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June 12, 2014 Life of a Blogger 14

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Each week Jessi chooses a topic (scheduled in advance) that’s not book related so we that we can get to know our fellow bloggers better – and to know more about them than just books. I’m thrilled to join in and I hope to participate every week from here on out. I hope you’ll join in too – check out the details here!

This week’s topic: Collections

I’m not really a collector of anything but books and even that collection is pretty small in comparison to most bookworms. The thing is, I move A LOT. In the past nine years I’ve moved eight times and I have another move coming up in September (hopefully the last in a VERY long time). I don’t particularly like moving, but it seems like being in school has just made moving the most economical decision. The result of moving a lot though is that you really start to learn what you can’t live without. Each move we’ve gotten rid of more. This last move was the first time in years that I actually got a bookshelf and unpacked my books. I probably wouldn’t have done that, but I THOUGHT we were done for a while. Things have changed – my mom’s moving in with us and the apartment complex we live in is being torn down… so for both reasons, we have to move again. Our apartment kind of sucks (it’s cheap, but it sucks) so it’s good that we’re moving.


My first book case in years 🙂

Anyway… that’s all a long way of saying I don’t have a collection of anything but my books and most of them are on my eReader because moving makes owning collections very difficult. Once I get into a home and stay there for a couple years I might finally feel secure enough to start building a collection of some sort. But I can’t think of anything I’d want more than books!

Do you have any collections?

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14 Responses to “Life of a Blogger | Collections”

  1. Lark

    I don’t want to admit how many bookcases there are in our house! Oh, what the heck. There are 13 that are mine or the whole family’s, plus three in our daughter’s bedroom and one downstairs for her books — though hers are spilling onto one of mine now.) That’s what happens when you don’t move for over 20 years. Frankly, I should pretend we’re moving just to get the books pruned!

    Other collections… hmmm. Lots of movies and music. Yarn, definitely. Fabric, mostly for making tea cozies (I used to sell them) and doll clothes. And a few small collections (between 5 and 10 of the item): Teapots. Teacups and demitasse cups. Unicorns and dragons. Decorative plates (though most of those were family heirlooms.)
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    • Berls

      LOL I wish I had that many bookcases full of books! I feel happy just looking at books. Even if I don’t have time to reread them, picking up a book and staring at the cover reminds me how much I loved it 🙂 I used to have a lot of needles and yarn for when I crocheted, but they didn’t survive all the moves, since I hadn’t been using them much. If I ever do get settled down (please let it be soon!) I’ll have to do a moving clean every now and again, it is nice not having too much stuff!
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  2. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    For the longest time, I was content just reading eBooks and not owning many paperbacks or hardcovers. Now that I’m deep in blogging, I find myself (OFTEN) buying print copies of my “most favoritest” books, especially when I’ve received review copies of them. I’ve amassed a HUGE collection over the past year. But they’re soooo pretty to look at. 🙂

    My Life of a Blogger Post
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  3. Celine

    Wow, you have moved a lot! I though I was a serial mover (three times in three years). Hope you’ll move to a better apartment this time around, and that you can stay put there for a while!

    I only collect books, and while I used to collect them indiscriminately, I’m trying to whittle them down to only my favourites now. I was close to 500 owned books and to be honest I thought that was just way too much. I’d rather have 100 favourite books than 400 crappy ones. I don’t really collect anything else, except for maybe the DVDs of my favourite movies
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  4. Bookworm Brandee

    I know what you mean about learning what you can live without, Berls. Growing up, we moved a lot. Even living in the same town, I moved 8 times in 11 years. I hadn’t moved in 13 years the last time I moved, and we still had stuff in boxes that had never been unpacked. I figured if we hadn’t needed it in 13 years, we really didn’t need it. In those 13 years, I began collecting books. Luckily, with this last move, I got a library *squee* so I now have room for my collection. I also collect book marks – usually from places I travel to. I hope you don’t have to move too much more so you can give a home to your collection of books. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**Review ~ Precious Embrace ~ Dana Mason**My Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah 13 years without opening boxes is a definite sign. We have a few boxes that we’ve never unpacked that travel with us – they have photo albums and awards in them. Things you don’t want to let go of, but don’t have to access regularly. For the longest time my books were some of those boxes too! I sure hope we get settled in one permanent spot soon! And I LOVE the idea of collecting bookmarks, I may start doing that.
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  5. A Voracious Reader

    Books is my biggie when it comes to collections. We also collect magnets of places we’ve been and shot glasses. I have a Star Trek plate collection that will finally see the light of day now that my husband is playing with his router table. He’s going to make me some shelves with a groove in them so my plates can rest in it and not slide off. 🙂 I also have a collection of knick knacks for my office. Really, it’s a hodge podge *cough* I mean eclectic collection of anything that takes my fancy, from birthday angels, beanie babies, action figures, my birthday cake toppers, etc, etc. lol Oh, and the kids have collected sea shells of each time we’ve been to the beach. We’ve been in this house nearly 14 yrs. We have a lot of crap *ahem* cool stuff. LOL
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    • Berls

      LMAO! Isn’t it funny how having a settled home leads to accruing so much “cool stuff”? I love that you’re kids collect sea shells, that’s fun! And shot glasses/magnets seem really popular. My mom would get so excited about that Star Trek plate collection, she’s a total Trekkie!
      Berls recently posted…When do you listen? #JIAM | Fun QuestionsMy Profile

    • Berls

      Garage sales are such a great way to re-purpose our junk lol! I used to have quite a few supplies for crocheting and needle point, but they disappeared a few moves ago. If I ever get settled down again, I might get the supplies again and pick up crochet.
      Berls recently posted…When do you listen? #JIAM | Fun QuestionsMy Profile

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