Is Perfectionism Killing Your Blog?

March 21, 2016 Fun Questions 16

Fun Questions LogoJoin me as I ask a Fun Question that’s been on my mind. I’ll give you my take, but I really hope you’ll jump in with your answers too, since I’m really curious to know what my fellow readers and bloggers think! So today’s question is…

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Blog?

I ask this question because perfectionism is totally killing my blog. My desire to put out perfect reviews, perfectly scheduled posts, with great graphics, and voting are killing me. I don’t have time to live up to my perfectionist standards and the result is that I’m just not posting. And no posts? That equals no blog. Perfectionism is killing my blog!

Being a perfectionist has been that quality that I’ve used in interviews for years as that good/bad quality. You know, the one to use for that question – “What’s your worst quality?” Because no one wants you to say something really truly bad. They want a fault that has advantages. Well perfectionism is honestly that for me. Sure, I tend to produce a better “product.” But I get exhausted faster than my co-workers because they go home earlier than I do, get to work later than I do. They work less than I do, still do decent work and at the end of the day, you want someone who isn’t going to burn out. I burn out.

I have ALWAYS burnt out. My dad always used to tell me I had to learn balance. Well I understand the concept of it perfectly. I just don’t achieve it well. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. And a lot of that comes from being a perfectionist.

What has that looked like on my blog? Well.. remember that Book of the Year series I was doing? My desire to do it PERFECTLY has led to it being MARCH and I’m still not done with it. You know how many reviews I’ve published this year? Three!!! My desire to not post until I can reply to comments perfectly and visit other blogs perfectly has crippled my blogging. I’m posting like 5 posts a month right now!

So I’m venting here – my frustrations at myself. Why do I do this? I know y’all don’t care if I’m perfect. It’s not like I expect you to be! So why? *sigh* It’s just what I do… but I shall try to stop. I’m really really hoping to come back to the blog as reformed perfectionist starting now. I’ve been trying to reform this part of myself forever though… so cross your fingers for me, I’ll need it!

Do you do this? Is Perfectionism killing your blog?

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16 Responses to “Is Perfectionism Killing Your Blog?”

  1. Kat Morrisey

    Perfectionism isn’t killing my blog, I don’t think. But my need for perfectionism in my work nearly killed, well me, about 2 years ago. I ignored how sick I was getting because I had to do “all the things perfectly” at work and be the best lawyer, teacher, sister, daughter, etc…You get the idea.I didn’t have time to go to the hospital. I had work to do and that work had to be perfect, gosh darn it!!

    That didn’t work out too well for me, though I did learn A LOT from the experience. Like…not to strive for perfection in anything. Being a hard worker, that I do. Being someone who strives to do things well. I do that, too. But I know now I can’t do everything, nor can I do everything perfectly. I also can’t be everything to everyone. I’ve finally found balance, though sometimes I do slip into old habits. (I smack myself in the forehead when I do, LOL. As a sort of gentle reminder. :D)

    You don’t have to do anything “perfect”. In fact, I hate that word, because there is no such things, in my opinion, as “perfect”. You have a great blog. You do great work and from what you say you’re a hard worker. Do the best you can but try to remember that a balanced life is way better (and usually lasts longer) than an attempt at a perfect life!
    Kat Morrisey recently posted…The Sunday Post No. 11My Profile

  2. Lola

    I just typed up a whole comment and it didn’t post :(. Just like you I’ve used perfectionism as my good/ bad quality in interviews, same with planning/ organizing. I can get so set and determined on my schedule and plan for the day that it can make me less flexible, but it also makes sure I can get everything done that I want in a day.

    I am sorry to hear how your perfectionism is killing your blog. Maybe you can focus on writing less books that are great? Or try and let go go a bit? I know it’s difficult, but we are always the strictest on ourselves, like you mentioned you wouldn’t mind if another blogger doesn’t reply to comments or post less, but if you do it you do mind. I also do that, but sometimes it helps to evaluate what you think of others and realize others think that way about you and don’t mind if you don’t reply to comments?

    My solution to not letting perfectionism kill my blog is staying ahead, if I am not ahead I stress and it kills my productivity and creativity. But if I stay ahead I can handle things and manage to stay head usually.

    Good luck with your blog and balancing everything and I hope you can find a way to handle things!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #171My Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Lola 🙂 I’m hoping I can do just that – begin to hold myself to the standard I hold everyone else to, because blogging has begun to feel like work and that’s the worst! I don’t want it to be stress, I want it to be fun. I think if I could get ahead that would really help. Right now the best I’ve been able to do is planning the week ahead. But maybe this summer I’ll be able to build a buffer so that when school starts back up in August I’ll be able to maintain better. Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    Let it go, let it go… LOL I’ve had to back off a lot this year because of school and I’ve not missed it. I’ve cut back now review posts like TBR. We don’t need them every week. It’s hard to come up with that many topics and give a crap enough to write good posts.

  4. Bookworm Brandee

    This is something (else) we have in common, Berls. I totally use perfectionism as my strength/weakness in interviews. And I totally let it creep in and ruin things for me. Balance is hard…it’s something I strive to find daily. And like you, I get it in theory. But living it is something else entirely. I have no answers for you but know I commiserate with you. We can chat about it over drinks in Chicago, deal?!? 😀 But don’t let it ruin blogging for you. Your presence is one I’d (we all) miss…we don’t expect perfection of you. We just enjoy Berls! {{{hugs}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Books & Crafts #2 ~ #BookBlogger #CraftCircleMy Profile

  5. Stephanie Once Upon a Chapter

    You are speaking my language! I do this exact same thing! I think of all the reasons I should be doing thing a, b, or c or how I’m not doing post d, e, and f and should be. I have a lot of great ideas and plans but my execution usually ends up going down in flames.

    This year I have tried really hard to let go and not worry about having months and months of posts ready to go at any given time. I think I want to start blogging in real time instead of sticking to a schedule or plan. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) Scheduling seems to be dong more harm than help so I’ll see how this works.

    Excellent topic and I hope you can work through it! I know your frustration.
    Stephanie Once Upon a Chapter recently posted…The Grownup by Gillian Flynn *Stephanie’s Mini-Review*My Profile

  6. Katherine

    It isn’t killing mine but I do feel like it’s keeping me from branching out more because what if I write a discussion post and it isn’t perfect? I have a few ideas and my anxiety is keeping me from just doing it. It is hard to stop expecting perfection and just get to the place where you can enjoy it but I hope you do soon!
    Katherine recently posted…A Clue in the Stew – Blog Tour Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Felicia The Geeky Blogger

    Been there and did that and almost quit. Seriously there were times in 2013 when I almost shut everything down. There are still times I struggle when I mark bloglovin all read without reading a post (aka today for the last 4 days). You just have to tell yourself it will be OK!

  8. Terri M.

    It’s not killing my blog, but it is stunting me from moving forward. I’ve had this great idea to do more How To (Behind the Curtain) posts since last year. Seems like my fan base is always asking for them, but I keep putting them off because I want them to be perfect and useful, something I would do or currently do. And yesterday, when I realized that being sick for the last half of last year had stunted my reading and I was going to run out of reviews, I wrote one shorter how to and started another longer one.

    Good luck figuring out balance, BTW. As a perfectionist myself, I have yet to figure it out. I want it to be the perfect balance. 🙂
    Terri M. recently posted…Scenic Sundays | My Amazing Linn Area Reads ExperienceMy Profile

  9. Melanie Simmons

    I tend to be a perfectionist at times too, especially at work. I have a hard time tell people “no”. If someone asks me to help them, I pretty much always say “sure”. This will get be buried in work. My biggest weakness is that I don’t like to give up. I will keep looking and looking for a solution which can be a time drain. I’m a self taught person on most of my job, so I just keep looking and looking. Sometimes it will take days.

    The only advice I can give you with the blog is to remember that this is a hobby. It is supposed to be fun. Try not to make it more work to the point where it isn’t fun any more. I know that it is easier said than done. Good luck and know that I still love you and enjoy what you can do, however often that may be. 🙂
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Graphic Novel Review: Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos (@mlsimmons) #JessicaJonesMy Profile

  10. Lexxie

    *BIG HUGS* I used to be that way, too, Berls, and then, little by little, I was able to let the perfection slide, and it’s SO liberating! I hope you’ll be able to make little things matter, so that maybe you have one thing in your post that you’re completely (and PERFECTLY) happy with can suffice for you to post.
    I try to have one post every day, but I’m never able to get back to people every single day, so I do my commenting and visiting in batches. I still go to visit every single person who visits me, and maybe I’ll comment on two posts instead of just one 😉
    Good luck, my dear, I’m sure you can find a way to make it work in a way where you will be happy, and where you can post a little bit more often.
    Lexxie recently posted…Review: Just Fall – Nina SadowskyMy Profile

  11. Sharon

    I have a similar problem at times but I’m mostly I have trouble balancing life, family, work and blogging. Unfortunately my blog is the one to suffer and only gets looked at when I have spare time now.

  12. kimbacaffeinate

    This eases with age and juggling work, life and blogging stretch us all thin making it hard to achieve our own personal bar. Perhaps focusing on one or two post, setting a word limit etc might help.

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