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September 19, 2013 While I'm Reading (WIR) 0

Every Thursday I bring you a chance to relive a favorite book with quick glimpses at my reactions and predictions While I’m Reading (WIR) the first half of the books. 

Title: Spider’s Bite, Chapters 1 – 18

Author: Jennifer Estep

Narrator: Lauren Fortgang

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Favorite Moments

The opening line! Some books just get off on the right foot and Spider’s Bite is one of them!

My name is Gin and I kill people.

I mean, come on talk about an attention grabber! If it weren’t for the stupid background music, this would have been a perfect start. In fact, the whole first scene is great. I knew right away that Gin was someone I was going to like. She’s deadly with a sharpened screw for goodness sake!

The elemental magic in general is just TOO COOL! I loved the way Gin could feel the stones and they talked to her was nifty. I get the feeling that hers isn’t the strongest kind of elemental magic out there though. I think wind elementals seem much stronger – and the power is so versatile!

Gin’s choice of weapons is really great – she goes for the knives and the bow and arrow over guns. Classy weapons that take skill and, in the hands of someone really skilled, so much more deadly. And the action scenes in general are really great.

OMG, I can’t believe that less than 3 hours into Spider’s Bite Jennifer Estep has (1) made me care about Fletcher and (2) killed him! The way she writes the rawness of Gin’s emotions is brilliant!

I let the stinging,salty wetness trickle down my face. There wasn’t time to properly mourn Fletcher, to let myself grieve. The time to do that would come later, when the bitch that killed him was a dead as he was. Cold comfort, because no matter what I did to her, no matter how I tortured her, no matter how slowly I killed her it wouldn’t bring Fletcher back. Nothing would do that. “Goodbye Fletcher” my voice cracked on the words. A tear dripped off my face and mixed with the blood and burns on his face.

Poor Gin! Trying to escape from her torture she accidentally killed younger sister 🙁 Man, my heart is breaking for Gin over and over!

I love that Gin, who can kill someone with a freaking screw (yes, I’m still on that!), is so incredibly domestic. She has the great little apartment decorated in artwork she’s done herself, and filled with foods chefs would have because, yes she’s also an amazing chef. Can I be her please? Minus the rough past, of course!


Kane is frustrating as all hell. I get that he’s a good cop, but he’s also a pretty stupid, naive one. Yes, fine – she’s an assassin and that technically makes her the bad guy. But how does he not know that the police department is mired with filth? Can’t he tell that Gin’s on his side?

Predictions/Nagging Questions

Why was Gin tortured? Why was her family targeted? By whom? That whole part of Gin’s life is such a big mystery and something tells me I’m not going to get any answers in Spider’s Bite. That feels like a mystery for the entire series, dang it. I’m putting my finger on Maud Monroe though. I don’t know why, but she sure seems to be evil enough to be the one. 

This is incredibly obvious of course, but Gin and Kane are going to hook up before the end of Spider’s Bite. No way that’s not happening. I look forward to it 🙂

So clearly Gin is going to figure out who killed Fletcher (and Giles, but who really cares about him in the grand scheme?) – I’m thinking the sisters are too obvious, but I don’t know who it is – and I think that at the end Kane is finally going to wake up to the incredible resource Gin could be to him. And she’s going to start working with him to clean up the force in future books. A girl can hope can’t she?

Have your read Spider’s Bite

What were your reactions?

Also check out the review of the whole book I’ll be posting next week.

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