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July 20, 2013 Fun Questions 4

Whenever I start reading a book about vampires, I immediately begin to wonder what these vampires will be like. Vampires are one of the most versatile supernatural species across the genres and until you get familiar with a series you don’t know what to expect (especially since Twilight really broke the mold). To name three popular differences I’ve encountered:

Food and Blood: While all vampires I’ve read technically CAN eat, their enjoyment of and need for food varies considerably. Merit of Chicagoland Vampires not only needs to eat, she eats a lot and loves every bite. Blood for her is almost like water for humans. Ivy – a living (and thus still bearing a soul) vampire of The Hollows – doesn’t need blood, though she’s a considerably nicer when she drinks it. Then you have Jane of Jane Jameson who, much like the very un-vampire like Twilight vampires, hates the taste of food and can live off any variety of blood, human and animal.


Daylight: Most vampires across the series that I’ve read have to  obey this basic rule: vampires burn in the daylight. Maybe some have increased resistance, but sunlight and vampires don’t mix. It’s true for Chicagoland Vampires, Jane Jameson, Sookie Stackhouse, Cassandra Palmer (where masters and long-lived vamps have some built up resistance), and even the undead vamps of The Hollows. But not the living vampires, like Ivy, who can go out in the sun (although, most supernaturals in this world operate mostly after dark regardless of their immunity to the sun). Night Huntress vampires also lucked out on this one and can enjoy the sun. And we all know the Twilight vamps are the true anomalies here; not only do they not burn, but they sparkle!

How to become a vampire: So I think this one is about as consistent as the daylight. Most vamps are created through an exchange of blood, with the person becoming a vampire having to be pushed to the limit and then drinking the blood of the vampire to change. The two biggest diversions to this that I’ve read are, once again, the Twilight series and The Hollows. Twilight vamps just bite you and, if they don’t kill you, after three days of agony you’ll wake up a vampire (three days does seem pretty consistent for the time the change takes). The Hollows is spectacularly complex, with living vamps born with the virus (high-blood) and doomed to become undead at death versus humans infected with the virus after birth (low-blood) and doomed to die a human death unless a undead vamp is around to change them at the moments of death.
So I’ve just picked the three differences that I notice most and that seem to matter most to me. In the end, all vampires seem incredibly hard to kill (with incredibly varied abilities) and sexy as hell, which seems to be the most important truths. In the end, while I enjoy all varieties of vamp, I think I prefer a vamp who isn’t afraid of a little sun and loves his blood (maybe because Bones is my favorite vampire right now?)!

So – how do you like your vampires?
Are there any differences I didn’t mention that you think are more important?

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4 Responses to “Fun ?s | How do you like your vampires?”

  1. timewantsaskeleton

    2 of the weirdest wriings with “vampire rules” by far has to be ML Brennan’s Generation V: vampires are born to host parents that are full of vampire blood (and it’s really difficult, thus the world is not overrun with vamps) and start off humanish, becoming vampires later. They can eat, but less as they age.The younger ones can tolerate sunlight, older can cover up with long sleeves and parasols, but the oldest cannot bear the sun. And you have to be born a vamp (it’s weird, but the writing was good and worked well).
    And in Dicey Grenor’s Sleepy Willow series, vampires are made through a complex (and smutty)ritual where the fledgling’s heart is removed. Vamps are allergic to food. Sunlight is still a no no.
    I don’t mind weird rules if the writing is good, and frankly there needs to be something weird or else why are immortal vampires not everywhere? (“immortality is a curse” is the most cliche line ever. I don’t buy it. lol)
    You know what’s another variation? Whether or not holy items work!

    • Berls

      I couldn’t agree more – “immortality is a curse” is a kinda lame, boring cliché!

      I need to check out both the books you mentioned I haven’t read either of then, but they sound really interesting. I really enjoy it when its a bit unusual and complex – if it were so simple why aren’t there more vamps?!

      Oh and holy items almost made my list – you’re right, they vary a lot. More and more I think they show up as myths that don’t really matter.

    • Berls

      Thanks! I added them both to my TBR. I think you’re right, Generation V does sound the most interesting to me and I do love series!

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