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October 19, 2014 Sunday Post 42

Welcome to the 60th Edition of My Sunday Post!
Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Basically it’s a chance to talk about the books you bought, borrowed, blogged about, and read for the week and what’s coming in the week ahead – and then share them with a much wider blogging community. Check out the details here.

So I’m writing this post on Friday because I’m dong the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readthon for the first time and it kicked off at 7am CST 10/18… which means that when this post goes live – if all goes well – I will have been reading for 17 hours and will have just 7 hours to go! I’m reading for charity – to support my local library, so please hop over and leave a comment on one of my tracking posts and cheer me on. The more comments I get, the more I donate (among other things).

And that’s just the perfect end to a really great week. I’ve been rocking my treadmill desk, averaging upwards of 10k steps a day and feeling great. I haven’t actually lost weight – I’m only walking at 1.0 – but I just feel all around better now that I’m not sitting for 10+ hours a day.

I also got to go to some author events this past week and I had an amazing time. Saturday was a signing at Barnes and Nobel – I mentioned it last week, but wanted to share the photo of the group with Kim Harrison.

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I’m at the very back center with a huge grin! Yeah, I was giddy 🙂

Also, I got to see her and most those authors again on Sunday at the Richardson Library Buns & Roses Literacy Tea. This was a high tea, so we got to get a little dressed up and have tea and pastries and sandwiches. I went with one of my book club groups and we had a table with Jennifer Ashley! That was a real treat, especially because I had some burning questions about one of her books and I got to ask her!


This is the Cover Girls Book Club (those of us that went), I’m on the back right in black, just behind Felicia (Geeky Blogger’s Book blog) in the blue polka dots


This is our table, Jennifer Ashley is front and center. I’m far right, standing

This was a paid event, all in support of The Richardson Library’s Literacy program, so I felt really good about the money I spent 🙂 The books I bought at Barnes and Noble last week also contributed to this, so they don’t count towards my yearly budget, right? There was also a silent auction – I did win one book – and a live auction that I couldn’t even begin to participate in, but was lots of fun to watch. Especially when the auctioneer’s mom kept bidding on items and she told her to put her hand down because “dad will kill me if you win this.” LOL! I had total sympathy for her.

Oh and they have these bears they make every year and when it’s time to pass them out, if you want one you have to hold up your $20 bill and get the attention of the ladies passing them out. This was not as easy as it sounds, since there are LOTS of $20 in the air and not enough bears for everyone. I connected eyes with them though and scored one! Isn’t he cute?


It was a fabulous time and well worth every penny I spent. I’m looking forward to more author events now that I’ve finally gotten to some. Anyway, I think that’s it for me. Hope everyone had a great week!

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Just a reminder to join in on this month’s Write On Review-a-thon, hosted by Brianna @ The Book Vixen. Signups are open here – it will be Friday October 24th and October 25th this time. I love these and they really help me get caught up and a little ahead.

Nose Graze is offering a class on how to Make Your Own WordPress theme. It’s not free, but MUCH cheaper than a lot of classes out there. It’s twelve lessons and they run October 27th – November 28th, but you’ll have access to them after the class ends too.

Chapter Break had a fun post this week that really spoke to me… and they announced a bit about a challenge they’ll be running in 2015. Check out this weeks Chat Between Chapters: Do you own tons of books that you have never read?

You’ve probably heard of NaNoWriMo, but have you heard of the blogger version? Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting a 30 day post writing challenge for November. I’ve already signed up and am really looking forward to this extra push to get 30 days ahead finally!

New Additions to My Shelf

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the Winner's Curse- DPL

From Dallas Library

Blalck Moon - Cover Girls

Book Club giveaway

Tiger Magic - JA

From Jennifer Ashley

Rules for a Proper Governess - JA

From Jennifer Ashley

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel McKenzie - JA

From Jennifer Ashley

Foreplay by Sophie Jordan - Signed!

Gifted 🙂

Tease - Felicia

Gifted 🙂

Wild - Felicia

Gifted 🙂

Wait For You - Felicia

Gifted 🙂

Be With Me - Felicia

Gifted 🙂

Stay With Me - Felicia

Gifted 🙂

Far Gone - Felicia


Stone Cold Touch - Buns & Roses

$10 at Silent Auction

The Bride Says No - Buns & Roses

$7 at BUns & Roses

How was your week?

Link to your posts in the comments below so I can visit you 🙂

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42 Responses to “Sunday Post | 60th Edition”

  1. Lexxie

    I’m so jealous you got to meet and greet Kim Harrison!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing pictures 🙂

    I really have to start reading Armentrout, I have some of her books on my kindle, somewhere, but I haven’t gotten around to them yet.

    Your historical romances look good, too. I hope you’ve had a fantastic week, Berls 🙂 Happy reading.
    Lexxie recently posted…Stacking The Shelves #55 Bought Borrowed and Bagged #5My Profile

    • Berls

      Oh it was so great to meet Kim Harrison! Meeting her husband was awesome too – “Guy” is so doting and clearly so proud! They’re planning to try and come to Dallas for her new series too, so I’m super excited about that.

      I’ve only read one Armentrout book so far and it was pretty good – I’m looking forward to checking these out too. Have a great week Lexxie!
      Berls recently posted…Scratch by Rhonda Helms | #KLover Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Berls

      oh I had a blast! I was a little nervous, since these were my first events. What do you say to the authors? Turns out I had plenty to say! That stinks that you’re so far away, you’ll have to come out for a big event where you can see lots of authors and make it worth your time. Just don’t drive alone through dangerous backwoods :/
      Berls recently posted…Blood of a Red Rose | Short ReviewMy Profile

    • Berls

      I had such a good time! I think a lot of people with treadmill desks use the regular keyboards, I just found that if I was going to do all this work to setup a treadmill desk, I might as well get a keyboard that is more comfortable.

      Thanks – have a great week too!
      Berls recently posted…Blood of a Red Rose | Short ReviewMy Profile

  2. Lark

    Both book events sound just awesome! So glad you got to go and meet some wonderful authors. And I’m a tidge envious of your book club – I need to find one or create one or something.

    Ashley’s course sounds so great; I would take it if I weren’t already over-committed for Oct. and Nov. (Really, really overcommitted, darn it!) The blogger version of NaNoWriMo is a good idea, but… (see above comment on being overcommitted.) Oh, well. Maybe next year!
    Lark recently posted…Sunday Post – 10/19/14My Profile

    • Berls

      I love having book clubs to go to – I have two and they’re the highlight of my month. Felicia (Geeky Bloggers Book Blog) actually runs one and co-runs another. I’m just an attendee and it’s great 🙂

      I know, I don’t know what I’ll be able to do in November, I’m pretty over extended myself… gash, why does life have to be so busy?
      Berls recently posted…Blood of a Red Rose | Short ReviewMy Profile

  3. Stormi

    Wow, I wish I lived in a place that had author events. I live in a small town in the boonies and the closes town that might host an author is like 6 hrs away. 🙁 Sometimes I wish I lived in a larger

    Looks like you scored a lot of great books last week!! Happy reading!

    Have a great week,
    Stormi recently posted…My Top Favorite Halloween Children’s movies!My Profile

    • Berls

      You know, I often WISH I lived someplace smaller, since I really prefer country life. But one of the benefits of living in a big city like Dallas is that there are a lot of things like this going on. And I’m finally sort-of plugged into them, which is neat 🙂 Have a great week Stormi!
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  4. Greg

    Those events look great, looks like you had a blast! Hope the readathon went well…

    Hey I see you got Divergent- I’m just reading those myself (finished book 2 but haven’t started 3 yet)- curious what you think. Hope your week is awesome.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post The Hues of AutumnMy Profile

    • Berls

      I’ve been meaning to read Divergent for forever and decided it’s finally time to grab it – seeing as I would really like to watch the movie, and I can’t do that until I read the book. I’ve read such mixed reviews, particularly of book 3. But I tend to really like YA Dystopian, so I’m optimistic 🙂

      Have a great week Greg!
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  5. Jenna

    The author events look great. There aren’t really any near me and I’m too unmotivated to travel for them, even for a day trip.

    I’ve thought about signing up for Ashley’s WordPress theme classes, but I prefer to work at my own pace so I don’t think they would work for me. I might be into it for three days in a row and then not again for another two weeks. I can’t really justify spending that kind of money and then basically dropping out because I’m distracted by something else. Are you doing it?
    Jenna recently posted…Weekly Rewind: October 12-18My Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah, I can’t see myself traveling too far for them (except maybe BEA someday), but when they happen near to me from now on I’m going to try and make it – at least as long as I like the author.

      I haven’t decided about Ashley’s WordPress class. I’m not too sure that I know enough to start at this level, but I am intrigued – especially knowing that she’s such a good web designer. You do keep access to everything after the course is over, so that helps if you’re self-paced – but yeah, I’m still on the fence.
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  6. Mandy

    Sounds like you had a incredible week. That’s awesome you got to meet Kim Harrison. Reading for charity is a awesome thing to do. You may not have lost any weight yet but you will just keep at it. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome week. Have a great one and good luck on your reading challenge.
    Mandy recently posted…Diary UpdateMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Mandy, I really did! Meeting Kim Harrison was awesome, I’ve wanted to meet her for a while. And this was the last book in the series, so it was perfect timing. I’m hoping that all my exercise will pay off, but at least I feel good – I figure that’s what matters most.

      Have an amazing week 🙂
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  7. Katherine

    I love the idea of a treadmill desk! I know I always feel better when I’m active! The book events look like fun and that bear is adorable! Sounds like a fun event. Enjoy your new books. I’m curious about Maxwell. My library has a ton of books by her but I haven’t tried her yet. Have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…Sunday Post – Oct 19My Profile

    • Berls

      I absolutely love my treadmill desk – it’s a great way to get computer work done and still be active. The book events were super fun and I’m so glad I managed to get one of the bears, he’s so cute!

      I read The Bride Says No already and really enjoyed it, I definitely recommend her. I’m planning to read the other books as soon as I can.

      Have a great week Katherine!
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  8. A Voracious Reader

    Your treadmill desk looks awesome, but that keyboard (and mouse) wouldn’t work for me. I have to look at my keys to type, believe it or not. lol My husband made a shelf for my treadmill back when we got it and way before he bought me my Fire (and then my Paperwhite). I used to read actual books on it while I walked, but now I can rest my ereader on it. 🙂 I seriously need to get back on it. I’m such a procrastinator! I was watching your Dewey posts on FB, but I need to see how you did. Have a great week!
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…The Sunday Post ~ 63rd EditionMy Profile

    • Berls

      That is the on thing about that keyboard, it doesn’t work for people that need to look. My BF gets really frustrated with it – he just jumps on the computer like one or two times a week for like 5 minutes. But the first time he did, he was like, “how do I use this shit? What, you didn’t think I’d ever need to use the computer again?” LOL but he agrees that it should be setup for me, since I spend hours a day on it.

      Your treadmill setup sounds good – good luck getting back on it, it’s one of those habits that’s easier to stick with than it is to get into. Have a great week Carol!
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  9. Michelle

    Missed your last post for Dewey, need to go check it out. I wont text you today because I don’t want to wake you up Lol. You did amazing! Good Job!!!

    PS Super jealous of your book event, I have none by me and no one to go with. Maybe I should move closer to you 😉

    Chat this week? Maybe Thursday Night or Friday?
    Text me when you get a chance 🙂
    Michelle recently posted…Just a Normal week ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • Berls

      LOL I’m proud of how I did, but boy do I wish I could have made it those last few hours. I was so close! I keep telling you to move to Texas! I’ll even talk to my stepson’s mom about renting y’all a place cheap LOL

      Yes – seriously we need to chat! Maybe later today even? I’ll text you…
      Berls recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon 2014 Wrap Up!My Profile

  10. Lola

    Sounds like you had an exciting week, that author event looks fun! Thanks for sharing pictures! There hardly are any author events in the Netherlands, so I’ve never been to any author events.
    I hope you got a lot of reading done during the readathon!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #96My Profile

  11. Nyze

    Awesome photos from the author events! Too bad I’ve missed Claudia Gray’s book signing yesterday here in the Philippines. I’m so sad 🙁 Anyway, have a great week ahead. PS. I’m jealous you already have Stone Cold Touch 🙂

    Here’s mine:
    My Week in a Wrapped #4

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