Sunday Post | 43rd Edition

June 1, 2014 Sunday Post 32

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Basically it’s a chance to talk about the books you bought, borrowed, blogged about, and read for the week and what’s coming in the week ahead – and then share them with a much wider blogging community. Check out the details here.

Things have remained pretty busy this week – my mother-in-law stayed with us until Saturday night. She stayed with my BF’s sister last night and I think tonight as well – but since she left most of her stuff here I think she’ll be coming back to us. I say think because I don’t always know what’s going on in that area. She lives in Mexico and doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. I speak pretty ok Spanish, but it’s A LOT harder to communicate and sometimes I miss things. She keeps to herself a lot during the day while my BF is at work and I’m in the office working so it really hasn’t been much of a difference having her here. Except that she keeps cleaning everything. LOL! I’m choosing to take that as a nice gesture and not a critique of my cleaning. My BF assures me that I’m right. And I’m sticking to that story.

On the blog front, just a reminder that COYER Summer Vacation sign-ups are open and we’ll be kicking off with the first day of summer – June 21st. If you haven’t signed up yet check it out 🙂

Also – since I’m a huge fan of audiobooks and June is Audiobook month – I’ve decided to theme my Saturday Fun Questions posts for the month of June around audiobook questions. So check those out this month. And don’t forget the Summer Sync Free audiobooks program.

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Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s latest How the Heck Did You Do That? was full of great tips about sidebars.

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New Additions to My Shelf

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How was your week?

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32 Responses to “Sunday Post | 43rd Edition”

    • Berls

      I had a book emergency with Fault in our Stars – I was someplace where I realized I was going to be for a few hours with no book to read! So when my BF asked me to make a walmart run you know I HAD to buy a book. Walmart doesn’t have a great selection – just the very main stream and overpriced – but The Fault in our Stars was a book I know I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I’d been putting it off because it just sounds so depressing – so far I’ve been LMAO! So unexpected and a real treat! Shows Me! LOL 🙂 Have a great week Naomi!
      Berls recently posted…Lie or Die by Colleen Helme| Audio ReviewMy Profile

    • Berls

      I’ve been putting of reading The Fault in Our Stars because – as much as I know I will like it – it’s about such a depressing topic. I know I will cry my eyes out at some point. But, I had a book emergency where I had hours where I’d be without a book if I didn’t buy one at Walmart. Walmart’s selection is very main stream and since it’s being made into a movie, it was a choice. So I grabbed it and started reading. So far (which isn’t very far) I’ve only LMAO – no crying. It’s already pretty great, so I’ll join Danielle in saying you have to read it 😉
      Berls recently posted…Lie or Die by Colleen Helme| Audio ReviewMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thans Jenea! This is the first time she’s stayed with us and all in all it’s going well – but the cleaning thing was something I had only heard about until now. Kind of assumed it wouldn’t happen to me. I guess I was wrong lol! Have a great week 🙂
      Berls recently posted…Lie or Die by Colleen Helme| Audio ReviewMy Profile

  1. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    Oh, I can so relate about your mother-in-law! My in-laws would come to visit and Josephine always spent the whole time cleaning my house! I caught her on a stepladder at one point cleaning my windows in the cathedral-ceiling living room! I finally learned if I asked her to bake cookies and foods to freeze she was happy doing that…LOL! Good luck!

    I’m planning to join COYER…sounds like fun. I hope you have a great week!
    Jan recently posted…Sunday Post–June 1My Profile

  2. Michelle

    Your Mother in Law and my mom would get along nicely, my mom cleans my house everytime she is here but I think it’s because she thinks I can’t clean 🙂

    I need to read Cress soon so we can chat about it, Now that things might settle down I am hoping to jump head first into all my books.

    We need a chat day this week! I have so much to tell you.
    Michelle recently posted…Week in READ-view and The Sunday Post 6/1My Profile

  3. Vilia

    I wouldn’t worry about the cleaning. My grandmother used to come over for lunch and immediately put a load of washing on. It was her way of showing affection as she knew how busy we were.
    Vilia recently posted…Sunday Post #26My Profile

  4. Greg

    Funny how parents or in laws can always find something to clean or tidy up, right? My wife and I have joked about that many times… 🙂 Have a good week and happy reading!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #47My Profile

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