Gotta Love Shelby in Paris! Devious Minds #Review

March 25, 2016 Reviews 4

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Gotta Love Shelby in Paris! Devious Minds #ReviewDevious Minds by Colleen Helme
Narrator: Wendy Tremont King
Series: Shelby Nichols #8
Published by Independent on January 29, 2016
Genres: Cozy, Paranormal, Contemporary
Pages: 306
Length: 9 hours 6 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Author

It’s been almost a year since a near-fatal gunshot wound left Shelby Nichols with the ability to read minds. In that time she’s faced one problem after another. She’s been shot at, framed for murder, and targeted by a serial killer, just to name a few. Now she’s trying to help her lawyer husband win a murder trial that will enable him to become a partner in his law firm. Sounds easy, right? But nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to Shelby Nichols.

When special agent, Blake Beauchaine, shows up to collect a debt from Shelby, things get even more complicated, and Shelby is soon on her way to Paris. A routine meeting with a rogue agent reveals a sinister plot, putting Shelby into the cross-hairs of a known terrorist. Even worse, she doesn’t speak French, so it seems her mind-reading abilities won’t help her this time.

Things go from bad to downright dangerous for Shelby, especially since her usual guardians, Uncle Joey, and his hit-man, Ramos, are back in the states. Lost and on her own in the streets of Paris, can Shelby escape the cold-blooded killer in time to stop his devious plans, or will this be the end of the line for Shelby Nichols?

When Colleen contacted me, letting me know that there was another Shelby book coming to read I was so excited. And Shelby in Paris! What could be better?! Not much, it turns out. Devious Minds was easily one of my favorite Shelby adventures.

What Worked

  • Shelby is of course the main reason I love these books! I wouldn’t enjoy spending so much time in some people’s mind – but Shelby is just great. She’s so honest with herself that she’s hilarious. And she does find a way to get herself into all kinds of trouble. Paris was no exception. She may have gotten herself in deeper here than she has in a while!
  • Ramos! I got nervous that this book wasn’t going to have Ramos in it, but thankful Colleen found a way to mix him in. And even though I’m not a fan of the way Shelby and Ramos skate so close to THAT line, I do love him and a book without him would be a bummer. I probably even like their flirtation more than I want to admit…
  • Paris!!! Duh, right? But Paris through Shelby’s eyes is a whole different adventure. For one, she’s seeing some things that you’d expect to see as a tourist, but she’s seeing them after being chased by terrorists and in bullet torn clothes. It’s a different vantage point. And the challenge of foreign language is always great with Shelby’s mind reading abilities. It’s a real challenge that really helps Shelby step in it that much more!
  • The plot was, as always, great. It wasn’t so much a mystery to solve as much as a spy adventure this time, but as always it was faced paced and I was always guessing.
  • As usual, I enjoyed Wendy Tremont King’s Narration. She IS Shelby at this point and I don’t care if she messes up accents. Which I’m thinking she probably did for the French. Not being an expert I can’t say for sure, but it didn’t quite sound right to me. But it didn’t bother me at all either 🙂

What Didn’t Work

  • As much as I liked being in Paris, I missed Uncle Joey, Billy, Dimples, Chris, etc. I saw a bit of them at the beginning but I would have liked more. Is this a fair complaint? No. You can’t have your cake and eat it too… or so I’ve been told.
  • I just wish Ramos and Shelby wouldn’t push the flirting line quite so far. I get more and more worried they’re going to have an affair with every book. And that would stink. I like that Shelby is in a happy relationship. But I do love Ramos!

All in all, a great read and I can’t wait for more adventures with Shelby! If you haven’t picked up these cozy mysteries, you really must!

4.5 stars I loved it
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Colleen Helme

A long career as a wife and mother while juggling several part-time jobs gave Colleen the ambition to dream of being a published writer, where she could put her imagination to good use. Now instead of making up stories to tell her children, she writes books that they love to read. Hopefully you will too. She is the author of three romantic fantasy novels, Songbird, Flame of Destiny and The Relic. Her Shelby Nichols Adventures include Carrots, Fast Money, Lie or Die, Secrets That Kill, Trapped by Revenge, with more to come.


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  1. Bookworm Brandee

    I have to, have to make time for this series, Berls! I know I have the first book thanks to you twisting my arm. 😉 But I’m going to have to dig it up! Devious Minds sounds fantastic and I love that one of your complaints is missing secondary characters! Maybe after I read the first book, I might switch to audio. Sometimes I finish my audio books faster! *ha*
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