2015 Book of the Year Initial Eliminations

February 8, 2016 Blog Fun 1

As coincidence would have it, just after I posted my bracket Erratic Project Junkie resurfaced with her annual book of the year. And then had a fantastic schedule that I could in no way hope to keep up with. Heck I couldn’t even keep my own schedule! But I do want to make sure to give credit where credit is due – head over to her blog to see the real bracket challenge. I’m following her lead, just at my own pace.

Since utterly failed to keep the last schedule I’m not going to give you a full schedule. But I hope to have Sweet Sixteen for you this upcoming Friday.

2015 Book of the Year Initial Eliminations

I’ll show you the contenders, what you voted for and my decision. It’s interesting where we did and didn’t agree πŸ™‚

Spot #1

Raven boys vs Lady Isabella

You voted: The Raven Boys
Spot #1 Goes To… Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

I think Raven Boys is a pretty popular series, but the narration didn’t do it for me. Plus, I’m pretty invested in the McKenzie’s πŸ™‚

Spot #2

Ugly Love vs. Cutlass
You voted: Cutlass
Spot #2 Goes To… Ugly Love

I was pretty surprised that y’all voted Cutlass, considering how popular Colleen Hoover is. Ugly Love hit me pretty hard emotionally, which of course means I loved it. Loved both books, but the one that put me in tears will usually win πŸ™‚

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #1

Ugly vs Isabella

Spot #3

red rain vs NPH
You voted: Neil Patrick Harris
Spot #3 Goes To… Red Rain

I’m not surprised that y’all didn’t vote with me here – I haven’t sung RS Black’s praises in a while – mainly because this was the last book in the series that made me fall for her. But this book was EPIC so yeah, it wins and will likely be around for a while (hint, hint)

Spot #4

Graves End vs Voyager
You voted: At Grave’s End
Spot #4 Goes To… At Grave’s End

Here we agree finally! I really want to give this series more attention this year.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #2

red rain vs graves end

Spot #5

Even WTZ get the blues vs alienated
You voted: Alienated
Spot #5 Goes To… Alienated

Again, we agree! I just loved Alienated and even though I love WTZ there’s more chances for Angel on the bracket πŸ™‚

Spot #6

pride mates vs lord of scoundrels
You voted: Lord of Scoundrels
Spot #6 Goes To… Lord of Soundrels

We’re on a streak! This book was just so hilarious. May be my favorite Historical read of 2015. Not to drop hints or anything.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #3

Lord of scoundrels vs alienated

Spot #7

craved by an alpha vs cursed by fire
You voted: Craved by an Alpha
Spot #7 Goes To… Cursed by Fire

Had the Felicity Heaton book been one of the earlier ones in the series, this would have been a more challenging matchup. But I’m not loving the later books like the earlier ones. Plus, I really REALLY enjoyed Danielle’s Cursed by Fire (and the sequel). I can’t wait to see where the series goes!

Spot #8

Tangled Threads vs Spiders revnge
You voted: Tangled Threads
Spot #8 Goes To… Spider’s Revenge

How do you vote when the books are from the same series? It’s so damn hard! Honestly this was a toss up, but Spider’s Revenge was the one I literally could not put down, so it wins by a hair.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #4

cursed by fire vs spiders revenge

Spot #9

queen of tomorrow vs fairest
You voted: Fairest
Spot #9 Goes To… Queen of Tomorrow

Okay, yes. I absolutley love the Lunar Chronicles and Fairest was FANTASTIC. But if you’ve seen me rave about Sherry D. Ficklin’s series this isn’t a surprise for you. I fell hard for these books. I own them in digital and signed collector’s editions…

Spot #10

study in silks vs silver bullet
You voted: Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Spot #10 Goes To… Kitty and the Silver Bullet

After my major Kitty binge this summer, this one probably isn’t a surprise, right?

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #5

Queen of tomorrrow vs silver bullet

Spot #11

blood cross vs rhythm and bluegrass
You voted: Rhythmm and Bluegrass
Spot #11 Goes To… Rhythmn and Bluegrass

What can I say? I just have a major weakspot for the Molly Harper – Amanda Ronconi matchup. They’re always so fun!

Spot #12

Block vs wolf ranch
You voted: Tie!!!
Spot #12 Goes To… Block

I’ve become a Hussie – not to mention that Block was one of the books that rescued me from my book slump last year!

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #6

Block vs bluegrass

Spot #13

earls just want to have fun vs stray
You voted:Stray
Spot #13 Goes To…Stray

Man I seriously enjoyed Stray and I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t ever continue reading the series! I even have book 2 and 3!

Spot #14

profile vs insurgent
You voted: Profile
Spot #14 Goes To… Profile

Like I said, I’ve become a Hussie. Plus, I wasn’t that impressed with Insurgent. Good, not great.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #7

Profile vs stray

Spot #15

heir vs providence unveiled
You voted: The Heir
Spot #15 Goes To… The Heir

Yep! You know how much I love this series, right?! I was a sucker for the covers and then the books really sucked me in!

Spot #16

revive vs crossing danger
You voted: Crossing Danger
Spot #16 Goes To… Revive

I completely understand why y’all voted for Shelby – I do love Shelby. But I LOVED Revive, so much. So much that I broke my rule and read the sneak peak. Which reminds me… I need to see if book 2 is out yet…

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #8

Heir vs Revive

Spot #17

gerards beauty vs big trouble
You voted: Kitty’s Big Trouble
Spot #17 Goes To… Kitty’s Big Trouble

Again… I went through a MAJOR Kitty Binge this summer. Because it was too good to put down!

Spot #18

Kitty Goes to War vs Kitty raises Hell
You voted:Tie!!
Spot #18 Goes To…Ummm… Kitty Raises Hell?

Yeah I understand the tie, I really feel like my choice is arbitrary honestly.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #9

Big Trouble vs Raises Hell

Spot #19

Kitty's house of horrors  vs Kitty rocks the house
You voted: Kitty Rocks the House
Spot #19 Goes To… Kitty’s House of Horrors

Unlike most votes between two books from 1 series, this one was very easy. House of Horrors was easily one of my favorite books in the series.

Spot #20

kitty saves the world vs tragic
You voted: Tie again!!
Spot #20 Goes To…Kitty Saves the World

The last book in a favorite series… yeah, I can’t let it out of the bracket this early!

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #10

House of Horrors vs Saves the World

Spot #21

the Unleashing vs A Discovery of Witches
You voted: A Discovery of Witches
Spot #21 Goes To… A Discovery of Witches

Again I find myself wondering why I haven’t read book 2 in a series that I really enjoyed so much!! I think this one could be because the books are so long… but also so good!

Spot #22

ink  and bone vs the dukes perfect wife
You voted: Ink and Bone
Spot #22 Goes To… Ink and Bone

Yep, we agree again! If you’ve read Ink and Bone you know it’s a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to read more. An easy win!

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #11

InkandBone vs DiscoveryofWitches

Spot #23

art of sinning vs smoke and bone
You voted: The Art of Sinning
Spot #23 Goes To… The Art of Sinning

This was my first Sabrina Jefferies read and it was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

Spot #24

veil vs foreplay
You voted: The Veil
Spot #24 Goes To… The Veil

Another great series coming from Chloe Neill! I really love how this one kicked off and can’t wait to see more! (I know, the I can’t wait to see more is a recurring theme, but I mean it!)

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #12

The Veil vs The art of sinning

Spot #25

Queen of always vs acotar
You voted: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Spot #25 Goes To… Queen of Always

Like I said earlier, this trilogy sucked me in and I love it so much. This was the last book in the trilogy and really fantastic, despite how much I loved ACOTAR!

Spot #26

Dark Heart of Magic vs When a Scot Ties a Knot
You voted: Another Tie!
Spot #26 Goes To… When a Scot Ties the Knot

Gotta love Jennifer Estep and yet… When a Scot Ties the Knot was my introduction to Tessa Dare and it was just too fun. A really hard decision (I’ve actually changed my mind twice now) but now I’m going with Tessa Dare.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #13

Queen of always vs When a Scot Ties a Knot

Spot #27

Manic vs rapture in death
You voted: Another Tie!!
Spot #27 Goes To… Rapture in Death by J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb sucked me in this winter and, though I’m on a break from it for a little bit, In Death is a fantastic series and not much can beat it…

Spot #28

vengeance vs holiday
You voted: Vengeance in Death
Spot #28 Goes To… Vengeance in Death

Yeah, we totally agreed on this one. Both were fantastic, but Vengeance in Death was brutally fantastic.

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #14

Rapture vs Vengeance

Spot #29

nov9 vs conspiracy in death
You voted: November 9
Spot #29 Goes To… November 9

I know I said that not much could beat In Death, but November 9 was really fantastic. Not to mention that In Death already has a pretty good standing on the bracket, so why not let one go to another amazing Hoover read?

Spot #30

black ship vs wtz apocalypse
You voted: White Trash Zombie Apocalypse
Spot #30 Goes To… The Black Ship

I absolutely loved both books… BUT Diana Pharaoh Francis is one of those authors that always leaves an incredible impression. So, yeah The Black Ship for the win!

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #15

black ship vs nov9

Spot #31

how the wtz got her groove back vs wtz gone wild
You voted: How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back
Spot #31 Goes To… How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back

That’s a hard choice, same series, same great characters. Honestly a toss up, but the mood of WTZ Gone Wild was a bit more on the depressing side, so that’s how I picked.

Spot #32

july vs destined for an early grave
You voted: Destined for an Early Grave
Spot #32 Goes To… Destined for an Early Grave

That’s two for Cat and Bones this round! Guess I need to spend some time with that series this year, huh?

Now vote on Sweet 16, Spot #16

wtz groove back vs early grave

The Bracket

2015 Initial Eliminations

How’d you do? Any major surprises? Predictions for the next round?

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  1. Bookworm Brandee

    There were some difficult choices here, Berls. I’m glad it’s really you choosing and not me! *ha* The one book I’m most happy about…and this is saying something, you know…I’m so, so happy you loved Stray! I freaking love that book and the whole series. (a series I’ve actually finished!) Stray was my intro to RVincent. Sooo good! Oh, and I love Lord of Scoundrels as well. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you’re doing this…it’s fun! {{{hugs}}}
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