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November 15, 2015 Sunday Post 18

Welcome to My Sunday Post!
Sunday Post

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News at Home

The big thing in my world right now is my surgery (having gallladder removed) coming up on Friday. I went to the doctor on Monday to see about this cold I’ve been having a hard time kicking and they gave me a TON of medicine. The approach was aggressive because I need to be healthy going into surgery. I’m feeling much better and only have a mild cough from time to time now. Follow up appointment tomorrow to clear me for surgery!

School continues to be…. school. IDK how to feel about it anymore. On one hand, I do know what I’m doing finally and things are really not so GOSH DARN HARD anymore. I even have moments where the kids really make me laugh and, yeah, they’ve totally grown on me. Even the worst ones do some really cute stuff. We spent time talking about Veteran’s Day at school at lot this week and what it means to be a Veteran, etc. The art teacher is a Veteran, so I used him as an example to make it real for them. They made him thank you cards and they came up with what to write. Several wrote things like “Thank you for saving my life.” or “You are very brave.”(with creative spellings of course). I thought it was sweet and it was cool to see them getting the point. And they were SO EXCITED to give him their cards! I wish I could say I loved it – I can’t. It continues to be a struggle and frustrating, but I don’t hate it anymore. Now that I finally have the tools for dealing with such young kids, it’s not a constant losing battle. And… I apparently don’t suck as a teacher. They had testing (yes, in Kindergarten!) and all my kids have grown so much. While some kids did fail the Reading exam, our class average was passing AND everyone passed the math. So I’m giving myself a little pat on the back 🙂

Blog News

COYER sign-ups are Saturday!! I’m not sure how it snuck up so fast… oh right, teaching Kindergarten LOL! But it’s here and I’m not quite ready, but I’m so excited either way. Thank goodness I have great co-hosts!

#FitReaders Update

Another topic for discussion at the doctor was my weight loss. I’ve been ORDERED to eat more calories… which is a bit frustrating, since I’ve spent the last few years getting myself able to eat fewer (under doctor supervision) to lose weight. But something’s changed – could be just the stress – and I’m officially losing too quickly. They did some blood work as well, but no one called me with results, so I’m assuming that means nothing worrisome showed up. I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

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I have plenty of reviews to get scheduled… so we’ll see what I manage to get done today! COYER signups will be Saturday for sure though 🙂

How was your week?

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18 Responses to “Sunday Post | Surgery in 5 days!”

    • Berls

      Thanks! So… Surgery just got cancelled a few hours ago. Grrrr! But I’m fine – except for the frustration part!

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    I have my fingers crossed that the blood work was *not* worrisome and that since you’re feeling so much better, your followup today will clear you for your surgery. And then I’ll be sending positive and healing thoughts your way on Friday and throughout as you deal with your surgery. I’m so, so happy to hear that things have turned around so much in the classroom. I know you don’t love it but not hating it is a HUGE improvement. That your kids did so well on the testing (on average) says good things – but then I already knew you were meant for teaching! 😀 You are a good teacher, my dear. Anyone who knows you can see where your passion lies. You just got to cut your teeth with a difficult age group. (that’s putting it mildly) Anyway, I admire you! I hope your appt goes well today. Know I’m thinking of you! And I hope you have a great week! {{{hugs}}}
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Travel by the Book ~ BellinghamMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Brandee! So blood work is good & I WAS cleared for surgery until about 6 hour ago when I found out the surgeon’s office screwed up royally and now my insurance won’t cover it with that surgeon! Details later but surgery is cancelled… Grr! Oh well, I’m having an okay week and shocker of shockers I actually am starting to LIKE my formerly worst kid. Part of me is actually wondering if Kinder wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t come into so ill prepared. Yeah…. So many thoughts happening! Hope you’re having a good week!!

  2. A Voracious Reader

    Well, I look at it this way…it’s not your ideal job, but you’re giving it everything you have AND you’re getting results. So win! I have no doubts that you will get the grade you want and when you do, think how much easier it will be after running the Kindergarten Gauntlet. 🙂 {{{posivibes}}} are up and running for this week and after. I know it’s frustrating to be told you need more calories, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat donuts, ice cream or anything else like that. Find healthy choices that have a bit more oomph than what you’ve been eating and that should do the trick. You got this handled. *nods emphatically*
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…The Sunday Post ~ 118th EditionMy Profile

  3. Katherine

    I think it’s okay that you don’t love it. Kindergarten is most definitely not for everyone but it’s impressive that you’ve managed to find tools to be successful with it. I love that you did the cards for the art teacher. Veteran can be such a distant concept to little kids that I brought that really brought it home to them. What a great idea! Hope the medicine really kicks the cold and good luck with your surgery!
    Katherine recently posted…This Week in Reading – November 15My Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Katherine! It’s been going a lot better lately 🙂 I think they really understood the concept of what a veteran is, at least as well as they could at this age. They were really cute with their cards. Thanks, hope you have a great week 🙂

  4. Stormi

    Regarding your surgery, make sure you are taking potassium because I know that if it’s low they can do anything till you have enough in your system. When I had my gall bladder out I was suppose to go in right away but I ended up on a potassium drip for the night as I didn’t have enough and they couldn’t do the surgery until I had enough in me.

    You do need to be healthy going in cause we want you to come out just fine. 🙂 So I hope you are feeling better so you can eat a bit more as your just not eating enough. 🙁 *hugs* I pray that everything will go fine and you will enjoy your days off from school. 🙂

    I am glad that you are not hating kinder anymore but it is still not what you wanted and I hope that a 5th grade opening comes up in the future. 🙂
    Stormi recently posted…2016 New Release Challenge sign up!My Profile

  5. Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

    You deserve a HUGE pat on the back. The fact that your kids are thriving is just one testament. Your own resolve is admirable.

    Regarding your surgery, you seem to be doing all the right things to prepare. I’ve had three and the best advice I can give you is to be cleansed immediately before and to have a very gentle diet after. It makes a BIG difference. Good luck and I’ll be rooting for you.
    Jonetta (Ejaygirl) recently posted…Audio Review: Me Before You by Jojo MoyesMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Jonetta, I appreciate that. I have a couple I’m really struggling to reach and it’s killing me, because they are good kids. Thanks for the advice, I was thinking about doing a little cleanser the next few days. Hope you have a great week. Hugs 🙂

  6. Bea

    Ordered to eat more calories? Well, you can make them healthy calories so you don’t feel so bad about eating more. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you with your weight and your surgery. Your post title made me giggle. I don’t think I’ve known anyone to be so excited about gallbladder surgery. 😀 But I recall being uber excited about my lung surgery three years ago. I was counting down the hours. Anyway, thinking about you and hoping for the best. Good luck!
    Bea recently posted…Sunday Book Share #167My Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah, that’s what my doctor was saying. Just because it’s more calories doesn’t mean burgers and candy bars.

      Lol days off work are days off work 🙂 Thanks so much Bea! I hope you have a great week!

  7. Lexxie

    I am glad you’re getting your cold under control so that your surgery can happen as planned, Berls! And while I understand that it’s frustrating for you that the doctors are telling you to slow down on the weight loss, you really need to listen to them. Rapid loss (just like rapid gain) can be hard on your heart.
    Things being more neutral at school is good, right? Even if you don’t love teaching kindergarten, at least it’s gotten better, and you don’t kill yourself getting ready every day!
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading, my dear! I will be sending you healing and calming thoughts on Friday for your surgery! *hugs*
    Lexxie recently posted…2016 New Release Challenge sign-upMy Profile

    • Berls

      I know I have to listen about the weight loss, it’s just a little frustrating. Especially after all the work it’s taken to get where I was losing anything at all. Oh well, that’s life, right?!

      Things being more neutral at school is definitely a plus. Not being constantly stressed is a huge relief! And it’s nice actually starting to be able to like the kids lol!
      Thank you! Have an amazing week 🙂 *hugs*

  8. Maggie

    Hi, Berls! I wanted to send you good wishes ahead of your surgery! 🙂 Congratulations on your students’ testing going well! And, yes, it’s pure insanity for kindergartners to have to go through all that silly testing! Oh,well! Have a spectacular Sunday! 🙂
    Maggie recently posted…Chapter TwelveMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thank you Maggie 🙂 It is insanity testing kindergarteners isn’t it?! Oh well, that’s life! Have a great Sunday 🙂

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