Murder at the Reinhart | Part 1 by Lea Wait

February 9, 2015 Blog Fun 9

Last week Stormi & I introduced you to the contestants in our Murder at the Reinhart Competition and on Friday we gave you the start to a mini-murder mystery. If you missed these posts, you can go back and meet Round 1 contestants Lynn Cahoon and Lea Wait or read part 1 and part 2 of the story. Today, Lea Wait will let her super sleuth, Angie Curtis, begin to solve the murder of Mr. Reinhart. Tomorrow, she’ll wrap it up and identify the murderer! You ready to see Angie’s take on events? Here we go…

Part 1 by Lea Wait

Where we left off...
It was during this brief recess to dress for dinner that a piercing scream pulled them all from their rooms. The halls filled with the visiting sleuths, actors, and staff – many clearly pulled fresh from showers – and a murmur finally reached them all.
Mr. Reinhart was dead.

The bedroom Maria had shown Gram and I to was bigger than the first floor of my house in Haven Harbor, and had more mirrors than our entire house. Our house was considered elegant for a captain’s house built in 1774, but this place was a palace.

“A little over the top, don’t you think?” Gram said, as she lay down on one of the two fur-covered king-sized beds. “I’m going to take a lie down while you unpack. You’re still young. This has been a long day.”

I’d been around a little; I’d lived in Arizona and worked for a private investigator for ten years. But today’s trip to Colorado Springs had been Gram’s first airline flight. And her second. And her third. There weren’t any direct flights from Portland, Maine, to Colorado Springs. We’d been up since 2 a.m. to catch the first flight, and between the lack of sleep and the time change, we were both exhausted.

I shook out the dresses we’d brought to wear to the dinner we’d been warned would be formal.

This Reinhart who’d invited us hadn’t realized what a challenge “formal” was for two people for whom LL Bean was the go-to store. But we’d managed. Gram was wearing the dress she’d worn to marry Rev. Tom last month, and I’d found a 1950s cocktail dress in a resale shop in Camden.

“I hope this dinner ends early,” Gram said, as we headed down the corridor toward the grand staircase. “And those stairs may kill me. You’d think a place this size would have an elevator.”

We both heard the high-pitched scream. I stepped out of the red silk high heels Gram had suggested I wear, and ran.

So, it appeared, did everyone else in the place. The woman who had checked us in at her desk below the staircases just an hour before was the one who’d screamed.

I didn’t blame her. Our host was lying on top of her desk, his neck twisted at an odd angle. A woman I didn’t know was trying to revive him. I was sure it wouldn’t help.

Mr. Reinhart was definitely dead.

I looked up. He had to have fallen from the second or third floors. And the mahogany banisters that lined the upper floors were at least three feet tall. He had to have been pushed.

The guests were still assembling in the main hall by the reception desk, chattering and wondering what to do next.

I had no doubt.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how Angie solves Mr. Reinhart’s murder! Now hurry on over to Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! To see how Lynn Cahoon’s sleuth Jill Gardner starts solving the mystery. Tomorrow you’ll get to vote on who did it better!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Twisted Threads that Lea has so generously offered. This is open US & Canada ONLY due to shipping costs. Good luck!

Go Angie!! Who’s version of Mr. Reinhart’s death are you buying most?

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