Sunday Post | 76th Edition

March 1, 2015 Sunday Post 23

Welcome to the 76th Edition of My Sunday Post!
Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Basically it’s a chance to talk about the books you bought, borrowed, blogged about, and read for the week and what’s coming in the week ahead – and then share them with a much wider blogging community. Check out the details here.

News at Home

Let’s see – I think the big thing going on at home this week would be that we finally got hit by winter here in DFW and it sucked. It made everything go wrong. I hate winter. Sorry snow lovers, but I’m not a fan. Let’s see – school was cancelled all week, which is just great for the kiddos but not really for the parents who have work to do. I still had to study for my teacher certification exam – which I studied hard core for and improved my pre-study score of 69% to an 85% the day before my test. EXCEPT – my test never happened. Guess why? Yeah, the snow!

See – my test was scheduled for 12:30 pm in a location about 30 minutes away. Due to the snow and traffic reports, I left my house at 11am. Okay, so for those of you not doing the math, I left 1 hour and 30 minutes before I had to arrive to a location 30 minutes away. Seems a bit dramatic right? WRONG. At 12:15pm I had to give up and call the testing center and explain that for the past 15 minutes my GPS had gone from saying I was 15 minutes away, to 20 minutes away, to 30 minutes away, and finally 45 minutes away. All while I drove and GOT CLOSER. The traffic was so bad and so slow and so full of accidents that I essentially was moving forward and yet somehow getting further away. I observed one accident happen and then, not 5 minutes down the road a truck that was pissed that he’d been slowed down by the accident (I’m assuming by the fast, reckless way he drove over the icy overpass) flew by and I got to watch him skid all over three lanes, smack the back of his truck against the barrier, stop, realize he hadn’t hit anyone and just keep driving. Yeah. Safe drivers were all over the place.

Thankfully they’ve rescheduled me at no cost – which is why I didn’t just rescheudle up front, those suckers are not cheap and you can’t just change your date for free, generally speaking. So I get more study time, but STILL. I spent my entire day basically driving to get nowhere and clearly putting my life at risk for nothing… because guess what I did after getting off the phone? Turned around and headed home… and I arrived at home at 3:45 PM. Yes I drove from 11am – 3:45am (4 hours and 45 minutes) to travel a distance of about 30 minutes total (round-trip, because I only made it halfway there). And that, my friends, is why I do not like winter, snow, cold or ice.

But besides that, I guess it was really a good week LOL.

Blog News

COYER wraps up this week and I’m both sad and excited. Sad, because it’s always fun. But excited because it’s been a success and well, I’m tired. It’s a lot of wheels turning in the background when we do COYER and by the end I always need a little break. So I’m looking forward to just reading and participating in other challenges for a bit after I wrap up with COYER this week 🙂

I do think I’m a wee-bit more tired than usual because (in addition to trying to get my teacher certification during COYER) we did the Murder at the Reinhart Event during COYER, but boy was it fun! It wrapped up yesterday and I couldn’t be more happy with how everything went. Will definitely be doing this again!

#FitReaders Update

I don’t think I can take it much longer! I didn’t make it to the gym at all this week because of the weather and that normally would have been fine, but since I can’t walk long without intense pain in my foot, I’ve been so inactive. I’m going to try floor routines this week when I can’t get to the gym and see how that goes. Is the 6 weeks up yet? I did count my calories though 🙂
Book budget money earned: $1.00

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Added to my Shelf

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Primani - Kindle Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Cold Burn of Magic - Netgalley


Unleashed - 1 Audible Credit

1 Audible Credit

Cress - Gift from Mom

Gift from mom for cat sitting 🙂

Lord of Scoundrels - Library

Library for bookclub

Kiss of Fire - Kindle Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Irreparable Harm - Kindle Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Pride Mates - Library

Library for bookclub

How was your week?

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23 Responses to “Sunday Post | 76th Edition”

  1. Michelle

    So busy yesterday never not to comment on this 🙂

    How much snow did you have? Places that don’t normally get snow always seem to panic just a little bit when there is snow. Truck drivers are the worst, they always think because their trucks are heavy they can drive fine in the snow, which is sort of true only problem is it’s harder to stop in the snow when you are that heavy.

    I am also so sad COYER is over and I need to checkout the end of Murder at the Reinhart because I missed it!!!

    Have a great week my friend! Happy Reading!
    Michelle recently posted…Top Ten Favorite Dr Seuss BooksMy Profile

    • Berls

      Don’t feel bad, I’m not sure if I made it to yours at all :/ Maybe 2″ snow? Not much at all – but we aren’t equipped for it here. No trucks out sanding/salting the road or anything to make them safe. I think we’re supposed to get more this weekend :/

    • Berls

      Thanks Bea! I don’t know how y’all handle it up north – I mean I know you’re better equipped and used to it, but I would go crazy! Here’s to a less-wintry week, huh?

  2. Angie F.

    Wow. I’ve never had to deal with snow, but that sounds crazy! I’m glad you made it home safely, especially since it was a wasted trip!

    Everyone is getting Cold Burn of Magic! I didn’t even see it! Although that’s probably a good thing, since I really want to wait until more books are out and binge read it instead of waiting a year between each one.
    Angie F. recently posted…Sunday Post #171My Profile

    • Berls

      I wouldn’t have seen it, since I don’t really spend time on Netgalley (too dangerous!) but Kensington emailed about it! So I guess you missed the email… But like you said, now you can binge read:)

  3. Katherine

    I’m so with you on not being sold on the snow/ice thing! Between a cracked tail bone caused by stepping on ice and the kids having 2 days of school in 2 weeks I am over it! The teenagers weren’t a big deal because they’re pretty self sufficient but being home unexpectedly with a 5 year old with a massive case of cabin fever is not fun!

    That’s too bad about the test having to be rescheduled but great they were willing to do it at no charge. Good luck and have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…This Week in Reading – March 1My Profile

    • Berls

      I should count myself lucky, because a 5 year old with cabin fever would be much harder than a 15 year old! And yikes- be careful! I’m actually amazed I didn’t seriously hurt myself at some point too, I’m notoriously clumsy! Hope it gets better for y’all!

  4. Ramona

    Wow, Berls, that sounds terrible! You know where you should be in the thick of snowy winter? Moscow, Russia. Really! They get so much snow there, and since forever, so they’re super ready for it. When it snows hard, there are city workers going out on the streets at 2 am and by 6 am everything is spick and span, and you can drive anywhere and get there in time – albeit, amid these huge mountains of snow on the sides of the road, but still… ON time! 🙂 Your book haul looks awesome – I’m listening to Cress now and it’s really, REALLY good! Have a great Sunday, ducks 🙂
    Ramona recently posted…Plot Driven Stories?My Profile

    • Berls

      Oh I’m glad you’re enjoying Cress and listening!(isn’t that narration fabulous?!)

      You’re so right! I mean I can’t stand the cold, but when I have to deal with wintry weather I’d much rather be someplace equipped to deal with it. Here, we get it just enough to be a mess :/

  5. Jessica

    OOoh nice! I got Cold Burn of Magic last week and started it on Friday, still reading, but loving it! Such a great blend of fantasy and real world! Unleashed! I got that too! So excited! And Cress!! Loved that one! Bought the hardcover last year, but then had to get the paperback because my blog was listed in back! Squee!

    Enjoy all your fabulous new reads!

    Stop by my STS when you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Stacking the Shelves–Opps! I did it again!My Profile

    • Berls

      Oh I just had to run to my copy of Cress to find you on it – how cool! I’m so looking forward to reading Jennifer Estep’s latest, everyone seems to be liking it. And after the way Uninvited ended, I couldn’t wait for Unleashed!

    • Berls

      Yeah, I need to go further south. Like Mexico LOL! (but seriously)

      I’m so relieved I was able to reschedule for free and now I get a little extra study time, so that’s a plus 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. Lola

    I like snow, but I only when I can stay inside and watch it or maybe take a walk, but when you have to go out and do something it’s frustrating. That must have been so weird that you got closer, but your GPS said you got further away. I can’t imagine how annoying it must be to have as test and done all the studying only not getting there and having to do it on another day :(.

    I am also sad Coyer is almost over as it’s always so much fun, but I did pretty well and reached all my goals, so that makes me happy :). It’s probably a lot of effort behind the screens that we participants don’t notice.

    I am so excited for Cold Burn of Magic, I pre-ordered a paperback copy, but I was a bit tempted to request it from netgalley as well.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #115My Profile

    • Berls

      I couldn’t resist :/ Hopefully I’ll manage to read it in time so I can review it for April!

      I really don’t like snow, but could tolerate it if I got to stay inside like you described. I always have to go out to walk my dog though, so me and snow are perpetually not friends!

  7. A Voracious Reader

    Yep. The South does not handle the snow very well. We got hit, too and people are nuts. I’m originally from Ohio, so snow doesn’t bother me, but with school cancelled there was no need to go anywhere, so I didn’t. After Remus rolled through Weds night hubby worked his scheduled days of Fri, Sat & today and said the roads weren’t too bad. Though we’re getting freezing rain this morning. Winter, I’m over you now. Take off. 😀 Hope your week is better!
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…The Sunday Post ~ 82nd EditionMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Carol! Yeah, were originally from upstate NY, but I was a kid and winter weather just isn’t the same as an adult. I’m more Texan than Yankee – especially on the weather front! I wouldn’t have gone out if I could have helped it and I guess I probably could have called to cancel, but was worried about losing money :/ oh well, its over, thank goodness. No spring, come on!

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