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October 17, 2014 Blog Fun 12


Book Blog Walkers is a challenge developed by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog – for details go check out her info page. I hope you’ll join us, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to motivate each other to get and stay moving!

I’m back!! I’ve been so crazy busy these past few weeks and had to leave the blog for a bit. But I’m back and thanks to my fitbit I can give you a complete report of my activity since I took off.

My steps have really jumped up – in part because my mom moved in and I was super busy getting things ready for her to move in and then helping her get moved in. But the biggest reason is my new Treadmill Desk! I’ve put my weekly averages below, but basically I’ve jumped from about 5 thousand steps daily to about 10 thousand steps daily, with some days being more and others less. My official goal on Fitbit is 8 thousand steps, but I’m really shooting for 10 thousand I think.

I’ve made a few adjustments since I first set up my treadmill desk – initially I only had 1 monitor mounted and the standard keyboard and mouse that come with the computer. But I learned that I needed a few adjustments – so this is my new setup:

Treadmill Desk

My treadmill setup

keyboard and mouse

Close up of keyboard and mouse

Isn’t it great? I love it so much and that keyboard looks crazy, but as long as I don’t think about it it’s easy to type by touch and it feels so much better than the standard keyboard. Same thing with the mouse – I got a vertical mouse and it’s a natural transition from the keyboard, without too much twisting (and pronating as they call it) my arms. Anyway, I spend between 30 minutes and 75 minutes on it at a time (depending on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling), for about 3 to 4 hours a day and it feels great. I definitely recommend setting one up if you (like me) spend a lot of time on the computer.

Check-in 38-42: 

Day 255 (Fri 9/12): 3,791 steps (1.76 miles)

Day 256 (Sat 9/13): 5,148 steps (2.38 miles)

Day 257 (Sun 9/14): 853 steps (0.39 miles)

Day 258 (Mon 9/15): 7,231 steps (3.35 miles)

Day 259 (Tues 9/16): 4,387 steps (2.03 miles)

Day 260 (Wed 9/17): 4,062 steps (1.88 miles)

Day 261 (Thurs 9/18): 4,723 steps (2.19 miles)

Week 38 average: 4, 314 steps/day

Day 262 (Fri 9/19): 8,342 steps (3.86 miles)

Day 263 (Sat 9/20): 6,534 steps (3.02 miles)

Day 264 (Sun 9/21): 6,161 steps (2.85 miles)

Day 265 (Mon 9/22): 7,664 steps (3.55 miles)

Day 266 (Tues 9/23): 6,621 steps (3.07 miles)

Day 267 (Wed 9/24): 6,135 steps (2.84 miles)

Day 268 (Thurs 9/25): 9,760 steps (4.52 miles)

Week 39 average: 7,317 steps/day

Day 269 (Fri 9/26): 9,743 steps (4.51 miles)

Day 270 (Sat 9/27): 7,401 steps (3.43 miles)

Day 271 (Sun 9/28): 5,498 steps (2.55 miles)

Day 272 (Mon 9/29): 11,491 steps (5.32 miles)

Day 273 (Tues 9/30): 9,433 steps (4.37 miles)

Day 274 (Wed 10/1): 9,856 steps (4.56 miles)

Day 275 (Thurs 10/2): 10,323 steps (4.78 miles)

Week 40 average: 9,106 steps/day

Day 276 (Fri 10/3): 11,071 steps (5.13 miles)

Day 277 (Sat 10/4): 6,954 steps (3.22 miles)

Day 278 (Sun 10/5): 8,898 steps (4.12 miles)

Day 279 (Mon 10/6): 11,941 steps (5.53 miles)

Day 280 (Tues 10/7): 9,003 steps (4.17 miles)

Day 281 (Wed 10/8): 11, 464 steps (5.31 miles)

Day 282 (Thurs 10/9): 19,576 steps (9.06 miles) – Figured out how to log my time on the treadmill desk 😉

Week 41 average: 11,272 steps/day

Day 283 (Fri 10/10): 8,846 steps (4.10 miles)

Day 284 (Sat 10/11): 5,195 steps (2.40 miles)

Day 285 (Sun 10/12): 7,274 steps (3.37 miles)

Day 286 (Mon 10/13): 16, 123 steps (7.46 miles)

Day 287 (Tues 10/14): 13,297 steps (6.16 miles)

Day 288 (Wed 10/15): 14,023 steps (6.49 miles)

Day 289 (Thurs 10/16): 10, 245 steps (4.74 miles) – My puppy wasn’t feeling too well so I spent some time cuddling with her instead of on my treadmill desk.

Week 42 average: 10,715 steps/day

Good luck to everyone & here’s to moving every day! 

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    • Berls

      Thanks Kathy! I’m loving it! I know a lot of workplaces have been adding these for their employees, or at least allowing them to do it. It makes sense, since it can only help employee health. I bet you would get used to it in no time, if you’re used to a contoured keyboard. It feels so great – keeping my arms in a more natural position! You have a great week too.

    • Berls

      Thanks Michelle! I’m kinda proud of myself LOL! That keyboard is actually really awesome – you should try one out, if you type by touch at all. It’s amazing how quickly I got used to it.

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