Sunday Post | 56th Edition

August 31, 2014 Sunday Post 42

Welcome to the 56th Edition of my Sunday Post! Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Basically it’s a chance to talk about the books you bought, borrowed, blogged about, and read for the week and what’s coming in the week ahead – and then share them with a much wider blogging community. Check out the details here.

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and finger crossing for my job interview. It went really well and, if you could please, keep wishing and crossing fingers – I’m supposed to hear back this week! It was a committee interview – so I sat at the end of a big board room table, filled with 6 people interviewing me. Thankfully this is a position at the university where I got my Bachelors degrees, so I knew three of the people (am Facebook friends with one of them actually). And I did my research, so I knew who two of the other three were – so only one brand new person. Funny story – they asked about my technical skills, including my familiarity with web and social media. I never dreamed my blog would be applicable to the field I want to get into, but I told them about it and my familiarity with CSS/HTML and there was definitely some excitement. Anyway, fingers crossed – they were interviewing two other applicants I believe.

I spent all day yesterday getting caught up with reviews (thanks to the ReviewAthon) and so today I’m planning to catch up on reading blog posts, comments, and hopefully getting some posts scheduled. I’d like to get some reading done today too – I’m falling a bit behind. I just don’t know where the time goes! And can you believe tomorrow is September? I sure can’t!! Hope you all have a great weekend (and holiday here in the US).

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Sunday Post | 56th Edition

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Blogosphere Fun

Sadly, LitRate did not get the funding it needed 🙁 However, I’m really impressed with how many people supported it and I do hope that NoseGraze and her husband, Coding God, might find another way to make this happen. Doesn’t look good, but a girl can hope, right?

NoseGraze asks “Do Three/Four Star Ratings With No Negative Points in the Review Confuse You?

The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog and The Book Nympho are hosting #LoveMyLibraryCard starting TOMORROW! For details and ways to get involved check out Felicia’s post or fill out this form about Why you love the library to be featured on The Book Nympho.

It’s almost time for another Bloggiesta (and, sadly, I’m behind enough to need it again!) It will be September 18th to 21st and they’re looking for challenge hosts. Have a skill/tool you’d like to share?

A fun Chat Between Chapters this week: Reading after Watching – do you like the move/tv show better?

Michelle @ Because Reading turned her My To Be Read List into a meme. It’s going to be so fun & helpful (I’m totally joining in)! Check out her post for details and how to participate.

New Additions to My Shelf

Let’s just say that if I was planning on not acquiring new books… this week I failed miserably. Funny how happy failing can make a girl 😉 I actually won the Contemporary Romance package at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace 2 year blogoversary giveaway and 11 of the books in this amazing prize package have come in already (I still have 10 more coming though!!). It’s going to take me months just to read those books. Yay! Thanks so much to Naomi and all the amazing authors for this fantastic prize package! I also won the Book Briefs Tortured Souls giveaway – Thanks Michelle & Kimber Leigh Wheaton! This was just my lucky week!

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Addicted to You - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Richochet - Naomi's Givaway

Naomi’s Giveaway

Addicted for Now - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Tattoo Thief - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Tyler and Stella - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Bound by Lies - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Out of Line - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

THE DARKEST PART - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Blind Attraction - Naomi's giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Lick - Naomi's Giveaway

Naomi’s Giveaway!

Tortured Souls - Book Briefs giveaway

Book Briefs Giveaway!

Generation 18 - Netgalley


Penumbria - Netgalley


Scratch - NetGalley-Klover

NetGalley – 1st KLover 🙂

The Wright Brother - For Review

For Review from Marie 🙂

Losing Logan - Audiobook Jukebox

Audiobook Jukebox

If I Stay - Library


Where She Went - Library


Kidnapped the Wrong Sister - Amazon Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Paper Phoenix - Kindle Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Summer Demons - Freebie

Kindle Freebie

Falling Between - freebie

Kindle Freebie

How was your week?

Link to your posts in the comments below so I can visit you 🙂

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42 Responses to “Sunday Post | 56th Edition”

  1. Greg

    Sometimes I think I blog more than I read LOL. So I can relate to the reading time thing.

    I hate committee interviews, but sounds like you did well. Good luck Berls! I hope you get it. How cool that your blog came up- definitely an asset I’m sure.
    Greg recently posted…Review: The Counterfeit LadyMy Profile

    • Berls

      LOL I think I spend more time blogging than reading sometimes too. Who knew it would take so much time? I find that I go through phases where I read like crazy and get behind on the blog and then phases where I work like a madwoman to catch up. I’m doing the catch up thing now- but this time I’m also trying to get ahead, so maybe there will be no more catching up! Wouldn’t that be a change? LOL
      Berls recently posted…Skinwalker by Faith Hunter | My TBR List ReviewMy Profile

  2. Terri M.

    Holy smokes that is quite a hall!

    I actually started working with HTML years and years ago. I’ve used in various jobs between now and then. I know just enough to make my blog look decent and to be dangerous. I think our codes and graphic designers get a little nervous when I talk code to them.

    I’m sad about LitRate, too. But I’m still hoping something can happen! Every time I do a search a GoodReads and come up with nothing or crap, I want to scream it would be so EASY to make this better!!!
    Terri M. recently posted…The Sunday Post #38: Week of August 24, 2014My Profile

  3. Lark

    Shew, that’s a big haul! You’re set from now through Thanksgiving, right?! (Just kidding.)

    I think it’s great that your blogging has beefed up your social media and computer skills. You know I’ve got my fingers crossed for you to get that job! And if not that one, than one that’s even better for you.

    A ReviewAThon – what a great idea. I couldn’t do it this weekend, but maybe I can find a day to run my own personal version, once I get this project done. I’ve got about 6 or 8 books to write up; I’ve done notes on them but haven’t put together the actual reviews yet.
    Lark recently posted…Sunday Post – 8/31/14My Profile

  4. Lola

    I hope you get the job, that comittee interview sounds scary. The most people I’ve had with an interview where two and that amount already made me nervous. I can’t imagine being interviewed by 6 people! Although I am glad to hear you knew 3 of them, hopefully that made it a little easier.
    I’ve mentioned my blog and html knowledge in a few interviews I’ve had in the past and it certainly seems to help to mention you have a blog, I also have it written down in my cv.
    And how awesome you wo that prize package, I hope you enjoy all your new books!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #89My Profile

  5. Ashley

    I’m so glad the job interview went well! Back when I was applying for jobs I actually had my blog on my resume! I think it helped. 🙂

    It’s a huge bummer about LitRate. 🙁 I just don’t know how to make it work without the money. And if we couldn’t raise enough once, it’s hard to imagine us succeeding the second time, you know?
    Ashley recently posted…12 Cursive/Script FontsMy Profile

  6. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    Ooh! The Addicted series. That’s one of my favorite series right now. I love the characters and Krista & Becca’s writing is fantastic. I hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks for the blogosphere links! There are some great posts in there that I’m on my way to check out now. 🙂
    Kim recently posted…Sunday Post [54]My Profile

  7. Red Iza

    Hard to type with my fingers crossed but I’m doing it especially for you 🙂 Hey, I knew having a blog could be useful for real life lol ! I’m sad for LitRate too, but they only proposed only one means of payment (I know, I tried to participate) which required your computer to accept cookies – maybe they should have had more and not started this project during vacation time. I hope they’ll try again. For someone who didn’t intend to acquire books, you sure did well LOL ! So enjoy them and have a great week 😉
    Red Iza recently posted…Sunday post #25 : What’s up, doc ?My Profile

    • Berls

      I really hope they’ll give LitRate another shot and perhaps try a different method. Kickstarter definitely has it’s advantages – like not having to worry about money changing hands until the goal’s been met – but the not having multiple payment methods was rough. I know of a few people who couldn’t give because of that 🙁
      Berls recently posted…The Wright Brother by Marie Hall | Book ReviewMy Profile

  8. Angie

    How exciting about your new job!!! I love to hear when people find jobs. I wonder what happens to the money if Litrate doesn’t work out? I can’t believe it’s already time for Bloggiesta myself. Wow. Time flies.
    Angie recently posted…Sunday PostMy Profile

  9. Michelle

    The books you won and download just blow me away! I can’t believe you have that many lol. I got NONE this week but now I feel all left out 🙂

    I have my fingers, toes, eyes (when I’m not driving or walking down stairs) legs and anything else I can cross crossed for you. I do hope you get it, I really do think it’s a perfect fit for you!!!

    It’s suppose to rain here tomorrow 🙁 so we might be hanging around and I might be visiting and commenting on blogs tomorrow too.

    Enjoy ALL your new reads! Have a great week, I will call you at some point since I didn’t call you back last week! (sorry about that)
    Michelle recently posted…My brain has been very productive ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

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