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July 11, 2013 While I'm Reading (WIR) 0


I’m on chapter 14 of Voyager right now, and I’m loving it. But I’m so frustrated!! I want Claire and Jamie together again and I keep wondering when, how, and if it will happen. And will she bring their daughter so that he can meet her? I thought she was going to be the White Witch that Jaime head about from his dying relative, when he went to check out the possible gold. But no! No sign of her and no indication that she’s planning to appear. And to what point will she go back? Before Jaime is imprisoned? But that money probably saved his family. Will she wait until Jamie would be the same age as her? But that’s so many wasted years… I mean she’s a time traveler! Why not go back to her self when she was first meeting Jamie and tell her everything she needs to know to stop Charles?

Oh and Fergus breaks my heart! I just love that kid and then he goes and loses his hand to protect Jamie from detection? And his response to losing his hand? “So I am fortunate… For in one stroke, I am become a man of leisure, non?” Lol, what a great kid. He’s right though – he’s so lucky that Jamie needed him; he likely wouldn’t have found a better life,

Side note: I’m surprised by the number of gay men in these books and while I guess the treatment of them is fairly historically accurate – a 1940s woman would likely have responded similarly to Claire, sometimes I find it hard to stomach. I mean Johnathan/Jack Randall is a horrible person and gay or not, you hate him.  But then you have Sandringham – not at all a likeable character, but his being gay seemed really besides the point… why does it even matter? And now John Grey – Jamie was becoming friends with him, but one ill-advised advance and he’s the bad guy? I feel sorry for him. He seems a nice kid, dealing with serious loss and just wanting someone to love and be loved by. I hope Jamie get’s over what Jack did to him and sees John for who I think he is.

That’s it for now!

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