it’s just really hard to constantly find the energy to read & comment & keep track of everything. However, whether it’s too *late* to comment..I definitely think not. A lot of posts (including this one) aren’t time sensitive. It doesn’t depend when we’re reading them, the message is still the same. That means it shouldn’t matter when someone is dropping by and contributing their own thoughts on the matter. I also think it’s really cool that someone would remember to visit *and* comment on a post that’s “”old”” because it shows they really do love that blog and are interested in what the blogger has to say.
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  6. Katherine

    I don’t tend to comment if it’s been later than a week though I feel really bad about deleting posts unread if it’s a blogger friend. Is it possible to not be behind? If so I don’t think I’ve ever known what that feels like! I just try and do what I can each day and not worry too much.
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