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July 27, 2013 Fun Questions 0

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How interactive is your reading style?

This question occurred to me as I was reading posts from day four of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge. See the question was, “what was the last book you flung across the room?” With the exception of eBooks on my tablet, this question has a very literal application for me – if a book makes me extremely angry, usually in a really GREAT way, I will very literally throw it. Now I cherish my books and I usually jump up right after having thrown it to make sure I didn’t actually hurt it and well (I promise I’m not insane!) yeah apologize to it.

See for me, when I’m reading it’s a very VERY interactive process because the books have transformed for me. They aren’t just carefully bound together pieces of paper with ink shaped into words on their pages (or in this age of eBooks and audiobooks, words on my eReader and voices downloaded on my phone); they ARE the people I’m reading about talking to me and I’m going to talk back! I laugh with them, cry with them (I get way more emotional over a book than I do any movie), fall in love with them (with them and/or their love interests) , and when they make me angry I yell at them. Sometimes I even feel like I’m arguing with them, as they try to
rationalize their really dumb decisions and I tell them that they’re making a HUGE mistake.

All Possible Reading Reactions:

This could be a happy or sad moment actually


This is usually when a good book has ended


No Way!! I didn’t see that coming!
Way too many scenarios this applies too…

The best part is – I do a lot, and I mean at least 50%, of my reading in public. I read on the bus and on the metro. I listen to audiobooks while walking my dog, walking around on campus, or at the gym. Sometimes I’m in a café or at the park. The point is, I read all over the place and I frequently have little outbursts while reading. When in public I do keep my voice down and try not scare people, but I can’t help it – it’s how I read! I’m sure a few people have seen me and thought, “ok kids, that girl is crazy. Let’s go a different way, ok?”

So am I the only NOT crazy one?
How interactive is your reading style?
Let  me know in the comments below!
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