Berls’s 15 Day Blogger Challenge | Day 3

July 12, 2013 Challenges & Readathons 0

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, Parajunkee, and saw this challenge – I thought what a great way to start this blog off! It’s hosted by “Good Books, Good Wine,” if you’d like to check it out.

Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs?
As someone who started blogging 3 days ago – I can’t really call anyone my blogger BFF, since that would imply that they at least know I exist. And while I adore several book blogs, I don’t think I’m on any of their radars… yet! I do know a few of these ladies from Shelfari, so we’re half way there. Anyway, in the spirit of this challenge, I’ll share with you my 4 favorite bloggers and who knows, maybe they’ll become my BFFs!
So in no particular order, my Hopeful, Someday Blogger BFFs:
Jennifer at The Book Nympho: This was the first book blog that I ever followed and think the number one reason was the name (which I saw on her profile on Shelfari). I mean, seriously, how much more clever, catchy and relatable (at least for me) can you be?!? Anyway, I got addicted to the variety of posts that Jennifer put up and I especially love her WTF (“What the Feck?”). She’s recently expanded and added a couple guest reviewers, making the blog bigger and better. I can’t get over how successful her blog is – I think she may be my blog idol!
Lynsey and Janice at The Demon Librarian & The Rabid Reader: This is another blog I found through Shelfari (in fact I have a hard time not thinking of Lynsey as Geekius). This blog is pretty straightforward, in that with the exception of some author Q&As they pretty much do book reviews. Their book reviews are great though, and they seem to get a lot of books ahead of time (unlike me). One of my favorite features is that they suggest other books you might like at the end of their reviews. They’ve both read so much, they’re a great resource.
Christina at Randomness and Reading: So Christina may almost qualify as a blogger friend and not just a Shelfari friend. I found her blog through Shelfari and have enjoyed her book reviews. She gave me some great tips too when I got this blog up and running – particularly by telling me about Bloglovin’ (thanks again for that!). She also was my first official comment, so I don’t feel completely like I’m talking to myself. Yep – maybe a blog BFF in the making 🙂

Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight : Rummanah, who I think of as Cullengirl from Shelfari, is also kinda a blogger friend already too. She’s been super supportive about my blog and offering to give advice whenever needed – thanks! Her blog is fun and my favorite feature is that she always gives “Words of Caution” for parents/teachers. She also reviews a pretty good variety of books, which is great for those of us who like to keep our horizons open.

Wait… I have to add one more!
Ursula at Reader’s Corner: I’ve been following this blog for a while (also a Shelfari find) and have added many of my tbr books from her book reviews. I love the variety of books she reviews, it keeps me open to a bigger world. So… when I first wrote this post, I though well I could list all the blogs I follow, or just pick a few stand outs, and obviously choose the later. But later I discovered that Usual was actually my ONLY


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