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February 8, 2014 Fun Questions 28

Join me every Saturday as I ask a Fun Question that’s been on my mind. I’ll give you my take, but I really hope you’ll jump in with your answers too, since I’m really curious to know what my fellow readers and bloggers think! So today’s question is…

Do you have two identities?

Okay before we get TOO excited, I’m not talking about multiple personality disorder. I guess that would make for a very interesting post, but it’s not something I’m even close to qualified to write about, despite being a Gemini who frequently is accused of having Twin moods. Instead I’m talking about a “real world” identity and a “blogger” identity. I ask this because I’ve noticed a few bloggers that post comments without a first name or anything and then there’s others who have things linked to their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. It made me wonder how many of us are doing the two identities thing.

I’ll just start off by saying that I am. And not in the way some people might be thinking. I’m not at all interested in hiding who I am from all of you. If you go to my about page I have a picture of myself, my full real name, and even the city where I live listed. But I go by Berls with my blog. So if not trying to hide from you, why?

The reasons are many…

First off – Because there are people in my life that just aren’t cool enough to include in my blog world. These are people that I don’t particularly like (or dislike, to be fair I’m indifferent to most of them) and if they find the blog by Googling me, that’s fine. I mean if they took the time to do that, then I guess I’m flattered that they’re interested in me enough to Google me (even if for negative reasons). But I’m not advertising my blog to them.  I’m a graduate student at a school where, even after three years, I just don’t belong. It’s a very good school and my degree will probably be worth a lot more from there than a lot other schools. But they are not people that I have ever felt comfortable getting to know or sharing something this personal or important with.

And that’s another reason – my blog is like a sacred (not in the religious sense) space fore me. It’s where I get to be me, 100% of the time, and to surround myself with the people that share my obsession with books. Unfortunately I don’t have many (if any, really) of those kinds of people in my face-to-face life and so this is a part of me that I don’t get to enjoy outside of the web too often. Now I have several friends that I have told about the blog because I trust them with this very personal part of myself, even if they don’t personally enjoy it. But they are a very select few and most of them don’t really pay any attention to it.

I will say that my decision to go by Berls on the blog had little to do with that second identity and more to do with being unique. Yes, it does separate me just a little bit more from the public persona that walks around and doesn’t tell the world she’s both obsessed with books and the paranormal, weird, or even erotic kind. I wanted something unique and memorable – so I went with a childhood nickname.

As a kid, I always cut the first part off of longer words – so I used to introduce myself by saying “Me Berly” and that developed into family calling my “Berls.” It’s not a nickname you hear very often. So when I was trying to think of something unique – what better than a name that was just as private and personal as my blog would be? And that’s how I came to be Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun, the bookwormier (yep I just made up that word. Go with it lol), funner, cooler, less stressed out version of me – Medieval PhD Student, Step-Mom extraordinnaire, and normal book lover.

So do you have two identities? Or does the whole world know your blogger self?

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Berls has been a book lover her whole life. She reads pretty much every genre and is currently working hard at making her childhood dream of becoming an author come true. She loves sharing her thoughts about books, blogging, and just random fun stuff. She's a challenge and read-a-thon junkie, so it's no wonder that she loves co-hosting the COYER reading challenge. Leave a comment, Berls is always happy to chat!

28 Responses to “Do you have two identities? | Fun Questions”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    Great post, Berls…AKA Kimberly! I guess I sort of do since I post as Bookworm Brandee – but Brandee really is my name and it’s everywhere Bookworm Brandee is. Honestly, I wasn’t cool enough (or forward thinking enough?) when I started blogging to think of having a different identity. And it didn’t really occur to me that anyone would ever even read my blog! LOL I like that people use an alias and avatars. Funny thing – I hope to meet you and some of my favorite bloggers…but I don’t know if I’ll be able to switch to calling y’all by your real names! 😉
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**Review ~ The Second Shadow ~ Elizabeth Arroyo**My Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Brandee :)And I’d love to meet several of the bloggers I’ve met online in person. I think the names could be hard and also for those that use avatars all the time, seeing them in person could be weird. Even though I know it’s just avatars, I really do picture them as that avatar. LOL

  2. Julie S.

    Ooh good topic! Yes, in that case, I do. I started my blogging with a personal blog that I try to keep private from most of my family and IRL friends (mainly so I can be honest on it dammit) and so I don’t put my last name or searchable details, though I do have my photo, my general location, and first name obviously. I LOVE that you have a unique nickname for your name. If I had that I would use it too. But since I don’t, it will be just Julie 🙂 Anyway I’m a little less private about my book blog, but I still don’t share it with family members that probably won’t understand this hobby. So I totally get what you’re saying, and do the same 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…Name Dropping In BooksMy Profile

    • Berls

      OMG you’re so right. Having a bit of anonymity allows me to be way more honest that I might be if I knew I had family and friends stalking the pages. And every now and again I want to say something but feel I better not because there’s a few who I know do check it out periodically.

  3. A Voracious Reader

    I’ve gone by A Voracious Reader (or AVR) for awhile because of privacy. I have kids and the internet can be a scary place for stalking and shit. Only recently did I add my real first name to my About Me, but my FB page links to the real me. Though I have as tight of privacy as I can make on there for those who aren’t allowed into my inner sanctum. If someone is not my friend then they shouldn’t be able to see pubkis on FB. At least, I hope so or I’ll have to revisit my security section.

    So I mostly maintain 2 identities, but only for the sake of the safety of my kids. Once they are adults then I won’t be quite so strict about it.
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…The Sunday Post ~ 29th EditionMy Profile

    • Berls

      That makes perfect sense. The internet can be a very scary place where privacy is concerned and with kids you have to be doubly careful. It’s funny because when you sent me the email about the audio book, it had your name and I was like who’s that? And then I saw your email and was like “oh, AVR!” LOL! BTW I just finished it tonight and it was VERY good!

      • A Voracious Reader

        I’m so glad you loved it! I read it and loved it, but we haven’t gotten to the audio yet because we’re listening to the Dresden Files right now. I would have a mutiny on my hands if I stopped to have them listen to something else. lol

        I rarely email people from my blog email unless I am answering. I emailed through your blog about the audio. I didn’t know my actual name would show. o.O Ah well. Can’t be 100% unless I get off the internet altogether and that ain’t happening! lol
        A Voracious Reader recently posted…Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Untreed Reads & 4 ReviewsMy Profile

        • Berls

          LOL I wouldn’t switch either – it’s great that your kids are into books! My stepson rarely picks one up. I like to think that would be different if he lived with us, but who knows.

  4. Greg

    This is a great post and a great question. I don’t really hide my blog from family and friends but I don’t really throw it out there- some of them know about it and are interested, but like many book bloggers I prefer to keep the two worlds separate. Most of my family and friends just aren’t as into discussing books or pop culture stuff as I am 🙂 Seems like a common situation.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #31/ It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?My Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Greg! I think that’s the case for a lot of us – even if our family and friends like books, few seem to love them like we do or to get as into talking about them. I guess this relieves them of the burden of having me always want to talk about books with them lol

  5. tonyalee

    Hmm, it’s hard to really say if I have two identities. I use an alias on my blog but people KNOW what my real name is (most do anyway). And I do share a lot of my personal things on my blog. BUT. I don’t want my REAL LIFE people on my blog. They know I do blog but they don’t know my blog name (except my husband) I guess they could search for it if they wanted to.

    I hate that google uses my last name though

    • Berls

      I resisted getting a Google+ account for the longest time because of that. I wanted to be able to keep a distinct blog identity, but eventually caved. I rarely use it though.

  6. Farhana

    It’s funny that I should come across this post just as I decide to create a new twitter for the ol’ blog. Haha 🙂

    I understand what you mean completely! It’s the reason I’ve yet to venture into the YouTube world. Unfortunately there are people I’ve come across in my real life (and still come across) that I just don’t want to find my online life. Maybe it’s a comfort thing, either way, I understand how you feel.

    Maybe one day I’ll just forget about everyone and do it. Maybe…
    Farhana recently posted…Book Review: Colony East (The Toucan Trilogy, Book 2) by Scott CramerMy Profile

    • Berls

      Yeah, there’s something about this world that’s just to precious to share with people who wouldn’t get it and then might mock it. It’s not that I care what they think so much. It’s more that I just don’t want to give them the power to do that when it’s so personal. Even if it is online LOL

  7. Braine Talk Supe

    Yup I do but my reason for my pseudonym is mainly for privacy purposes. I just want to keep my private life separate from my “virtual” friends not because I don’t trust you guys but there are just some weird creepy friend requests out there and I don’t want them to mingle with my real world.

    I’m like you, I started blogging because I’m the book nerdiest in my circle and they don’t really get why I read this much so how much more if I start fangirling right? We just have sets of friends, one social, one intimate (BFFs), soccer moms, etc. so it only follows that I would have my book friends.

    aka Frankie
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Like It: Wicked As She Wants by Delilah S. DawsonMy Profile

    • Berls

      You’re so right about the privacy thing – their are some seriously weird people out there and you kind of have to block everyone or they can get through too.

      And yeah – my friends fall into categories too. Sometimes I laugh that I have some many friends that I only know via the internet, never dreamed that would happen and to think, it’s about books! Love it though 🙂

  8. Lupdilup

    I think I’m pretty much out there. I used to use my nickname all the time when I first started, but now I use my real name. The only thing I wish I’d had done different, is to have created a different Facebook account just blog staff. I have all my close friends, family, my daughter (12) and her friends in my account, so everything I post has to be age appropriate.
    Great question 🙂
    Lupdilup recently posted…YA – Romance is in the Air Blog Hop GiveawayMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks!! Yeah, that’s why I do a facebook page for the blog, but still it’s difficult to keep the page and my personal account separate at times. My step-son (13) is on there, so I have to be careful too.

  9. Angie F.

    Ah ha! Now I know where “Berls” came from! I’ve been wondering, but was too shy to ask. *blush* But there are a lot of Kims and Kimberly’s out there!

    I suppose I kind of have two identities, but not really. Obviously, I’m using my real name to comment and it’s on my blog. I don’t leave my last name, because it just seems too formal. I don’t care if my whole name is attached to the blog, but an initial seems more friendly. If that makes sense?

    My blog Twitter became my personal Twitter, so there’s not distinction there. I rarely used my personal one, and deleted it, so @pinkindle is mostly books but also real life. I do have a second twitter, but it’s for my Sims “identity.” LoL

    I don’t want my blog life to be separate from my real life, since my blog is part of my real life. I only have two friends and they both know about my blog, so it’s not like I’m concerned about anyone finding it. I just don’t want TOO much personal stuff linked to my blog, because it’s not really relevant, I guess.
    Angie F. recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #116My Profile

    • Berls

      LOL I suspect you’re not the only one who has wondered about that. Berls is not a typical nickname for Kimberly,that’s for sure.

      A Sims identity huh? I need to get that one too I think lol – I know so many people who play sims, but I haven’t actually connected with them on the game, which I should because I know it supposedly unlocks more features. I just need to figure it out. Do you know how?

      • Angie F.

        So, I don’t have my game connected to the internet and the social features. But I think you just need to register your game and make an account on the website. Then there’s some options you need to change in the game, I think. Like I said I don’t use that. I’m more into sharing on forums and Livejournal, since there is a nice sized community out there. And of course Twitter. 🙂

        • Berls

          This could be dangerous new knowledge for me to have, but I think I’m going to have to do some exploring on these forums and twitter! If I don’t post for a few weeks you know why – I’m in Sims land 😉

  10. Michelle Albanese Parsons

    I don’t know if I have two Identities, I try not to give my last name if possible only for the internet creeps. Plus on twitter and a couple of other sites I go by Limabean74 its been my name for years on the internet and I have grown accustome to it and if people call me by it I actually don’t mind. I might have a few places with my last name but I have been slowly changing it. I am not popular by any means in the blogging world but I have gained a few followers then when I started so I just get worried about stalkers lol.

    Regardless of name what you get on both blog and real life is the same and I’m pretty sure you know that already. I am a booknerd inside blogging and in “real life” but like you I don’t have many friends that read like I do which is why I love chatting with bloggers. No I just need to get more social in the blogging world after a year you would think I would be lol

    Great post!!!
    Michelle Albanese Parsons recently posted…Author’s Spotlight Featuring Christine F. FeldmanMy Profile

    • Berls

      Thanks Michelle. I laughed because I think this is the first time I’ve seen your full name on a blog comment and it just so happens to be one about identities lol

      I know it’s tough to get out there and be social, I’m not great at it really. Though joining readathons and other challenges has really helped me connect to other bloggers. You should try it, they’ll all love you 🙂

  11. Angie

    I don’t really have two identities but I don’t publish everything about myself. I am a little nervous about internet gremlins. I’m not talking about friend’s and family… I heard this story once… actually this post here: I read that when I first started blogging. Then I also read this blog post about an author who was actually trying to contact a blogger… even calling their home phone number!! So I do try to kind of mask my identity for that purpose. This made me a little bit scared about that but otherwise I like to meet people and have met other bloggers IRL.
    Angie recently posted…Project Disney – AladdinMy Profile

    • Berls

      Yikes, that is scary! I’ve never worried too much about hiding like that – I guess because I don’t think of myself (perhaps naively) as someone would come after like that. I would love to meet other blogger IRL (I’ve met a few over phone, but that’s it so far). Someday I hope to make it to some conventions and connect with a few more.

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