What if it were REALLY real…

August 1, 2013 Fun Questions 0

Every Thursday I ask the question “Is fantasy REALLY more fun?” by jumping through favorite scenes and scenarios from favorite books. I try to pick scenes that won’t really spoil anything, but will let you know if spoilers are ahead.


What if it were REALLY real… and you were just you?
I’ve pondered this question probably more times than the average person, because I’m obsessed with fantasy worlds. It’s one thing to wish you were a supernatural of any kind, but what if they do exist and you’re one of the humans we read about, who’s clueless to their existence? How would you respond if, like in Chicagoland Vampires you woke up one day to discover that vampires lived among you? Or if like in The Hollows supernaturals of every kind imaginable came out because humans were dying off from a deadly tomato and they weren’t? These are just two of the numerous examples that I’m sure you can think of (I chose these two because they were spoiler free).

In the books we’ve seen various responses, ranging from:

Anger, Fear, and Attempts to Destroyto
Excitement, Jumping for Joy and Trying to Join Ranks.

After everything I’ve read I can see reasons for freaking out and being terrified. But even though for many of the supernatural entities I would be technically nothing more than a measly human at best and food at worst, I think I’d still be a total fan girl, jumping for joy and wanting to know them. Hopefully I wouldn’t be annoying and stalkerish. And hopefully I wouldn’t get eaten. But even if I were only human, I think it would just be too cool!!!

So what do you say:
Is Fantasy REALLY More Fun?
How would you respond if it were all real and you were only human?

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